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GLOBAL CUP CLASH 2K2 (QUEENS) <We promised to deliver it and after months of waiting we are finally the first online to have it!!!  Andrew Digital in association with Future Vibes brings to Club Amazura in Queens, New York City a "one of a kind" clash that promised to bring the sound clash business back to the basics!!   Imagine this setup: "Eight tickets are placed in a bag (2 labelled "1", 2 labelled "2", 2 labelled "3", and 2 labelled "4").  Eight warhead sounds choose from the bag and the pairs that come up with the same number will battle it out (thus 4 "mini clashes") in Round 1 - a 15 minute "sudden-death" round.  The four winners will advance to Round 2 and the 4 losers will immediately be eliminated from the clash!!  In Round 2 the remaining 4 sounds will again be divided into 2 groups (thus 2 "mini clashes"), and will war again in another 15 minute "sudden-death" round.  The two winners from this round will then advance to the Final Round, with NO RULES, NO REFEREES, AND NO TIMEKEEPING - setting the stage for a Biltmore-type one on one death match!!   The official line-up of this mega clash included Black Kat (the GLOBAL CUP CLASH 2001 Champs), Bass Odyssey (the seasoned one rack warheads and WORLD CLASH 2001 Champs), Mighty Crown (WORLD CLASH 1999 Champs), King Agony (NYC's "new" war representatives),  Earthruler (the BILTMORE CUP CLASH 2002 Champs), Poison Dart (the Antiguan assassins), Madd Squad (Mobay's finest formely of Pieces), and Desert Storm (a Canadian heavyweight sound looking to make a statement in the international clash arena)!!  Bass Odyssey and Madd Squad didn't make it which led to some modifications to the clash, but at the end of the night it all boiled down to WAR, WAR, WAR!!!!  Many say Earthruler (who only recently returned to the clash arena) gave the best performance of the clash.  Dessert Storm also got props as the "sound to watch".  Mighty Crown and Black Kat, on the other hand, was said to have given a sub-standard performance.  And what of King Agony and Antigua's Poison Dart???  We can't tell you everythjing!  Listen to the clash and see how the unexpected occurred and an unlikely winner surfaced!!  A Must Have!>  (Also Available on DVD & VHS Video) (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Vol 1-3) 12-20-02