STING 2003 3 CD Set

Sting 2003

STING 2003 (JA) <Despite the drama that occurred (keep reading for more details) STING this year was exceptional in both the quality of the roster and the intensity of the individual performances.  This 3 CD set captures the essence of STING 2003 from start to finish, featuring live on stage: Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Vybez Kartel, Ninja Man, Sanchez, Predator, Kiprich, Wayne Marshall, Bling Dawg, Ward 21, Anthony B, DYRC, Assassin, Frisco Kid, Queen Paula versus Lady Mackerel, Anthony Cruz, Richie Spice, Chuck Fender, and more...

Over the years, the promoters of Sting have come to dub this historical event as "The Greatest One Night Reggae Show on Earth", and usually with good reason.  However STING 2003 will continue to hold that title, but for different reasons.  This is because at STING 2003, to the utter dismay of an international audience of dancehall fans, reggae artists Ninja Man and Vybez Kartel got into an altercation that left Ninja Man with bleeding wounds, and left Vybez Kartel alienated from the dancehall community who are shocked and disappointed at such a wanton display of violence and unprofessionalism. 

STING 2003 has always been the proving grounds for artists both young and old, and whether or not STING clashes are planned or spontaneous, they have been a strong and respected part of the stage show's tradition.  We have seen some great ones in the years past, and most of them have featured Ninja Man in one way or another: Ninja Man versus Flourgon and Crew (late 80s), Ninja Man vs Super Cat, Ninja Man versus Cobra, Ninja Man versus Bounty Killer, Ninja Man versus Beenie Man, Ninja Man versus Merciless.. and the list goes on.  But this year's Ninja's appearance took an unsuspected turn for the worst when an Vybez Kartel (mad that his performance had to follow the energy gad Elephant Man) decided to inject some war into is act by calling up the Gorgon on stage in an to attempt to take his stripe.   Ninja Man rose to the challenge in usual fashion, but mid-lyrics he was attacked by a frustrated Vybez Kartel with a microphone, and soon after a roaring gang of Vybez Kartel fans descended on the Gorgon with kicks and punches.  By the time security intervened Ninja Man had suffered bruises and was bleeding.

Vybez Kartel has since apologized to Ninja Man and to dancehall fans worldwide.  It was not sure if Ninja Man has accepted his apology.  This whole incident has left a sour taste in the mouths of Supreme Promotions, the organizers of STING, who in a press conference held in Jamaica days after the event commented on the high possibility of discontinuing the show.   In addition, they lashed out at Bounty Killer for not performing after the incident occurred.  If the promoters do in fact decide not to continue with the show, then STING 2003 will be remembered as the "Greatest One Night Reggae Show" in history, but ironically for the fact that in One Night  it ended 20 years of it's own tradition!  A Must Have!!!> (ALSO AVAILABLE ON DVD & VHS VIDEO) 12-26-03