Early Wednesdays 2004 #3

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JOHN HYPE B-DAY 2004 camera.gif (1111 bytes) <Ace Dancer John Hype Celebrates His Birthday w/ Music by Fire Links!! Nuff Gal, Nuff New Dances! Nuff Vibes!> Spring 2004

EARLY WEDNESDAYS #3 camera.gif (1111 bytes) <Stone Love, Matterhorn, & Metromedia! Bogle, Ice, & Crew! Nuff New Dances! Nuff Gal!> Spring 2004

HOT MONDAYS ANNIVERSARY '04 camera.gif (1111 bytes) <Fire Links, Beenie Man, John Hype, Bogle, Dancehall Queens Stacey & Junko! Nuff Vibes, New Dances!> Spring 2004

BANTON CONSTRUCTION DANCE 2004 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <It's all about Banton's Annual Construction Dance where the girls dem dress up inna sexy "construction worker" attire andpose off for the massive! This is a year to year jam pack Bronx event and this year was no different, with music by sounds like Young Hawk, Tippa Tone, Infa-Red, and Sir Conqueror!  The outfits this year were as sexy as ever and the gal dem wasted no time to skin out and expose their fattness to the camera which of course was situated at Ground Zero (on the floor pointing up) catching all the goodies, some 100% exposed!  The rude boys were doing the latest dances and the music was off the hook!  Then just when the place couldn't get any wilder, the selector drops the big tune "Tek Buddy Gal" and a fight bruck out between two hot gal, turning the whole place upside down.  Prepare yourself for a true dancehall beating (and we don't mean sound clash) complete with punches, kicking, and a Heineken bottle!  This DVD is a true dancehall masterpeice: sexy hot girls, ground zero shots, new dances, good music, and of course DRAMA!!!> (Also a Skin Out DVD/Video) 1-10-04

HOT MONDAYS Vol 12 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Another Hot Mondays bashment in Fire Links Promotion's series of dances featuring the mad man himself, Fire Links.  This one was a mega outdoor bash kept at Hagley Park Road, and as always its all about posing off and doing the latest dances!!  The vibes is hype as nuff sexy girls and rude bwoys jump around to the wicked dancehall tunes being played!  Also in the venue is Beenie Man with his paring partner John Hype and an entire entourage, exhibiting the latest dances as the excited and amazed fans look on!> 12-03 (Released Spring 2004)

ELEPHANT MAN B-DAY 2003 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <The energy god celebrates another year of armshosue and ruckus and its a bashment affair.  Held in Stone Love's HQ at Half Way Tree, this was a bash to remember as the who of who in the dancehall business came out to support dancehall's favorite mad man!!  Music was provided in exquisite fashion by Stone Love, Rebel T, Travellers, Danger Zone, and the mental himself, Tony Matterhorn.  Nuff gal and rude bowy inna the place a shock out!!  Did we mention that Jamaica's #1 dance creator bogle of the Black Roses Crew was on hand to help Ele celebrate by bussing some 2004 dance styles.  Of course Ele, not to be outdone, joins in with his own version!  Nuff Vibes, Nuff Music, Nuff Dances!!! Fall 2003 (Released Spring 2004)

HOT MONDAYS Vol 7 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <This DVD/Video is like a NEW DANCE MANUAL!!  Fire Links Promotions presents another installment of the famed Monday Night Fire bashments featuring Fire Links Sound System!  Kept at Hagley Park Road, this particular bash was wicked on many different levels.  For one thing there were nuff gal skinning out and going on bad in the place.  Of course the camera man was on point catching some explicit shots from "Ground Zero" shots (featuring the video camera on the floor pointing up)!! The place was in an uproar as Ice and the rest of the clan buss the new dance for the massive and the sexy gals dance along and the rude bwoys try to out do themselves.  Even John Hype and Canada, (both ace Jamaican dancers) were in the place dropping some wicked styles that cannot be immitated.  But the real vibes started when Fire Links dropped the hot Fiesta rhythm featuring Beenie Man/Ms Thing's "Dude" and Baby Cham's "Vitamin S".  And just when you thought it was over, in the daylight hours a Japanese dancer with mad skills attempted to stomp out Canada, which led to a straight up one fi one dance clash with Ice and Fire Links as the referees!!  As we said, this DVD/Video is like a NEW DANCE MANUAL!!> 11-03 (Released Spring 2004)

