Real Deal Reunion Matterhorn & Baby Face 2002

REAL DEAL REUNION  (BKLYN) <Reggae fans witnessed history in more than one ways when Matterhorn and Lion Face (both formerly of the Mighty King Addies) reunited in Club Large in Brooklyn for a Biltmore flashback and clashed a whole lineup of former Biltmore opponents!! Face and Matterhorn were considered the Dream Team of their day (the early to mid 1990s) when together they wrecked havoc on the international clash scene as the force behind Brooklyn's Mighty King Addies, making it Brooklyn (and the USA's) #1 clash sound!   Their monopoly on the USA (and to some extent international) clash scene came to an abrupt end in 1997 when Matterhorn left the King Addies amidst rumors of differences between him and Face.  At the REAL DEAL REUNION, the two combined their efforts again to play as King addies and dun Club Large!! Add Bodyguard, LP Intl, Earthruler, and Natural Vibes to the mix and you get an awesome multi-sound Dub Fi Dub that brings back Biltmore memories!!! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Vols 1-3) 6-29-02