Ray Symbolic* (JA) <St. Ann.  Ranking Joe.> (RSB-002) (60 MIN) 1980  (PLEASE INQUIRE)

Ray Symbolic* (JA) <Bionic Club, 38 Hugley Park Road, Kingston.  Rankin Trevor, Rankin Joe.> (RSB-001) (60 MIN) 1977   (PLEASE INQUIRE)


Red Scorpion* (JA) <Rare tape of this sound featuring Culture Don, Peter Metro, Tony Culture, Echo Minott, Wayne Rankin, Jackie Turbo, Super Fresh, etc> (RSP-001) 1989



Road Runner* (CANADA) <Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin.> (RDR-001) 1988


London, England

David Rodigan vs Barry G (JA) <The final chapter in the clash trilogy, this clash was an in studio exhibition of tunes live over the airwaves!  A classic in all respects, the tape also includes the commercials that aired during the clash!> (RDG-004) 1989

David Rodigan vs Barry G (WHA DAT) (Brooklyn) <History was made in New York City at the Empire Roller Rink in Brooklyn when the two top reggae disc jockeys in the world clashed head to head with live deejays and a mountain of dubs!!! Rodigan and Barry G repeated their historic clash in Asahnt Junction the year before in front of a capacity crowd!! Live on stage Chaka Demus, Anthony Red Rose, Tiger, Daddy Culture, Peter Rankin, Fabian, Zuzu, etc> (RDG-003) 12-25-85

David Rodigan vs Barry G (WHA DAT) (JA) <Historic clash at Ashanti Junction in Jamaica where the world stood still as the two greatest radio disc jockies of that time  (Barry G from Jamaica and David Rodigan from England) went dub for dub with exclusive tunes. Welton Irie and Joe Lickshot also makes a guest appearace.> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) (RDG-002) 2-85

Rodigan 10 Year Anniv (JA) <UK's veteran  radio host/sound system selector/reggae historian celebrates his 10 Year Anniv w/ a compilation of radio show that features  live entertainers and interviews with Bob Marley, Alton Ellis, Prince Buster, Gregory Isaccs, Frankie Paul, and more much more!) (RDG-001) Early 80s


Bronx, New York City

Sanatone* (NYC) <Bronx.  Liberty, Sancho, Peter Ranks.> (SAN-001) 1987


London, England

Saxon (vs Unity Hi Fi vs Volcano)* (UK) <Redding.> (Saxon Side) (SAX-014) (Unity Side Also Available: UNI-002) 8-22-86

Saxon (vs Java)* (UK) <Featuring Papa Levi, Rusti, Colonel, Ms. Irie, Sandi , etc> (Saxon Side) (SAX-013) 11-5-88

Saxon (vs V-Rocket) (Bermuda) (Saxon Side) (SAX-012) 1988

Saxon (vs  Unity vs Taurus)* (UK) <Featuring Sanchez, Deadly Ranks, etc> (Saxon Side) (SAX-011) 3-88

Saxon (UK) <Tippa Irie, Miss Irie, Senior Sandy, Coloman, Colonel Rusti, Multi Bli, and the crew mash up a wicked dance.  Miss Irie does a wicked combination with brother Tippa Irie as well as Multi Bli to mash up di place while selector Muscle Head throws down some good music!> (SAX-010) (30 MIN) Late 80s

Saxon (UK) <Ace lyricist Papa San makes a rare appearance on Saxon and mash up England with his fast talking lyrics! Deadly Ranks and crew is also there to share in the lyrical vibes!!!!> (Quality Fair) SAX-009) 1987

Saxon* (UK) <Papa Levi & crew) (SAX-008) 1986

Saxon (UK) <Saxon featuring a classic appearance by the two bad bwoy djs, Super Cat and The Late Nicodemus, live inna combination in England!!!> (SAX-007)  1-86

Saxon (vs King Tubbys vs Youthman Promotion) (UK) <One of the wickedest Saxon clashes ever.  When Promotion  with Nitty Gritty and crew is invited to play in UK and their sound malfunctions, King Tubbys start to cuss dem saying a drum pan sound.  Saxon comes in Promotion's defense with Multi Bli, Daddy Freddy, Senior Sandy, Junior Sandy, Deadly Ranking, Danger Youth, and singers Bobby Looch and Mickey Ranking, all in clash mode!!  Will Hoggart and Black Roses Crew also in the dance!> (Saxon Side) (SAX-006) Mid 80's