STEER TOWN BASH camera.gif (1111 bytes) <Its all about three different juggling flavas as Killamanjaro with Freddie & Crew, Fire Links, and Livety buck up at the Steer TownPlayfield for a wicked bashment outdoor style!   Nuff Vibes!> (Vol 1 & Vol 2) (Also a Sound System DVD/Video) 8-29-03 (Released Spring 2004)

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LULU BELL'S ANNUAL PAJAMA PARTY  camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BRONX) <Wicked Bash in Rhythms club, Bronx w/ Nuff Hot Gal inna Sexy Pajama and See-Through Lingerie!> (Also a Skin Out DVD/Video) Summer 2003

BRITISH SCHOOL UNIFORM DANCE camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <All out bashment   featuring Nuff Sexy Body Girls Inna One Place A Skin Out Inna Short, Tight, XXXtra-Rated School Uniforms!!> Summer 2003

MIAMI LINK UP 2003 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Wicked Bashment in La Roose, Port Henderson.  Nuff Sexy Gal off all color, shape, and size.  Nuff Rude Bwoys as well.  Ice and Friends from Bogle's Crew Do All Latest Dances!! Rebel T, Stone Love, & Metromedia!> Spring 2003

SKYJUICE B-DAY BASH 2003 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Annual Ting w/ Nuff Vibes & Nuff Sexy Gal & Rude Bwoys Doing The Latest Dances!   Plus live on stage are Anthony B, Junior Reid, Nitty Kutchie, and more to help Skyjuice celebrate!  Its all about dancing till a daylight as in the wee hours Skyjuice gets mad and starts bussing some dance styles with some of Jamaica's hottest dance crews!   Nuff Vibes!> (Also a Stage-show Video) Spring 2003

*VYBEZ CARTEL BASH 2003 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Vybez Cartel keeps his annual birthstrong celebration and its all about the sexy ladies and rude bwoys coming to represent!!  Live on stage: Bounty, Vybez Cartel, Elephant Man, Spragga, Sizzla, Determin, Bling Dawg, etc> (Vol 1 & Vol 2) (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) 1-11-03

*JAGGA B BASHMENT camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Its the big man outta Afrique's annual bash and as usual the best of the best in juggling are here to represent.  With a line up featuring Stone Love, Afrique, Metromedia, Rebel T, & Jamroc, its a guaranteed musical niceness!!  As always its all about the Girls, Girls, and more Girls, and they are all here it the skimpiest and sexiest outfits habving a ball.  Of course the rude bwoys and name brand crews are also in effect bussing the latest fashions and dancesl  A bashy affair!!!> 1-03

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LINKS ON THE BEACH ULTIMATE SKIN OUT camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Hot Gal & Rude Bwoys doing latest Dances, Later The Girls Get XXX-Tra Rated and Show All!> (Also a Skin Out DVD/Video) 12-02

