GEMI-MAGIC (GMM)   [ 1 ]

London, England

Gemi-Magic* (UK) <London. Tippa Irie, Tenafly, Daddy freddy.> (GMM-001) (60 MIN) 1989

GEMINI (GMI)  [ 9 ]

Crossroads, Kingston, Jamaica

Gemini vs Stone Love* (JA)<The two veterans of soul music in Jamaica go at it!> (Gemini Side) (GMI-009) 1985

Gemini (vs Papa Moke)* (NYC) <Bronx. Classic clash featuring Johnny Ringo, Lee Van Cliff, Ranking Toyan, Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin, Smiley, etc.. The dance ends in gunfire! !> (GMI-008) 1985

Gemini* (NYC) <Bronx.  Ringo, Squidly, Toyan, Lady Ann, Lee Van Cliff> (GMI-007) 1986

Gemini* (JA) <Singer's Choice Dance w/ Echo, Minott, Welton Irie, Rappa Robert, Jackie Statement, etc. > (GMI-006) 1984

Gemini (vs Killamanjaro)* (JA) <Skateland, Half Way Tree. Shinehead, Squidly Ranking, Peter Metro, Dickie Ranking, Alton Irie, Johnny Ringo, and more!!>  (Gemini Side) (GMI-005)  (Killamanjaro  Side Also Available: KMJ) 1984

Gemini* (UK) <Brixton is alive w/ Johnny Ringo, Squidly Ranking, Welton Irie, and more!!> (GMI-004) 1983

Gemini* (JA) <Nicodemus, Ranking Trevor, Johnny Ringo, Welton Irie, Little John, Flutty Ranking, Squidly Ranking!> (GMI-003) (*SPL) 1982

Gemini* (JA) <Johnny Ringo, Welton Irie, Sister Nancy, General Plow, EEk-A-Mouse, Burro Banton, Squidly Ranks, Brigadier Jerry, Yellow Man, Peter Metro, Ranking Toyan> (GMI-002) (*SPL) 2-82

Gemini (JA) <Crossroads, Kingston. Lone Ranger, Johnny Ringo, Sister Rosie, Welton Irie, UU Madoo, etc> (GMI-001) 1980

GENERAL (GNR)  [ 1 ]

Brooklyn, New York City, USA

General Hi Power (vs Downbeat)* (NYC) <Galaxy Ballroom, Brooklyn. Lone Ranger, Birdie Culture, James bond, Willow Wilson, Carlton Livingston, Alton Irie, Daddy Rucka> (General Hi Power Side) (GNR-001) 1985

GENESIS (GNS)  [ 2 ]

Bronx, New York City, USA

Genesis (vs Downbeat  vs African Love)* (NYC) <Bronx. Lt. Stitchie, Wolfman, John Wayne.> (Genesis Side) GNS-002) 80's

Genesis (NYC) <Stardust Ballroom, Bronx. Lt. Stitchie, Wolfman, Peter Metro, John Wayne, and Papa Biggie.> (GNS-001) 1986



Ghetto Super Power* (JA) <Josey Wales> (GSP-002) Mid 80's

Ghetto Super Power (JA) <Cantabury, Mobay. Selector Ninja, Tiger, Bruck Back, Lt Stitchie, Wolfman,  Apache, Yami Bolo, Acka T, Jah Brown, History, MC.  Tiger Sings.  Tape features Cantabury Fire Lyrics "Water Fire come catch the Water Fire!".> (GSP-001) (60 MIN) 1986 (PLEASE INQUIRE)

G.T. HI POWER (GTH)  [ 3 ]

Waltham Park, Kingston, Jamaica

G.T. Hi Power* (JA) <Josey Wales!> (GTH-003) (60 MIN) Early 80s

G.T. Hi Power* (JA) <Waltham Park, Kingston.  Nicodemus, Colourman, Professor Nuts, Chaka Demus, Jack-in-Action,  Papa Biggy,  King Kong, Little Twitch!> (GTH-002) 1985