Saxon (vs Third World) (NYC) <Tilden Ballroom, Brooklyn. England's number one sound, Saxon Studios, goes up against Brooklyn's number one sound, Third World for one of the biggest clashes ever in Tilden Ballroom in Brooklyn!  Only 3 of the 5 best deejays on Saxon were present: Papa Levi, Rusti, and Tippa Irie!  However wid Muscle Head flinging own some devious selections, they were able to own their own!   A must have for any serious collector!!!> (SAX-005) (Third World Side [90 MIN] Also Available: THW-001) 4-5-85

Saxon (UK) <The Saxon crew at work mash up a wicked dance!!!> (SAX-004) (60 MIN) 1983

Saxon vs Ghetto Tone (UK) <Papa Levi, the top notch deejay on Saxon goes up against Dirty Dessie, defender of Ghetto Tone in one of the most celebrated clashes in England.  The two go lyrics for lyrics on pure Studio One rhythms and battle it out, even getting personal at times!  A must have!!> (Both Sounds - 1 Tape) (SAX-003) (60 MIN) 1-83

Saxon (vs Haweye)* (UK) (Saxon Side) (SAX-002) 1983

SAXON UK BUBBLERS LIVE ALBUM (JA) [Live Album transferred to tape.] <Saxon UK Bubblers album from the early 1980's has been located and is now available on a  tape> (SAX-001) (45 MIN) Mid 80s


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Shadow Intl (PENNSYLVANIA) <Philadelphia. Professor Nuts, Major Mackeral, Shabba Rankin, Louie Rankin, Anthony Malvo, Colin Roach, Lady English, Miss Linda, Captain Devon, Sweetie Daddy.>  (SHI-002) 2-19-88

Shadow Intl (PENNSYLVANIA) <Philadelphia. Admiral Bailey, Josey Wales, Lady English, Miss Linda.>  (SHI-001) 1988


Barbicon, Kingston, Jamaica

Silver Hawk* (JA) <Papa San, Ricky Stereo, Major Mackerel.> (SLH-007) 1989

Silver Hawk (vs Spinners Choice)* (JA) <> (Silver Hawk Side) (SLH-006) 1987

Silver Hawk* (JA) <Montego Bay.  Brigadier Jerry, Conrad Smith, White Mice, Billy The Kid, DJ Daddy.> (SLH-005) 1987

Silver Hawk vs (Downbeat)* (NYC) <New York's best goes up against Steelie & Cleevie's sound for a wicked death match!!!> (Silver Hawk Side) (SLH-004) (Downbeat Side Also Available: DBT-009) 7-16-88

Silver Hawk (JA) <Tivoli Gardens, Kingston. Tribute to Claudie Massop.  Shabba Ranks, Admiral Bailey, Twitch, Lecturer, Josey Wales, Frankie Paul, Derrick Irie, Little John, Leroy Gibbons.> (SLH-003) (60 MIN) 1988

Silver Hawk* (JA) <Juggling.> (SLH-002) (60 MIN) 1987

Silver Hawk (vs Soul Imperial)* (JA) <August Town, Kingston. Shabba Ranks, Risto Benji, Beenie Man, Tullo T, Colin Roach, Don Angelo, Prince Junior.> (Silver Hawk Side) (SLH-001) 1987 


New Lotts, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Sir Tommys (vs Nyah Tone)* (NYC) <Galaxy Ballroom, Brooklyn. Nicodemus, Mickey Jarrett, Kimpest, Jah Bible> (SRT-001) (60 MIN) 9-9-83

SMALL AXE (SMA)  [ 1 ]


Small Axe* (JA) <Little Twitch, Likkle Meekie, and more> (SMA-001) 1984


Arnette Gardens, Jungle, Kingston, Jamaica

Socialist Roots* (JA) <Blossom HQ.  Features Selector Danny Dread, Nicodemus, Ranking Trevor, Jah Mickey, Sammy Dread, Papa Dimes, Papa Benji, Erol Shorter> (SLR-004) 1981