DIWALI FEST 2002: ELEPHANT MAN & FRIENDS DVD camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <A Exclusive!!  Super Claude from Afrique Sound Station outta Brooklyn is a veteran when it comes to keeping mega basments in New York City and Jamaica.  So when it was time for his Annual Labor Day B-Day Bash, it was no surprise that Club Warehouse in Brooklyn, NYC was off the hook!  This year was termed DIWALI FEST 2002, and the musical experience was provided by the biggest sounds in the business: Afrique, Steelie Bashment, Libra Love, and the Immortal Stone Love (w/ Rory and Geefus).  It's a holiday so of course the place was jam packed with sexy body ladies and rude bwoys doing their thang, but no one knew the place would turn upside down when the stage-show segment started (hosted by veteran Glama Wayne)!!  It was live Sumfest up in the dance with Live on stage: Elephant Man, Kiprich, Danny English and Egg Nog, Ghost, veteran deejay Major Mackerel, Brooklyn's own Plucky Ranks, Q45 label newcommer New Kid, and more!!  Of course these entertainers wasted no time to battery the "Diwali" Rhythm, performing their hits on the track!!  From start to end, this event was full of action and armshouse: from Elephant Man teaching the crowd how to do the Log On, Online, Drive By, and Higher Level Dances, to Elephant Man, Stereo Fish (Libra Love selector), and Major Mackerel going into a "fast Talking" deejay clash, to Elephant Man grabbing a girl on stage and ramming the "you know what" outta her!!!  Mi can't talk no more!!!   This is A Must Have with No Apology!!!> (Also A Stage-show DVD/Video) 9-2-02

MOJO BEACH WEAR BASH 2002 DVD camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <A Exclusive!!  Lets face it, not all dancehall DVDs are created equal.  Some have the sexy gals and rude bwoys but no wicked sound systems! Some have the big bad sound system but a pere man pon di DVD!! Yet still some have the sexy gal dem, di rude bwoys dem, and wicked sound systems, but everybody tan up a look inna each adda face!!!  Well if this sounds familiar to you and you're looking for the ultimate dancehall DVD to brandish in that brand new DVD Player at home or in the whip, then check out MOJO BEACH WEAR AFFAIR 2002!!! Subtitled "Come in style in your European Beachwear", picture hundreds of Sexy Ladies and Rude Bwoys partying and sporting their swimwear!!   Picture Matterhorn, Afrique, Kolours, and Libra Love mashing up the place with tunes from Disco to Diwali and everything in between!!!  Then add some X-plicit SkIn OuT Action by among others, Jamaica's Dancehall Queen Stacey!!!  The result is one of the wickedest dancehall DVDs of the year!! A Must Have!! Summer 2002

*WILLIE HAGART MEMORIAL 2002 (JA) <Blacka Duge and Big Bunny presents a memorial for slain don Willie Hagart at Skateland, Half Way Tree   featuring Stone Love, Metromedia, and Rebel T!  Nuff sexy ladies and rude bwoys> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Vol 1 & 2) 4-20-02

*YANKEE GOD BLESS BUSRIDE 2002 (JA) <Annual bashment splashment affair featuring Stone Love, Fire Links, Metromedia, and Rebel T!  Nuff sexy ladies and rude bwoys> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Vol 1 & 2) 1-02

*VIBEZ CARTEL BASH (JA) <Upcoming deejay Vibez Cartel keeps a bashment/stagehow at La Roose in Portmore featuring music by Stone Love, Renaissance, Cash Money, and Soundwave. Its all about the sexy body girls and rude bwoys as they pose poff in the latest dancehall gear and buss the "Log On" and other hot new dances!!  The videoman gets wicked and while with nuff X-Plicit "Ground Zero" shots (from the floor with camera pointing up), revealing more than these hottie hottie gals care to show!!!  Of course some girls volunteer to show their buffness (both top and bottom), and its all good!!  To add to the vibes,  live on stage is Vibez Cartel himself, Bounty Killer, Assassin, Bling Dog, Wayne Wonder, Wayne Marshall, Lexxus, Frisco Kid, Monsta Shack (Ghost, RoundHead, General B), Baby Wayne, Rohan Rohan, Original EEdiat!  Bounty pleas wid the audience to fight against government censorship of dancehall!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also A Stage-show DVD/Video) 1-19-02

