ALL-STAR 45 SHOOTOUT 2002 (2 CD Set)

All-Star 45 Shootout 2002

ALL STAR 45 SHOOTOUT!!  (BKLYN) <First distributed on the Internet by!!  Irish & Chin continue their "45 Clash" Saga as they pit Killa-Bo from King Agony to defend his ORIGINAL 45 SHOOTOUT Trophy against the likes of Matterhorn (once again), Rodigan, Squingy, Panther, and Steelie.. Steelie was a no-show so it became an all out war between the 5!!! As one might expect, Rodigan put up a good fight but dismissed himself when it got hectic... Squingy, although a great juggling selector, just never found his nitch so he was out.. And Panther, well he just seemed to be there as comic relief (for the selectors)... Thus for all intensive purposes, the ALL-STAR 45 SHOOTOUT was basically a rematch of the ORIGINAL 45 SHOOTOUT last December, namely an all out war between Matterhorn and the defending champ Killa-Bo!! A Must Have!!!!!> (Vol 1 & 2) (Also Available on Audio Tape) 1-25-02