Webba B-Day Bash w/ Stone Love, Mighty Samson, & Spragga Benz Live

Webba B-Day Bash 2002 Feat Stone Love, Mighty Samson, and Spragga Benz Live

WEBBA'S B-DAY BASH (GA) <It's Webba's Annual B-day Bash and Atlanta's Mighty Samson plays alongside the Immortal Stone Love with Spragga Benz performing Live on stage! Samson is one of Atlanta's wickedest selectors and he displays why in full force as he unleashes everything on the massive, from Dancehall and Classic Reghgae, To Disco and Motown Oldies, to the latest Hiop Hop and R&B, and rght back to reggae!!! Of course the Immortal Stone love with Billy Slaughter at teh helm is nop strangert to vibes, and unleashes on trhwe audience.  Then veteran Dancehall Ace deejay Spragga Benz drives the audince in a frenzy with hit after hit, from old to new.   As if thaT WEREN'T ENBPOUGH, Spragga is forced to back up his ytalk when Samson coerces him into a 45 cl;ash. Hear Spragga draw for tunes to save his life!!! Nuff vibes and nuff tunes, ofl and new!!> Big Up Mighty Samson for a job well done!! A Must Have!! (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Vol 1 & 2) 2-24-02