MORTAL KOMBAT 2K3 (Killamanjaro vs Bass Odyssey) 3-CD Set

World Clash 2002

MORTAL KOMBAT 2K3 (QUEENS) <Killamanjaro with Freddy at the helms returned to the New York clash scene with a vengence to unleashed his pent up fury on Bass Odyssey (led by Skinny) at the MORTAL KOMBAT 2K3 CLASH in Dubies Palace, Queens, NYC!  Put on by Killa Mari Promotions and M & M Promotions, this clash was billed as a one on one old fashion Biltmore-style brawl - something that the clash arena has not seen in it's true form in quite some time.  With a shakey 2002 record and noticeably absent from WORLD CLASH 2002, many wondered if Killamanjaro was still a force to be reckoned with.  That question would be unequivocally answered!  Squingy, Bass Odyssey's head honco - was not present to defend the one rack warhead.  Instead, Skinny (accompanied by DJ Mark) came in his place.  In a clash that Jaro pretty much dominated from the start, Freddy selected with confidence, and his speech was on point.  Evidence of some serious new tune cutting was apparent, but Freddy did not hesitate to unleash the Tenor Saws and Super Cat anthems either.  Skinny from Bass Odyssey (Squingy's protege') gave it a good run, but early into the clash proved he might be too inexperienced to handle Jaro on this particular night.  A straight up duel to the Dub Fi Dub, each selector had something to prove - an opportnity to come from under their teacher's shadow - and they hesitated no time to prove it.  Was Skinny able to fill Squingy's shoes and overcome the highest mountain, or did Freddy convince Jaro fans that he can bring Jaro back to the glory days of former selector Ricky Trooper?  A Must Have!!! (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Vol 1-3) 2-22-03