G.T. Hi Power (vs Killamanjaro)* (JA) <The dance many say Killamanjaro lost!!!! G.T.'s  lineup includes Tenor Saw, Nitty Gritty, Echo Minott, Sassa Fras, John Wayne, Yellow Man, General Trees, and Jihnny Ringo> (G.T. Side) (GTH-001) (Killamanjaro Side Also Available: KMJ-015) 5-5-85



Hollywound Sound (JA) <Bunny General & crew> (HWD) Mid  1989


Maxfield Avenue, Greenwich Farm, Kingston 13, Jamaica

Inner City (vs Excaliber) (JA) <Featuring Ninja Man, Shabba Ranks, Singing Melody, Barrington Levy,  Michael Buckley, etc!!> (INC-002)  (45 MIN) 1988

Inner City Sound - Instant Rewind Dancehall Live (JA) [Live Album transferred to tape.] <Artists: Robert French, Home T, Chaplin, Michael Palmer, Edi Fitzroy, Mich & Smiley, Yellowman, Suga Minott> (INC-001)  (45 MIN) 1984

JACK RUBY (JKR)  [ 12 ]

Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica

Jack Ruby (JA) <People's Place, Ocho Rios, St. Ann. Featuring selector Fat Jaw and guest selecor Barry G.  Live General Trees, Tiger, Pompidoo, Tonto Irie, Nicodemus, Slim Brown. General Trees clash Tiger!!> (JKR-012) 1983

Jack Ruby (JA) <Brigadier Jerry Galore!!!> (JKR-011) 1983

Jack Ruby* (JA) <Featuring Peter Metro, Dominic, Papa Biggie, Jr. Demus, Nigger Mickey!!> (JKR-010) 1987

Jack Ruby* (JA) <Dance in Ochos Rios featuring Papa San, Brigadier Jerry, Sister Nancy, Junior Demus, etc> (JKR-009) (Also Available on CD) 1986

Jack Ruby (JA) <Selector fat Jaw fling down some wicked rhythms as special guests Lt. Stitchie and Jonathon Wolfman make an appearance on Jack Ruby Hi Fi.  The deejay twins mash up the place with their unique lyrical skills, doing some wicked combination.  Papa Biggie also comes in for a piece of the action!> (JKR-008) (60MIN) 1987

Jack Ruby (JA) <Wicked dance or rather stageshow in Jack Ruby Dance in Ochi Rios (a tape I was trying to locate for a while now).  The selector is Fat Jaw  and the MC is the "Boogie Man" Barry G.  Entertainers include Brigadier Jerry, Early B, Nicodemus, Super Cat, (doing "Si Boops Deh"), Dirty Harry, Jr. Demus, Pompidoo,  Joe Lickshot, and more!!!> (JKR-007) 1986

Jack Ruby - Brigadier Jerry Live at the Controls (JA) [Live Album transferred to tape.] <Artist: Brigadier Jerry selecting> (JKR-006) (45 MIN) 1983-84

Jack Ruby* (JA) <Yellow Man and Fathead together along with Bobby Culture!> (JKR-005) 1982

Jack Ruby* (JA) <Wicked dance in Ocho Rios w/ Brigadier Jerry!> (JKR-004) 12/81

Jack Ruby (JA) <This was a history dance where two of the top deejays were to clash.  Nicodemus was to clash Brigadier Jerry but Briggy didnt show up yet so Nicodemus start the clash without him!!  Catch Nicodemus in a "Killing Deejay Mode," pure vibes!!  Also in the mix are Super Cat, U-Brown and Louie Lepke.> (JKR-003) Spring 1981

Jack Ruby* (JA) <Yellow Man, Nicodemus, Culture Bobby> (JKR-002) 1981

Jack Ruby (JA) <Ocho Rios, St. Anns.  Selector Fat Jaw.  Brigadier Jerry, Michael Buckley, Hornsman.  Briggy throws down some wicked styles on the Frankie Paul and Leroy Gibbons selections (to name a few) drawn by Fat Jaw.   Briggy just return from the US with a bag of new tunes, most of them off the top of his head.  One of the wickedest Briggy performances!!!> (JKR-001) 1985


