Double Trouble - Stone Love vs Rodigan 2002

THE CROWNING OF STONE LOVE (JA) <The day is Good Friday, April 13th; the year is 1990; and Stone Love (after 18 years in the business) has been crowned the immortal one for this decade and beyond.  Popular promoter, the late Jingles, brings Stone Love to Skateland, Half Way Tree to be honored in one of the biggest dances of the 1990s.  The original Stone Love Crew is there, with Wee Pow, Cancer, Rory, Disco Birch, and Rocabessa, and the vibes is all about musical dominance.  Stone Love (hailed as a pioneer largely responsible for the switch from live entertainers to dubplates being played in dances) juggles for the massive with Cancer at the helms, throwing down wicked selections. 

Cancer pauses for the dream team to appear: Wee Pow (on the microphone) and Rory (at the turntables).  The dynamic duo throws down the top selections of the time (now classics), including hits from Shabba Ranks, Ninja Man, John Holt, Freddie McGreggor, Johnny Osbourne, Michael Buckley, Frankie Paul, Singing Melody, Wayne Wonder, Cutty Ranks, Johnny P, Nardo Ranks, and much more!!  Of course Stone Love has already created some of their most prominent anthems, and they all can be heard, including Junior Reid's mega hit "Stone Love Haffi Fit" and Johnny Osbourne and Shabba's "No Ice Cream Sound". 

What's even more fascinating about this dance, is that Wee Pow gives the history of Stone Love and how the legendary Rory (a pioneer of the sophisticated "radio personality voice" in dancehall) was recruited.  And speaking of Rory, what Stone Love dance would be complete without this legendary voice introducing and wheeling up tunes with his signature "SSSEEEEEEEELLLEEEEEEECCCCTTTTTTAAAAA" ("Selecta!").  This dance has it all and it's one of the wickedest Stone Love sessions  we have ever heard - definitely Historic in nature!!!!  A Must Have!!! 

This is the flagship CD in a series of historic clashes, bashes, and stage shows from the 1970s through the 1990s that has re-mastered from Tape to CD for your listening pleasure!   This is a Exclusive!! Only we alone have it, because we produced it!!  Look out for many more historic dances to come!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 4-13-90