Fully Loaded 2002

FULLY LOADED 2002 (JA) <Its the annual "juggling" version of WORLD CLASH at Fort Clarence Beach and and as always its surprises on top of surprises as the best of the best in the juggling arena square off in one venue for one day only!!!  Music was provided by Tony Matterhorn, Renaissance, One Love Hi Pawa outta Italy, Metromedia, Black Chiney, DJ Khalid, Left Side & Esco, Vendetta, and outta the US Ecstacy from New Jersey and Concord from the Bronx!  Hosted by ace deejay Spragga Benz and radio personalities Barry G and Nuffy, live entertainers that were there to represent included Hip Hop and R&B acts Jah Rule and Ashant outta Murder Inc, Bounty Killer, Wayne Marshall, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Bling Dawg, Roundhead, Lady Saw, Zumjay, Wickerman & Captain Barkey, Real Ediat, Bentley Kid & Essence, Mickey Pelpa, Serial Killer, and more!!  Fan violence erupted, preventing annual heavyweights Tony Matterhorn and Renaissance from flattening the beach as they usually would!!  But that was not a problem since Black Chiney and Skyjuice of Metromedia more than flatten their share oif the event, with Chiney playing dubplates calling Sharon Burke (the promoter of Fully Loaded ) name in it! Matterhorn may own the beach at Fully Loaded, but as Bobby Chin of Black Chiney aptly put it, they pay rent!!!!!! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Vol 1-3) 7-28-02