Hope Road, Kingston, Jamaica

Jah Love* (JA) <Briggie, Briggie, and more Briggie!!!!!> (JHL-006) 1985

Jah Love* (JA) <Three the Hard Way: Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, & Charlie Chaplin!> (JHL-005) 6-8-83

Jah Love* (JA) <Brigadier Jerry & Freddy McGreggor> (JHL-004) 1983

Jah Love* (JA) <Brigadier Jerry & U Brown> (JHL-003) (60 MIN) 1980

Jah Love* (JA) <Held at 58 Street in Catherine, this rare classic features Brigadier Jerry, Natty Clive, & Ilawi!> (JHL-002) (60 MIN)  1979

Jah Love* (JA) (JHL-001) (45 MIN) Late 70s


Kingston, Jamaica

Jah Revelation* (UK) <From the vaults we bring you a dance at Brixton Town Hall w/ Brigadier Jerry, Louie Lepke, etc> (JHR-001) 3-19-82

JAH SHAKA (JHS)  [ 1 ]

London, England

Jah Shaka* (UK) <London.> (JHS-001) 1986 (PLEASE INQUIRE)

JAVA (JAV)  [ 2 ]

London, England

Java (UK) <London. Mikey Puba - Noopie - Reptile> (JAV-002) 1983  (PLEASE INQUIRE)

Java @ Carnival (UK) <London. Cutty Ranks & Prof Nuts> (JAV-001) 8-87

KANGOL (KGL)  [ 1 ]

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Kangol (vs Cosmic Force) (JA) <Big Dance in Mobay as Shabba Ranks, Lecturer, Professor Nuts, Pinchers, Major Mackerel, Bunny General, Lippy, and more help selector Ninja to lock off Cosmic!> (Also Available on Video) (KGL-001) 1987


White Hall Ave, Kingston, Jamaica

Killamanjaro (vs Stone Love) (JA) <Skateland, Half Way Tree, Kingston. Barry G, Ninja Man, Shabba Ranks, Junior Cat,  Conrad Crystal, Flourgon, Red Dragon, Anthony Malvo, Daddy Shark, Dominique, Joe Lick Shot.> (Killamanjaro Side) (KMJ-030) 1988

Killamanjaro (JA) <Old Harbour. Ninja Man, Professor Nuts, and Charlie Chaplin!!> (KMJ-029) 1989

Killamanjaro (JA) <Featuring Ninjaman, Charle Chaplin, Hammer Mouth, Swinie, Michael Buckley, Early Black, Bugle Boy, the hornsman, and Jermie Lee as the selector!!> (KMJ-028) 1989

Killamanjaro (vs Stone Love vs Stur Mars)* (JA) <Selector Jeremy Lee, Ricky Trooper, John Wayne, Hammer Mouth, Colin Raoch, Conrad Crystal, Jah Thomas, Daddy Shark, Dominique, Bugle Boy!> (KMJ-027) 1989

Killamanjaro (vs Creation) (JA) <One of the greatest clashes ever pits Jaro's ruff neck deejays against ace lyricist papa San and the entire Creation crew. Live on jaro is Ninja Man, Charlie Chaplin, Hammer Mouth, Daddy Shark, Wickerman, Captain Barkey, and more!!!> (KMJ-026) (Creation Side Also Available: CRE-007) 1989

Killamanjaro (vs Stone Love) (JA) <Skateland, Half Way Tree, Kingston. Selector Jeremy Lee, Ricky Trooper, Papa San, Ninja Man, Junior Cat, Hammer Mouth, Daddy Shark, Hog Head, Bugle Boy, Sister Charmaine, Joe Lick Shot.> (Killamanjaro Side) (KMJ-025) 1989