Socialist Roots* (JA) <Kingston. Nicodemus, Ranking Trevor, Jah Mickey, Papa Dimes.> (SLR-003) 1980

Socialist Roots* (JA) <Jungle. Nicodemus, Ranking Trevor> (SLR-002) (60 MIN) 1978

Socialist Roots* (JA) <Kingston.  Featuring Rankin Trevor, U Brown. Historic because it features the announcement of the name change  from "King Attorney" to "Socialist Roots"!!> (SLR-001) (60 MIN) 1978



Soul to Soul* (JA) <Bull Savanah, St. Elizabeth.  Johnny Ringo, Principal Grundy.!> (STS-002) (60 MIN) 1980  (PLEASE INQUIRE)

Soul to Soul* (JA) <Skateland, Half Way Tree, Kingston.  Lone Ranger!> (STS-001) 1979  (PLEASE INQUIRE)


Brooklyn, New York City, USA

Startone (NYC) <Brooklyn. Listen to Professor Nuts galore as he counteracts his  lyrical enemy Peter Metro, while having the place in stitches with his humorous lyrics!  Plus Screechie Don, selector Acka T, Pac Man, etc.> (STT-001) Late 80s


1 Robert Crescent, Kingston, Jamaica

Stereo Mars (JA) <Mandeville, Manchester. Selectors Danny Dread and Ansil. Tenor Saw, Super Cat, Nicodemus, Cocoa Tea, Burro Banton. Tenor Saw does his album. "Man a Nyam Man Down A Westmoreland."> (STM-008) (45 MIN) 1986

Stereo Mars* (JA) <Super Cat, Nicodemus, Cutty Ranks, Mr Fox, Burru Banton, Ricky Tuffy> (STM-007) (60 MIN) 1986

Stereo Mars* (JA) <Super Cat, Cutty Ranks, Burro Banton and U-Brown !Danny Dread is the selecta> (STM-006) 1986

Stereo Mars* (JA) <Super Cat, Yami Bolo, Nicodemus, Burro Banton! Danny Dread is the selecta> (STM-005) 1986

Stereo Mars (The Return of..)* (JA) <Big reunion dance with Super Cat, Early B, Pinchers, Frankie Paul and more!!> (STM-004) (60 MIN) 1987

Stereo Mars (JA) <Skateland, Half Way Tree, Cross Roads, Kingston. 5 Sound clash w/ King Jammys and Black Scorpio. Selectors Danny Dread and Ansil. Nicodemus, Burro Banton, Cutty Ranks, Echo Minott, Courtney Melody, Pad Anthony, Joe Lickshot, Science, Ricky Ticket. Jah Thomas dance.> (STM-003) (45 MIN) 1986

Stereo Mars* (JA) <A wicked PNP rally/dance in support of Michael Manley at Crossroads (or Skateland) featuring such entertainers as Buru Banton, Tenor Saw, Cutty Ranks, John Wayne, Peter Metro, Yami Bolo, U-Brown, Ricky Tuffie, Cowboy, Joe Lickshot, and more with selector Ansill at the controls!  Pure vibes as they go into some political tributes!!> (Also Available on Video!) (STM-002) 1986

Stereo Mars (vs Youthman Promotion)* (JA) <Skateland, Half Way Tree, Kingston. Selectors Danny Dred and ainsley.  Super Cat, Nicodemus, Burro banton, Yami Bolo, Johnny Ringo, U Brown, Junior Cat, Joe Lickshot, Ricky Tuffy, Phillip Frazier.>  (Stereo Mars Side) (STM-001) 11-85


Stereo Martial* (JA) <> (STR-001) 1989

STEREO ONE (STO)   [ 10 ]

Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica

Stereo One (vs Downbeat) (NYC) <Stardust Ballroom, Bronx. Lt. Stitchie, Santa Rankin, Ricky Stere, Daddy Blue.  Lt. Stitchie and Santa Ranks goes Lyrics for Lyrics on stage in a dissing contest [incuded on the tape].  Lt. Stitchie and Wolfman were at odds.> (Stereo One Side) (STO-010) (Downbeat Side Also Available: DBT-008) 7-3-87

