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STONE LOVE & AFRIQUE: AMERICA vs JAMAICA 1998 One of the wickedest Stone Love alongside Afrique juggling caught on CD!!! Its the start of a New Year, and the annual America vs Jamaica Bashment is live on the way with the top New York sounds in the business!!  Of Brooklyn's Mighty Afrique - the trendsetter of New York juggling sounds - takes it away with some wicked juggling for the ladies and rude bwoys!!  The event is in New York, but that doesn't mean that Jamaica can't represent, and that they did with the Immortal Stone Love at the helm - rincing some wicked culture tunes for the shottas before delving into the Joyride Rhythm and more jump up tuens to flatten the place and tickle the girls' fancies!!!   This is a classic juggling dance that by popular demand we have captured on CD!! A Must Have!! (Also Available on Audio Tape) 1-3-98