Killamanjaro (vs Black Scorpio vs Super Saint) (JA) <Reunion dance with Shabba Ranks, Ninja Man, Junior Cat, Major Mackerel, Papa San, Flourgon, Don Angelo, Daddy Shark, etc> (KMJ-024) (Killamanjaro Side) (Black Scorpio Side Also Available: BSC-007) 1988

Killamanjaro* (JA) <Wicked dance in Mandeville w/ Cocoa Tea, Ninja Man, Daddy Shark, Hammer Mouth, Ricky Trooper, etc!!> (KMJ-023) 12-88

Killamanjaro (vs Bodyguard) (JA) <Hear Ninja Man lock off Bodyguard using culture lyrics, along with Super Cat, Shabba, Papa Biggie, Hammer Mouth and Charlie Chaplin > (Killamanjaro Side) (KMJ-022) (60 MIN) (*SPL) Late 80's

Killamanjaro (vs Silver Hawk vs Inner City) (JA) <Skateland, Half way Tree, Kingston. Jeremy Lee as the selector and Ninja Man and Barry G as the MC, also featuring the Late Great Early B, Junior Cat, Major Mackeral, Little John, Macca P, Iron Man, Joe Lickshot, etc.  This dance mek di "Hawk "stop fly!>  (Killamanjaro Side)  (Part 2) (KMJ-021) (Part 1 Also Available: ACS-020) (60 MIN) 1987

Killamanjaro (vs Silver Hawk vs Inner City) (JA) <Skateland, Half way Tree, Kingston. Jeremy Lee as the selector and Ninja Man and Barry G as the MC, also featuring the Late Great Early B, Professor Nuts, Junior Cat, Major Mackeral, Little John, Eddie Brown, Joe Lickshot, etc.  This dance mek di "Hawk "stop fly!>  (Killamanjaro Side)  (Part 1) (KMJ-020) (Part 2 Also Available: KMJ-021) 1987

Killamanjaro (vs Creation vs Stereo One)* (JA) <Its a 3 way mega-clash and its at Montego Bay with Ninja Man, Puddy Roots, Early B, Junior Cat, Conrad Crystal, Ruddy Irie, Iron Man, Dirty Harry, Hugh Griffith, etc!!> (Killamanjaro Side) (KMJ-019) (Stereo One Side Also Available: STO-006) 1986

Killamanjaro* (JA) <w/ A rare appearance by Pinchers, plus Michael Prophet, Conrad Crystal., Early B, Chaka Demus, Junior Cat, etc> (KMJ-018) Mid 80's

Killamanjaro (JA) <Wicked dance in Linstead, St. Catherine! Ninja Man just come out of jail, longside Charlie Chaplin and backed by selector Jermie Lee.  Wicked vibes as Ninja Man talks about he got to jail and what he went through while imprisoned!! Also features Hammer Mouth, Bugle Boy, and Michael Buckley!> (KMJ-017) 1989

Killamanjaro* (JA) <Ninja Man, Professor Nuts, Conroy Smith, Hopeton James, and more!!> (KMJ-016) Mid 80's

Killamanjaro (vs G.T. Hi Power)* (JA) <One of the wickedest clashes ever, and the one they say Killamanjaro lost!!! The lineup includes Super Cat, Burro Banton, Tenor Saw, Cutty Ranks, Yellow Man, Dirty Harry, Bammy Man, Little Twitch, Joe Lickshot, and more!> (Killamanjaro Side) (KMJ-015) (G.T. Hi Power Side Also Available: GTH-001) 5-5-85

Killamanjaro (vs Saxon vs Unity)* (UK) <3 way mega-clash in London, England!!> (Killamanjaro Side) (KMJ-014) 12-85

Killamanjaro (JA) <Selector Ansill drops down selection as deejays such as Toyan, Super Cat, Early B, Chaplin, Burro Banton, Dirty Harry, Shelly Thunder,  and Twitch take center stage!> (KMJ-013) 1985

