EUROCLASH 2002 (4 CD Set)

Death Before Dishonor Pt 2 2002

EURO-CLASH (GERMANY) <In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Hamberg, Germany, to bring you back a straight up war between two of Europe's wickedest sounds!!! If you thought sound clash was a sport reserved only for Jamaica, the Caribbean, the US, and the UK, think again!!!! For years Pow Pow Movements of Germany has been considered in European sound clash circles as the sound to beat!!  Armed with a massive (and deep) dub box, they have in many ways pioneered the art of sound clash in that region!!  Thery rose to international recognition when they represented Europe at WORLD CLASH 2000 in New York City, and though they did not win, they were at least partly responsible for changing many sound clash fans' views of European sound systems.  One Love Hi Pawa from Italy has enjoyed the status of being one of Italy's best (if not the best) clash sounds!! Armed with a dub box comparable to some of the US and Jamaica's most respected sounds, they also have a fast paced and hardcore vibes that have won them many fans!!  They have made it a habit to clash on a regular basis (which is very rare and very difficult in Europe), and in so doing have amassed an impressive clash record!!  So when it was time to crown Europe's #1 clash sound, it was no surprise that Pow Pow and One Love would meet to decide this fate!! In a gruelsome clash from start straight back till dub fi dub, these two heavyweights battled it out with everything they had, and at the end of the night, one was barely able to snatch the title!!  This clash will change the way you view sound clash on a global scale!!  Europe's equivalent to WORLD CLASH! A Must Have!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Vol 1-4) 3-16-02