Stereo One (JA) <Dis dance mek history...  Yellow Man and Lt. Stichie live on stage go lyrics for lyrics and mashup Harbour View in Kingston.  Also on stage live is Ninja Man (when he was known as Double Ugly), Wolfman, Danny Dred, Tonto Metro, Squiddly Ranks, Blacka Ranks, Daddy Blue, Ricky Stereo, Wickerman, and more!!!> (STO-009) 1987

Stereo One (JA) <St. Thomas. Selectoer Mickey Dread. Lt. Stitchie, Wolfman, Ricky Stereo, Daddy Blue, Sugar Bobby, and Leroy the Hornsman!!> (STO-008) 1987

Stereo One (vs Redman Hi Power) (JA) <One of the wickedest clashes ever captured on audio tape!!!  Stichie and Wolfman murder Redman Hi Power with Chicken Chest and the crew , forcing them to dismantle the sound and re-surface years later as Jam Rock.  Also helping in the murderation is Ricky Stereo, Daddy Blue, Courtney Melody, Burro Banton, and much more> (STO-007) 1987

Stereo One (vs Creation vs Killamanjaro) (JA) <One of the biggest clashes of that year pits Stereo One with selectors Mumble and Mickey Dred against Papa San and Creation and Super Cat and Jaro.  The Stereo One  gang was led by Wolfman with Ricky Stereo, Daddy Blue, Courtney Melody, Bendi Lou, Dog inna Yard, Jack in Action, and more.  Stitchie was home with a sore throat but the crew did just as well without him that night, flinging down some of their baddest dubplates and some wicked lyrics in one of the most popular sound clashes ever!> (Stereo One Side) (STO-006)  (Killamanjaro Side Also Available: KMJ-019) 1986

Stereo One* (JA) <Wicked dance wid Malibu, Bendilou, Courtney Melody, Lt. Stitchie, Wolfman, Daddy Blue, and the Crew> (STO-005) 4-86

Stereo One (JA) <Danny Dread, Major Worries, Lt. Stitchie, Tanto Metro, Dominique, Tippa Lee, Rappa Robert.> (STO-004) Mid 80s

Stereo One (JA) <Spanish Town, St. Catherine.  Selector Mumble,  Lt. Stitchie, Wolfman, Ricky Stereo, and Daddy Blue.  Lt. Stitchie mixes down Ricky Stereo and the crew.> (STO-003) (60 MIN) Mid 80s

Stereo One (JA) <Red Hills Community Center.   Lt. Stichie, Wolfman, Ricky Stereo, Daddy Blue, Bendilou, Sugar Bobby, Michael Buckley, Leroy the Hornsman, Massive Dred, and selectors Mickey Dred and Mumble.  Stitchie does one of his longest lyrics about things his grandmother taught him!!!> (STO-002) (30 MIN) Mid 80s

Stereo One (JA) <Morant Bay, St Thomas.  Selector Mickey Dread, Ricky Stereo, Daddy Blue, Sugar Bobby, Malibu, Courtney Melody, Wickerman, Polly Famous, Leroy the Hornsman. Lt. Stitchie and Pinchers were suppose to be there but didnt make it.> (STO-001) 1985


Brooklyn, New York City, USA

Stereo Pride* (NYC) <Brooklyn. Featuring Peter Metro, Little Kirk, Welton Irie, Lady English & Ms. Linda, C jockey, Preacher, Sleepy Wonder, Shinehead, Louie Lepke, Trevor Junior, etc> (STD-001) 1985



Stereograph (UK) <Unknown Deejay!!> (STH-001) 1980


33 Winward Road, Kingston, USA

Stereophonic* (JA) <Standpipe, Kingston. Echo, Welton Irie, Madoo, Django.> (STP-010) (45 MIN) 7-14-79

Stereophonic* (JA) <Tivoli Gardens.  Featuring the first king of slackness, Django!  Plus live in the place is Sammy Dread, Papa Dennis, and Phillip Frazier!> (STP-009) (30 MIN) 1981

Stereophonic* (JA) <Madoo, Django, Donovon.> (STP-008) 1981

Stereophonic* (JA) <A classic dance held right after General Echo's death with Sammy Dread, Peter Ranking, Phillip Frazier, Madoo, Sister Charmain, etc.> (STP-007) 1980