Killamanjaro* (JA) <Leroy Smart, Eddie Fitzroy, Wayne Smith, Yellow Man, Jah Thomas, Super Cat, Burro Banton, Early B, Dirty Harry, Lee Van Cliff, Pompidoo, Little Twitch, and Joe Lickshot!> (KMJ-012) 2-17-85

Killamanjaro* (JA) <Super Cat, Burro Banton, Hopeton James, Johnny Osbourne, UU Madoo, Puddy Roots, Dirty Harry, Redman, Little Twitch, etc.> (KMJ-011) (Also Available on CD) 12/84

Killamanjaro* (JA) <Maxfield Ave, Greenwich Farm, Kingston. Selector Ansil, Ranking Joe, Super Cat, Burro Banton, Dirty Harry, Puddy Roots, UU Madoo, Hopeton James, Micheal Spinners, etc!> (KMJ-010) 1985

Killamanjaro (vs Gemini)* (JA) <Worries in Skateland w/ Super Cat, Early B, Lee Van Cliff, Puddy Roots, Billy Bayou, Dirty Harry, Tullo T, Danny Dread, U Madoo, Peter Ranking, etc!!> (KMJ-009) (Killamanjaro Side) (Gemini Side Also Available: GMI-005) 1984

Killamanjaro* (JA) <At Up Park Camp.. Super Cat, Brigadier Jerry, Puddy Roots, Early B, UU Madoo, Johnny Ringo, Danny Dread, Sister Vernon, etc!!> (KMJ-007) 1983

Killamanjaro* (JA) <Dance at Skateland w/ Chaka Demus, Sassa Frass, Jim Kelly, Trevor Rankin, Danny Dread, etc!! (KMJ-006)> 1983

Killamanjaro (vs Arrows)* (JA) <Danny Dread, John Wayne, Sassa Fras> (Killamanjaro Side) (KMJ-005) 1983

Killamanjaro* (JA) <Yellow Man, Puddy Roots, Dirty Harry> (KMJ-004) 1983

Killamanjaro* (JA) <Puddy Roots, U Brown, Lone Ranger, Jim Kelly, Burro Banton, John Wayne, Matta Pong, Marshal Buckas> (KMJ-003) (Also Available on CD) 2-18-83

Killamanjaro - Live & Learn Presents A Live Session <Artists: Danny Dread, Little John, Shadow Man, Jim Kelly, Sammy Dread, Johnny Black, Toyan, Michael Prophet> (KMJ-002) (60 MIN) 1983

Killamanjaro vs Studio  Mix* (JA) <Jim Kelly, Chaka Demus, Sassafras, Rankin Trevor, Danny Dred> (KMJ-001) 1983


Arnette Gardens, Jungle, Kingston

King Attorney (JA) <August Town, Kingston.  Selector Danny Dred, U Roy Live!!> (KAT-001) (SEE ALSO SOCIALIST ROOTS LISTING) (45 MIN) 1975


Sterling Place & Schenectady Ave, Crown Heights (moved to New Lotts), Brooklyn, New York City, USA

King Addies Boatride* (NYC) <New York Harbour, Manhattan.  Boatride.  Super Cat, Sluggy Ranks, and Louie Ranking!> (KAD-005) 1989

King Addies (vs Ballys)* (NYC) <Biltmore Ballroom, Brooklyn.  Super Cat, Dirty Harry, Sluggy Ranks, Chuck Turner, Trevor Sparks, Major Mackeral, Wayne Wonder, Little Lenny, Bobo General, Nardo Ranks, Professor Grizzly..> (Part 2) (KAD-004) (Part 1 Also Available: KAD-003) 1989

King Addies (vs Ballys)* (NYC) <Biltmore Ballroom, Brooklyn.  Super Cat, Sluggy Ranks, Dirty Harry, Little T, Sonia, ThrillerU, Chuck Turner.> (Part 1) (KAD-003) (Part 2 Also Available: KAD-004) 1989