CHAMPAIGN SPLASH 2002 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <First distributed on the Internet by!! Big up to Al Famous and Chippy cause dem Annual Champagne Bash was a road block sinting!!!  The Jamworld Music FreaK Family was on location to check out the vibes, and there was nuff vibes indeed!!! Music was provided by New York's best: Exquisite, Steelie Bashment, Baby Wayne Movements (with Jamworld Family Member Red Face at the Controls), Natural Vibes, Kolours, and GMC!!  Nuff Gal and Rude Bwoys was representing Brooklyn style doing the Log On and ting!!  After 2 pm di line outside still long like wah!! Nice fi know a Brooklyn juggling dance can still pull dem croud deh!!I  Talk about x-amount of sexy body ladies and rude bwoys in a jam-packed venue the size of a city block!!!>  (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Vol 1 & 2) 1-12-02

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SKIN OUT HOT MIX #19 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Imagine taking all the hottest bashment DVDs/Videos of 2001 and picking out only the parts where di gal dem Skin Out and Bruck Out the most!!! In the tradition of SKIN OUT 93 and GAL FARM 98 comes this wicked compilation of the hottest, sexiest, skimpiest dancehall girls doing what they do best, skinning out and brucking wild!!! Its not about the hardcore dancehall music in the background (from Stone Love, Renaissance, Rebel T, and Afrique to name a few)..   Its not about the rude bwoys holding their corner posing off in the latest gear... Its not even about the new dances these people are bussing.. Its simply all about skin, skin, and more skin!!! Nuff X-Plicit "Ground Zero" shots (from the floor with camera pointing up)! Nuff X-plicit outfits... and sometimes no outfits at all! No long talking, strictly the parts that expose the most!!! This is not your Father's Skin Out DVD/Video!!!!> 12-01

*SLAUGHTER B-DAY BASH camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Big dawg Billy Slaughter from Stone Love keeps his annual bashment splashment for his birthstrong at the Red Hills Basic School and as with last year, this year it was a road block affair.  In addition to Stone Love, online to keep the vibes alive were Fire Links and Pure Playas!!  The biggest news of the night was Baby Cham who shocked the crowd when he took the stage (the first high profile war performance for the year!) and began dissing the warlord Bounty Killer!  He held no words back as he got fans up to date on where he's been, what he's up to, and why he's going after Bounty wid blood inna him eyes!!! A Must Have!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 11-17-01

DELANO'S REVENGE VII camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <It's Renaissance's big dawg Delano's annual event and as one would expect, it was a musical extravaganza!  Once again the venue was the Caymanas Polo Club, and the musical vibes were provided by Renaissance (of course), Tony Matterhorn (who flattens the place with his anthems as well as some new tunes!!), Metromedia (who bun a short but wicked fire when Skyjuice takes off his shirt and shows the crowd his version of the new dances), Kurt Riley, and the Asylum DJs.  Nuff sexy girls are in the place posing off in their outfits while showing off tatoos as the rude bwoys buss the latest dances including the LOY, Jerry Springer, and Log On!! Of course no Revenge would be complete without the live artists segment, and this year the stage was graced by the likes of Bounty Killer, Wayne Marshall, Bling Dawg, Spragga Benz, Richie Stevens, Tony Curtis, and Canadian Rapper Kardinal Offishal! Nuff Vibes!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also A Stage-show DVD/Video) (Also A Sound System DVD/Video) 11-9-01

THONG NIGHT 2001 (JA) <Its all about the "Thong" - arguably the sexiest ladies underwear since the "French Cut", and at this mega bashment the ladies weren't afraid to make it known (and shown!!)!  Music was provided by the Immportal Stone Love alongside Uptown sound systems Cooper Shot and Leff Side & Esco!!  Even Metromedia's Skyjuice was in the mix representing with tunes fi di ladies as he sports his trademark "big belly"!!  The rude bwoys were in full effect sporting the latest gear and bussing the latest dances, but at this affair it was all about the sexy boy ladies as they revealed EvErYtHinG in a wide array of outrageously revealing outfits that can only be described as "skimpy"!! Add the explicit girating of the waists to the wicked music being played, then throw in the camera man shooting from ground zero (from the floor with camera pointing up), and what you get is some XpLiCiT shots of these girls in action!! This DVD/Video ranks up there with our best sellers SKIN OUT 93 and GAL FARM 98!!! Nuff Gal, Nuff Xplicit shots from Ground Zero (the floor!!), wicked music!! This bashment DVD/Video has it all!!!  A Must Have!!!> (Vol 1 & 2) 11-3-01

