Rumble In The Jungle 2002

RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE  (NEW JERSEY) <All hell breaks loose at the N.J. Prince Hall in Newark, New Jersey as the likes of the Mental Tony Matterhorn, Fire Links, Skyjuice of Metromedia, Twin Tower, and Matrix are booked to play under one roof!!  Skyjuice was a no show but there was more than enough talent billed so that he wasn't missed... Fire Links comes in and makes it clear from early out that this should be a FULLY LOADED type juggling, rather than a clash, but after he plays some Soul unes for the ladies, he unleashes a plethora of dubs to buss the crowd continuosly.   Matterhorn - not to be outdone -  juggles Disco for the ladiues, but soon after unleashes bad man tunes on rhythms like the "Engine" and "Martial Arts" - including some wicked Elephant Man and Bounty's!  Twin Towers and Matrix gets their play but it was all about Matterhorn and Links as they competed (friendly of course) round after round for the crowd's approval!!  Nuf Vibes.. Tape ends with DJ Bagle Mix!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 1-26-02