King Addies* (NYC) <Schenectady Avenue, Brooklyn. Selectors Ansill (from Killamanjaro fame) Little Tony, Baby Face. Super Cat, the Late Great Tenor Saw, Frankie Paul, Little Tony, & Johnny Walker.> (Part 1) (KAD-001) (Part 2 Also Available: KAD-001) 1987

King Addies* (NYC) <Schenectady Avenue, Brooklyn. Selectors Ansill (from Killamanjaro fame), Little Tony, Baby Face. Super Cat, the Late Great Tenor Saw, Frankie Paul> (Part 1) (KAD-001) (Part 1 Also Available: KAD-002) 1987


St. Lucea Road, Waterhouse, Kingston, Jamaica

King Jammys (vs Arrows vs African Symbol vs Redman)* (JA) <Montego Bay.> (King Jammys Side) (KJM-019) (Arrows Side [60 MIN] Also Available: ARW-006) 1987

King Jammys* (WASH) <Washington, DC.  Jammys US Tour 1986.  John Wayne, Tonto Irie, Mickey Jarrett, Super Freddie> (KJM-018) 1986

King Jammys* (JA) <Dance around the X-Mas season featuring Admiral Bailey, Josey Wales, Tanto Irie, Courtney Melody, Echo Minott, King Kong, Half Pint, Don Carlos, General Trees, Michael Palmer, Phillip Fraser, Major Worries, Little John, John Wayne, Willie Noble, Robert Lee, Don Angelo, etc..> (KJM-017) 1985

King Jammys (UK) <One of Jammys' wickedest dances ever.  The whole Jammys crew go to England, some for the first time.  On stage live and direct are Admiral Bailey, Lecturer, Risto Benji, Little Twitch, Dominique, Colin Roach, Anthony Malvo, Color Man (from Saxon Sound) and more...> (KJM-016) 1988

King Jammys (JA) <Admiral Bailey, Twitch, and crew mashup the dance riding on the Hill & Gully Rhythm!!> (60 MIN) (QUALITY POOR) (KJM-015) 1987

King Jammys* (JA) <Shabba, Major Worries, John Wayne, Barka B, Don Angelo> (KJM-014) 1987

King Jammys (JA) <One of Jammys' wickedest dance ever as selector Bobby Digital selects on King Jammys.  Entertainers include Admiral Bailey, the Late, Great Major Worries, Little Twitch, Frankie Paul, Tullo T, young Risto Benji, and the human amplifier Bammy Man who imitates Josey Wales, Yellow Man, and mixes down deejays with his mouth!!  A must have!> (Also available on Video!) (KJM-013) 1987

King Jammys (JA) <Admiral Bailey and Tonto Metro in a rare combination, throw down some lyrics to strictly Studio One versions for the entire dance!> (KJM-012) 1986

King Jammys* (JA) <Nitty Gritty, Tonto Irie, Don Angelo, etc> (KJM-011) (60 MIN)  8/86

King Jammys (JA) <Wicked dance in Barbicon wid Admiral Bailey, Chaka Demus, The Late Major Worries, Pompidoo, Pinchers, King Kong, Little Twitch, Johnny Ringo, Courtney Melody> (KJM-010) 1986

King Jammys* (JA) <Lecturer, Risto Benji, Colin Roach, and the crew!> (KJM-009) Mid 80's

King Jammys (JA) <This dance was more like a stage show and featured the likes of General Trees, Major Worries, Nicodemus, Daddy Shark, Dominique, Josey Wales, Admiral Bailey, John Wayne, etc> (KJM-008) (60 MIN) Mid 80's

King Jammys (JA) <Massive dance at Waterhouse  with selector Toots, featuring an all-star lineup of Major Worries, Brigadier Jerry, Admiral Bailey, Echo Minott, King Kong, Little Kirk,  Crany Man, Jackie Notch Shot, etc.  Wicked!!!> (KJM-007) (D.B. #23) (60 MIN) October 1985