Stereophonic* (JA) <Brigadier Jerry, Phillip Frasier, Donovon.> (STP-006) 1980

Stereophonic* (JA) <This is another rare tape of the heavyweight sound, this one featuring Sugar Minott, Barry Brown, Brigadier Jerry, General Echo, Madoo, Barrington Levy, etc.> (STP-005) 1980

Stereophonic* (JA) <General Echo, Michael Palmer, Sammy Dread.> (STP-004) 3-8-80

Stereophonic* (JA) <Brigadier Jerry, General Echo, Madoo.> (STP-003) 1979

Stereophonic (vs Stur Gav)* (JA) <Tivoli Gardens, Kingston.   First Clash. General Echo, Madoo, Welton Irie, Johnny Ringo.> (Stereophonics Side) (STP-002) (Stur Gav Side to 2nd Clash [45 MIN] Also Available: STG-002)  (45 MIN) 7-12-79

Stereophonic (JA) <Before there was Stereo One, a big sound that ran the juggling and sound clash business in the 1970s to early eighties.  This rare tape features General Echo, Johnny Ringo, and UU Maddo toasting live on some wicked Mighty Diamonds, Sugar Minott, Madoo, and Barrington Livingston selections.> (STP-001) 1978

STONE LOVE (STL)  [ 10 ]

Arnette Gardens, Jungle, Kingston, Jamaica

*Stone Love (JA) <Kingston. Jagga B of Afrique is Mcing. Dominique, Wayne Ranks.> (STL-010) 1987

*Stone Love (JA) <Dubplate Juggling.> (STL-009) 1989

*Stone Love (JA) <Cocoa Tea, General Trees, Fourgon, Daddy Lizard.> (STL-008) 1988

*Stone Love (JA) <General Trees.> (STL-007) 1988

*Stone Love (JA) <Cancer & Crew Juggling.> (STL-006) 1988

Stone Love (JA) <National Stadium. Rory was in England.  Selector Wee Pow as the  MC, Selector Cancer.  Wee Pow flips up on all the sounds in the dance. Nuff exclusives and Stone Love anthems. Clear!> (STL-005) 1989 (PLEASE INQUIRE)

Stone Love (vs Exodus Nuclear vs Electroforce)* (JA) <Montego Bay.> (Stone Love Side) (STL-004) 1989

Stone Love (l/s Heatwave)* (JA) <Shabba Ranks, Risto Benji, Sanchez, and Ninja Man.> (Stone Love Side) (STL-003) (60 MIN) 1989

Stone Love (l/s Barry G)* (JA) <Selector Wee Pow, Shabba Ranks and Puddy Roots.> (Stone Love Side) (STL-002) 1989

Stone Love* (JA) <Selector/Owner Wee Pow and Rory.> (STL-001) 1987


STUDIO 54 (STF)  [ 2 ]

Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica

Studio 54 (JA) <Spanish Town, St. Catherine. Selector Danny Dread, Papa san, Yellow Man, General Trees, Sassa Fras, Charlie Chaplin, Mello Tuffy, Kelly Rankin, Major Manzi.>  (STF-002) 2-9-85  (PLEASE INQUIRE)

Studio 54 (vs Godfathers)*  (JA) <General Trees, Purple Man, Desi>  (STF-001) 80s  (PLEASE INQUIRE)



Studio Mix - Sugar Minott & The Posse Presents Inna Pretty Good Shape (JA) [Live Album transferred to tape.] <Artists: Sugar Minott, Purple Man, Tullo, Pampedo, Likkle Washie, Lee Van Cliff, Johnny Black, Patch I, Ken Boothe, Don Carlos, Goldie Locks, Jr Reid>  (STX-001) (45 MIN) 1982


Kingston, Jamaica

Stur Gav* (JA) <Josey Wales & Charlie Chaplin> (STG-009) 1983

Stur Gav (JA) <Inspector Willy throws down some wicked selections while Colonel Josey Wales and the Principal Charlie Chaplin dazzle the crowd with their lyrics> (STG-008) 1986

