Face Off 2K2 - The Settlement 2002

FACE OFF 2K2 - THE SETTLEMENT (BKLYN) <Since WORLD CLASH 2001, the whole clash world has been split 50-50, some saying Bass Odyssey won fair and square in the impromptu Dub-FiDub, others saying Mighty Crown got cheated!!!  But the drama goes way beyond this as it seems that every clash ever slated between these two rivals has been laced with controversy!!!  In WORLD CLASH 1999 they were to meet but Bass Odyssey never showed up to the disappointment of the entire clash world!!   In a clash slated for later that year they were to meet again and this time the Japanese did a no-show!!  At TIME TO SETTLE THE SCORE in Anchovy last year, they went up against each other one on one but again the clash ended in controversy!!  In DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR last year Odyssey was crowned the 2001 JAMAICA WORLD CHAMPIONS   but disgruntled Mighty Crown fans said this wasn't a one on one clash, so it didn't actually prove who was the wickeder sound!! Well at FACE OFF 2K2 - THE SETTLEMENT in Club Warehouse in Brooklyn Mighty Crown fans got their wish when Bass Odyssey and Mighty Crown went up against each other in a one on one Biltmore-style duel to the death!! The doors were sealed shut and now one could (or would) leave till a sound dead and bury!!!  No referees, no bias ting, and both sounds performing in front of the most critical clash fans in the world - the Brooklyn clash fans - this clash truly determined once and for all who was the badder sound!! Prince TuFFiE, Cassette Face, and the Jamworld Music FreaK was there with the rest of Brooklyn to take in the action at this Historic event!!! A Must Have!!!> (Vol 1-3) (Also Available on Audio Tape)  3-15-02