King Jammys* (JA) <Wicked dance in Sandy Bay! Chaka Demus, Tonto Irie, Purple Man, Danny Dread, and more ride the rhydims as selector Bobby Digital throw down some wicked selections!! > (KJM-006) 1985

King Jammys* (JA) <Wicked dance in Old Harbour featuring Papa San, John Wayne, Pompidoo, Don Angelo, Purple Man, Sister Charmaine, and more!!> (KJM-005) 1985

King Jammys (JA) <This dance was like Sunsplash with entertainers like Nicodemus, Tenor Saw, Nitty Gritty, General Trees, John Wayne, Echo Minott, Wayne Smith, Tonto Irie, Little John, Color Man, and more)> (KJM-004) (60 MIN) May 1985

King Jammys (JA) <One of the wickedest Jammys dances ever kept and my favorite!! King Jammys cassette!  This classic dance features Chakademus, Tonto Irie, John Wayne, Little Twitch, Brigadier Jerry, Nicodemus,  Peter Metro, Louie Ranking, Junior Reid, Half Pint, Echo Minott, Don Angelo, and selector Toots!  They all mash up the place, riding the Sleng Ting Rhythm played at 33 rpms instead of 45rpms (played slower than usual).  I am still looking for other parts of this dance!> (KJM-003) May 1985

King Jammys (vs Metromedia) (JA) <One of King Jammys' wickedest clashes ever, one of the clearest Jammys tapes out there, and definately one of my favorites.  The whole crew wars it out against Peter Metro, Squidly Ranking, Skyjuice, and the Metro Crew in Mandeville.  In Jammys' stable are Admiral Bailey, Chaka Demus, Tonto Irie, John Wayne, Pad Anthony,  Anthony Malvo, Jack in Action (who defeated Joe Lickshot the night before), Leroy the Hornsman, and selector Bobby Digital!!  Special Guests Nitty Gritty and Brigadier Jerry  (slow motion) mash up di dance!!> (D.B. #32) (KJM-002) February 1985

Prince Jammys (vs Black Scorpio)* (JA) <Nicodemus, Papa Toyan, Little John, & Eek A Mouse etc!> (KJM-001) 1981 (PLEASE INQUIRE)



King Majesty (JA) <Beenie Man, Super Cat, Early B, Don Carlos, Patrick Irie, Bos Nigger.> (KMA-002) (60 MIN) 1983 (PLEASE INQUIRE)

King Majesty* (JA) <Bath, St. Thomas. Selector Danny Dread, Super Cat, Early B, Patrick Irie.> (KMA-001) 1983    (PLEASE INQUIRE)



King Mellow (vs Ticka Music) (JA) <Ocho Rios, St. Ann. Daddy Life, John Wayne, Echo Minott, Little John, Junior Demus, Chaka Demus, Sasa Fras, Don Angelo, Willie Noble, Dread Bob.  Little John does an album of his tunes!> (KML) 1986


Kingston, Jamaica

King Tubbys (JA) <One of the rarest tapes in our collection.  This tape features Ranking Joe MCing over some wicked selections.  The quality is fair but for such a rare treasure a true collector will agree its worth it!!> (KTB-001) (45 MIN) 4-75



King Tubbys (UK) <> (KTU-001) 1989


Klassique* (JA) <Juggling> (KLA-001) 1988



Lees Unlimited*  (JA) <Kingston. Papa San, Eek-A-Mouse, Michael Palmer, Junior Reid, Danny Dread, Peter Metro, Welton Irie, Joe Lick Shot, Papa Toyan, Squidly Rankin.> (LUL-005) 7-84

Lees Unlimited* (JA) <Mall Road, Waltham Park.  Papa San, Super Cat, Half Pint, Michael Palmer, Welton Irie, Little John, Tippa Lee, Echo Minott, Papa Toyan, El Fuego Barka, Squidly Ranking, Johnny Ringo, Puddy Roots, Kelly Ranks.> (LUL-004) 1984