Stur Gav (JA) <Wicked dance with Inspector Willie as the selector and entertainers such as U-Roy, Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin, the Late Great Tenor Saw, Principal Grundy, Yami Bolo, Colour Ranking, and Joe Lick Shot> (STG-006) 7-85

Stur Gav (vs Turbo Tronic)* (JA) <Josey Wales & Charlie Chaplin> (Stur Gav Side) (STG-005) 2-18-83

Stur Gav* (JA) <Josey Wales and Charlie Chaplin shock out on the king champion sound!> (STG-004) February 1982

Stur Gav* (JA) <One of our rarest tapes. Ranking Joe deejaying over some wicked selections!> (STG-003) February 1980

Stur Gav (vs Stereophonic)* (JA) <2nd Clash! Red Hills Road and featured on Stur Gav side: Ranking Joe, Massive Dread, etc!>  (Stur Gav Side) (STG-002)  (Sterophonic Side to 1st Clash  [45 MIN] Also Available: STP-002) (45 MIN) 7-16-79

Stur Gav (JA) <Ranking Joe, U-Roy, I-Roy> (STG-001) 7-79



Super Saint* (JA) <Rare classic - Juggling by one of the forefathers of 45 juggling and one of the wickedest MC's to hld the microphone, Captain Midnight!!!> (SST-001) 1988

TAURUS (TAU)  [ 2 ]


Taurus/Black Star* (JA) <Natty Clive> (TAU-002) (60 MIN) (*SPL) 1979  (PLEASE INQUIRE)

Taurus* (JA) <Nicodemus, Brigadier Jerry, Rankin Trevor, Scorcher> (TAU-001) 1979  (PLEASE INQUIRE)


Brooklyn, New York City, USA

Techniques (vs Afrique)* (NYC) <Brooklyn.> (Techniques Side) (TEC-001) 1988


90s, Brooklyn, New York City, USA

Third World (vs Black Scorpio)* (NYC) <Biltmore Ballroom, Brooklyn.> (Third World Side) (THW-005) 1985

Third World* (NYC) <Brooklyn. Sammy dread, Lone Ranger.> (Third World Side) (THW-004) 1983

Third World (vs Black Star)* (NYC) <Biltmore Ballroon, Brooklyn..> (Third World Side) (THW-003) (Black Star Side Also Available: BST-013) 1986

Third World* (NYC) <Brooklyn. Professor Nuts, Papa San, Papa Toyan, Alton Black, UU-Madoo, Peter Rankin, & Malibu!  Wicked dance!!> (THW-002) 1985

Third World (vs Saxon) (NYC) <Tilden Ballroom, Brooklyn. Perhaps the largest clash ever held in Tilden Ballroom in Brooklyn!!  This clash pits the best djs on Third World (including Papa Toyan) against the ruffest djs from the Saxon Studio clan.  Lyrics after lyrics each side disses the others as the selectors throw down some wicked rhythms including the Sleng Teng  and the Answer!!  A must have for any serious collector!!!> (Third World Side) (THW-001) (Saxon Side [Both Sounds-1 Tape] Also Available: SAX-005) 4-5-85



Travellers (vs Roadstar)* (JA) <Puddy Roots, Conrad Crystal, Japanese> (TRV-001) 1988

UNITY HI FI (UNI)  [ 3 ]


Unity Hi Fi (vs Sir Coxsone vs Java)* (UK) <London.> (Unity Side) (UNI-003) (Sir Coxsone Side Also Available: CXS-009) 1-89

Unity Hi Fi (vs Saxon vs Volcano)*(UK) <Redding.> (Unity Side) (UNI-002) (Saxon Side Also Available: SAX-014) 8-22-86

Unity Hi Fi* (UK) <London.  Nicodemus, Super Cat, Little Twitch, Michael Palmer, Jr. Frost.> (UNI-001) 1986


Crossroads, Kingston, Jamaica

Virgo Intl (JA) <Oracabessa, St. Mary. U Brown, Nicodemus, Rankin Trevor.> (VIR-007) 12-82

Virgo Intl (JA) <Skateland, Crossroads, Half   Way Tree, Kingston. Selector Tony Virgo, Lone Ranger, Sammy Dread.> (VIR-006) 1982

