STING 2001 2 CD Set

Sting 2001

STING 2001 (JA) Dubbed "The Greatest One Night Reggae Show on Earth" (and with good reason), STING returns to the Jamworld Entertainment Center in Portmore and its all about rivalry and revenge!! The talk of the show  was of course the return of Ninja Man and Bounty Killer (this time in collaboration) to avenge the attack of Merciless from last year's Sting!! Ninja single-handedly took on Merciless and almost wrote him off even before the Killer took stage!! Of course when the Warlord got a piece of Merciless it was all out war!!  The Killer also took time (and lyrics) to address his seemingly never-ending rivalry with arch nemesis Beenie Man with a plethora of lyrics dissing the deejay!!!! Plus also live on stage: Sizzla, Elephant Man, Frisco Kid, Baby Wayne, and Warrior King!!A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also Available on Video) 12-26-01