Lees Unlimited (vs Killamanjaro)* (JA) <Kingston. Papa San, Peter Metro, Welton Irie, Jackie Statement, and more!> (Lee's Side)  (LUL-003) (*SPL) 1984

Lees Unlimited* (JA) <Westmore Community Center, Portmore, St. Catherine. Johnny Ringo,  Beenie Man, Triston Palmer, Courage, Super Don, Donovon Mc Kay.> (LUL-002) (Also Available on CD) 1983

Lees (vs Peoples Choice )- Junjo Lawes Presents 2 Big Sounds (JA) [Live Album transferred to tape] <Artists: Ringo, Welton Irie, Dillinger, Beenie Man (at 9 years old), Fathead, Toyan, U-Brown, Early B, Likkle Harry.> (LUL-001) (45 MIN) 1982-83


Little Red Rose*  (JA) <Brigadier Jerry, Michael Buckley.> (LRR-001) 80s


Live -  Josey Wales & Peter Metro* (JA) <> (LVE-002) (60 MIN) Mid 80s

Live - Bob Marley & The Wailers* (BOSTON) <> (LVE-001) (60 MIN) 1976


Love Vibration* (JA) <Professor Nuts, Admiral Bailey.> (LVB-001) 1987


Waltham Park, Kingston, Jamaica

Metromedia* (JA) <After Major Worries Death This dance has some heavyweights, including Peter Metro, ace lyricist Papa San, and veteran canary Sanchez!> (MET-005) 1987

Metromedia (JA) <Tribute to Jim Brown.  Tivoli Gardens, Western Kingston.  Selector Skyjuice, Little Twitch, Massive Dread, Daddy Life, Peter Metro, Tanto Metro,  Dominique, Captain.> (MET-004) 1987

Metromedia* (JA) <Right after the death of Major Worries!  Selector Skyjuice, Danny Dread, Doctor C, Puddy Roots, Daddy Life, Gillie Priest, Joe Lickshot, Skinny Rankin, Peter Metro, Tonto Metro, Yellow Bird, Skinny Rankin> (MET-003) 1987

Metromedia (JA) <Featuring Puddy Roots, Chicken Chest, Tiger, Dickey, Tuffist!> (MET-002) Mid 80's

Metromedia (l/s Stone Love) (JA) <Big dance at Old Harbour w/ Peter Metro, Yellow Man, Flourgon, Daddy Lizard, Danny Dred, Anthony Redrose, Bunny General , Leroy the Hornsman, and a whole heap of others!!!> (Metromedia Side) (MET-001) Mid 80's



Multi Soul Sound (UK) <A rare tape of the ever popular pirate radio station that use to run England's reggae underground!> (MTS-001) (60 MIN) 1989

PAPA MOKE (PPM)  [ 2 ]

New Jersey, USA

Papa Moke* (NJ) <Tribute to Late Tenor Saw. Brigadier Jerry, U Roy, Ranking Joe, and Ruby Whit!> (PPM-002) 10-29-88

Papa Moke (vs Downbeat)* (NJ) <Mickey Jarret, Admiral Shirt, Echo Minott, and more!!!> (Papa Moke Side) (PPM-001) (Downbeat Side Also Available: DBT-0013) 1987


People's Choice* (JA) <Charlie Chaplin, Yellow Man, Red Dragon, Hugo Barrington, Mickey Melody, Ricky Chaplin.> (PEP-003) 1987

People's Choice (vs Black Scorpio)* (JA) <Charlie Chaplin.> (People's Choice Side) (PEP-002) 1987

People's Choice (vs African Symbol)* (JA) <Charlie Chaplin, Deutoronomy.> (PEP-001) 80s


 London, England

Quaker City (vs Jah Shaka)*(UK) <London.> (QUA-001) 1979   (PLEASE INQUIRE)

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