Virgo Intl (JA) <Club Cancer, Westmoreland. Lone Ranger, Principal Grundy.> (VIR-005) (60 MIN)  1981

Virgo Intl (JA) <Arrows Bambo Lawn, Oracabessa, St. Ann.  Selector Tony Virgo, U Brown, Nicodemus, Nico Junior (aka Junior Demus), Ranking Trevor, Harry Shine, and General Tubby.> (VIR-004) (60 MIN)  12-81

Virgo Intl* (JA) <Skateland, Crossroads, Half   Way Tree, Kingston.  Nicodemus, Yellow Man, and Lone Ranger.> (VIR-003) (45 MIN)  1981

Virgo Intl* (JA) <Up Park Camp, Kingston. General Echo, Lone Ranger, Welton Irie, Sammy Dread, & Barrington Levy!> (VIR-002)  (60 MIN) 1980

Virgo Intl* (JA) <Admiral Town.  Brigadier Jerry, U Brown, Rankin Trevor, Huh Griffiths, and Welton Irie> (VIR-001) (60 MIN)  12/9/79


Kingston, Jamaica  

Volcano* (JA) <One of the wickedest Volcano dances ever!! Their first time in Skateland!!! Featuring BurroBanton, Dickie Ranking,  Little John, Winston Ozzie, Shadowman, Papa Toyan, Peter Metro, etc..> (VOL-005) Early 80s

Volcano (vs Black Scorpio)* (JA) (VOL-004) (60 MIN) 1984

Volcano* (JA) <Yellow Man, Johnny Ringo, Papa Toyan, Barrington Levy, and Billy Boyo!> (VOL-002) 1983

Volcano* (JA) <Louie Lepke, Shadow Man, John Holt, Leroy Smart, Yellow Man, Raking Toyan, Josey Wales, etc..> (VOL-001) Early 80s


Clarendon, Jamaica

Wha Dat Disco*  (JA) <Prison Oval, St. Catherine. Barry G, Brigadier Jerry, Charlie Chaplin, Papa San, Anthony Red Rose, Famous> (WHD-003) 1984

Wha Dat Disco*  (JA) <May Pen, Clarendon.   Selector Chris Bionic, Barry G, Django, Bammy Man, Danny Culture> (WHD-002) 1986

Wha Dat Disco* (JA) <Arrows Bambo Lawn, Oracabessa, St. Mary. Barry G's, Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin, Danny Culture!> (WHD-001) 1983


Jungle, Kingston, Jamaica

Youthman Promotion* (JA) <Annette Gardens, Jungle, Kingston. Nicodemus, Little John, Hugh Griffiths, Macca P, Daddy Ants, Don Angelo, Blacka T, Jah Mickey, Thriller, Jackie Notch Shot, Squidley Rankin, Patrick Irie, Cane Juice.> (YMP-006) 7-85

Youthman Promotion (vs King Jammys vs Black Scorpio vs Arrows)* (JA) <War in Cinema Two!! One of the wickedest 4 way clashes ever!!!! On Youthman Promotion live are Sugar Minott, Tenor Saw (first time he performs Ring The Alarm) Dickie Rankin, Daddy Ants, Yami Bolo, Color Man, Horace Andy, Jack In Action, Welton Irie, etc!!> (Youthman Promotion Side) (YMP-005) 1985

Youthman Promotion (UK) <Promotion goes to Birmingham, England with Super Cat, Nicodemus, and crew!!!> (YMP-004) 4-86

Youthman Promotion* (JA) <Wicked dance w/ Tenor Saw, Color Man, Josey Wales, Sugar Minott, General Smiley, Joe Lickshot, Jackie Nuff Shot and more!> (YMP-003) 4-85

Youthman Promotion (JA) <The line up includes Sugar Minott, Tenor Saw, Half Pint, Junior Reid, Michael Prophet, Frankie Paul, Jah Wise, Daddy Ants, Color Man, Fattis, and more!> (YMP-002) (*SPL) Mid 80's

Youthman Promotion (l/s Gemini)* (JA) <w/ Its like Sunsplash w/ Sugar Minott, Little John, Colorman, Thriller, Dickie Ranking, Jr. Reid,  John Wayne!> (Youthman Promotion Side) (YMP-001) Early 80's

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