Death Before Dishonor Pt 2 2002

DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR PT II (JA) <Irish & Chin's Jamaican version of WORLD CLASH goes into it's second year at Pier One in Montego Bay, but not without it's share of controversy!  On the roster this year were Bass Odyssey representing Jamaica, Matterhorn representing the US, Mighty Crown representing Japan, and David Rodigan representing the UK.  This clash was interesting to say the least, because it seemed to combine so many elements: WORLD CLASH 2001 Champions Bass Odyssey and second seed Mighty Crown were caught up in a rematch of their meeting in New York at FACE OFF 2K2 - THE SETTLEMENT; simultaneously, Matterhorn was caught up in himself, trying to gain some ground after cooling off the clash scene for a couple of months; meanwhile, David Rodigan just seemed to be playing his heart out to prove that he is still a force to be reckoned with!!   As it turned out, while Odyssey and Crown had their backs turned busy dealing with one another, Matterhorn stepped up and changed the course of the clash, alas a controversial result!!!! Like it, love it, or dismiss it.. don't make your decision as to the outcome until you've heard the tapes!!! A Must Have!!!> (Vol 1-4) (Also Available on Video) (Also Available on Audio Tape) 4-1-02