Showdown Downtown 2002

SHOWDOWN DOWNTOWN (BKLYN) <The year's biggest foundation clash thus far takes place in Club Warehouse in Brooklyn, New York!!!!  Downbeat, Saxon, Killamanjaro, and Bodyguard meet up for a musical showcase of big tunes!! Each sound seems evenly matched.  Downbeat with Tony Screw at the control is New York City's ruling foundation sound, a title they have never given up.  Screw has one of the most exclusive dub box in the business - a combination of hardcore dubs as well as exclusive 45s you can't find anywhere - and always seems to keep up to date on the big tunes of the day (Beres, etc).  Saxon has long been England's forerunner when it comes to the line of foundation tunes.  Their box is easily one of the deepest in the business, and they are no stranger to Nitty Gritty or Tenor Saw, which they have a habit of unleashing when you least expect it!   Killamanjaro has been killing sounds for years with foundation dubs cut by Jeremy Lee, Mr. Harper, etc, and their Tenor Saws and Nitty Grittys world renown!  Bodyguard has long been a force to be reckoned with, and has boasted some of the biggest tunes in the business, including the Jimmy Cliff exclusive, "Many Rivers to Cross".   Imagine these four foundation power houses going at it in a gruelsome 3 hour clash that culminates in a 4-way Dub Fi Dub!!! Some sound bwoys get taken to shool inna dis one!! A History Dance and A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on Video) (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Vol 1-3) 4-19-02