BASHY 2002 - DADDY AL B-DAY BASH (Bounty vs Baby Cham)

Bashy 2002

BASHY 2002 - DADDY AL B-DAY BASH (JA) <Its a wicked birthday bash for big timer Daddy AL and the venue is Washington Gardens.  Musical vibes is provided by the Immortal Stone Love alongside the Mighty Travellers, plus Jazzy T of Renaissance Disco fame.  Travellers unleashes on the crowd with the hot new rhythm Diwalli, while Stone Love mashes up the place with Hip Hop and R&B!!  The musical line up alone would have been suffice, however Daddy AL decided to go one step further when he invited the Warlord Bounty Killer to perform at a venue which everyone knows is Baby Cham's backyard.  As fate would have it, Baby Cham walks up on stage in the middle of Bounty Killer's set and starts to unleash lyrics, driving the crowd goes in a frenzy.  A clash ensues, the outcome to which was surprising!!! Baby Cham gets a chance to answer Bounty Killer!!! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 3-2-02