Mighty Crown In Antigua w/ Poison Dart & 360 2002

MIGHTY CROWN IN ANTIGUA (ANTIGUA) <First distributed on the Internet by MusicFrEaKCentral.com!! In our mission to bring to you the most international selection of reggae music, we go to the far reaches of Antigua to bring you a juggling clash featuring some wicked sounds!!  Red Cliff Quay Parking Lot in Antigua will never be the same as Poison Dart in association with Irish & Chin Promotions presents Mighty Crown (WORLD CLASH 1999 Champions) inna juggling style alongside Poison Dart (ANTIGUA WORLD CLASH 2001 Champions)!  As if that wasn't enough, the dance also dubbed "Woman Invasion", because it featured direct from Brooklyn, New York, one of the wickedest female sounds in the business, the notorious 360 Degrees Ladies!!  Needless to say the dance was wicked, and Mighty Crown made sure that big tunes and new tunes were the order of the day - unleashing their massive dubs on the Diwalli Rhythm, plus untouchable specials from Wycleff, NAS, etc!! The 360 Ladies then came in a gave Antiguans the surprise of their lives when they juggled a full segment of Badman, Gunman, and  Ganjaman tunes, wheeling up big tunes like there was no tomorrow!!! Local heavyweights Poison Dart then came in and juggled some wicked tunes, plus they brought the dance to a climax when they went tune for tune with Mighty Crown on the Showtime Rhythm!!   But when Mighty Crown got tired of the "likkle bwoy ting", they invite Poison Dart for a real Dub Fi Dub of big caliber tunes!  Crown may have spoken too soon though, because when Poison Dart turn on the heat, they almost run Mighty Crown out of tunes, leaving the Far East Rulers begging for a rematch!!!  Oh did we forget to mention that Mighty Crown was played (selected and mc'ed) that night by none other than manager Chin himself of Irish & Chin Promotions (the promoters of WORLD CLASH)!!  A Must Have!!!>(Also Available on Audio Tape) (Vol 1-2) 5-24-02