LABOR DAY PARADE Y2K1 (BKLYN) <A Exclusive by Prince TuFFiE - This DVD/Video features all the sights and sounds of the Annual Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn, New York.  Live and direct from Eastern Parkway in the West Indian Capital of the USA - the DVD/Video captures all the major trucks as well as the fanatical flag taunting participants in carnival costumes jumping and waving as the bystanders look on!!  Special highlights include some spectacular shots of the Massive B truck featuring artists Elephant Man, Redd Foxx, and more performing live, plus the energetic Irie Jam truck featuring none other than the Doctor himself Grammy Artist Beenie Man, alongside Ward 21 performing their Summer 2001 mega-hit "Chi Chi Man Car"!!  All this plus sexy body ladies and rude bwoys in !! We captured it all!> (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) 9-3-01

*HEAVYWEIGHT COUNTDOWN (JA) <Its all about the sexy body ladies as Tony Mentally ILL Matterhorn teams up with the Uptown Remix Kings Renaissance, the Fireman Fire Links, remix turntablist DJ Khalid outta Miami, and In-X-S in Mobay at Sumfest!!!   Did we forget to mention the Gunz & Roses Crew who are in Explicit Mode, literally half-naked and skinning out - offering nuff eye candy for the massive with their sexy bodies and outrageous outfits!!!   The Sexy Girls SEX-PRESS themselves for the videoman filming from ground zero (on the floor with camera pointing up) to get all X-plicit footage up under these beauties!!! War erupts once again between Fire Links and Matterhorn, who decides to turn the event into another FULLY LOADED!! To top it off Ninja Man performs Live!!!> (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) (Also A Sound System DVD/Video) 7-31-01

THANKSGIVING SERVICE FOR WILLIE HAGART (JA) <William Augustus Moore, best known as Willie Hagart of the Black Roses Crew (which also includes worldclass dancer Bogle to name a few) - Don of Arnette Gardens, Ghetto Youth, Grassroots Activist (PNP), Dancehall Icon, Husband, Father, Friend, and much more to so many people - was assasinated on April 18th, 2001 on the "Black Roses Corner".  The sudden departure of one of Jamaica's most well known business men and avid dancehall followers sent waves of shock throughout the island, and throughout the Jamaican and dancehall community worldwide.  The Celebration of Thanksgiving for the Life of William Augustus Moore at the National Arena was unlike any other - a funeral service fit for a dignitary, from the thousands of attendees, to the flashy cars and celebrities donning extravagant outfits, to the remarks by Dr. Omar Davis (Jamaica's Minister of Finance) and touching musical tribute by dancehall superstar Beenie Man, to the procession to the burial spot!  An historic event in Jamaican social and dancehall culture. Willie Hagart.. Sunrise: March 14th, 1961, Sunset April 18th, 2001. R.I.P!> (NOT FOR SALE) 5-8-01

BRITISH LINK UP 2001 (JA) <When Father Fowl, Onie Bristish, and the British Crew do anything, they do it big and outrageous, and this year's annual British Link Up mega bash at La Roose was no different!! This year the musical vibes were provided by Stone Love with Billy Slaughter and crew, Metromedia with Sky Juice, the infamous Fire Links, and Music Street outta UK!!   All the name brand crews were in effect including Willie Hargart, Bogle and the Black Roses, God bless, Sunrise, and more!!!!  Lets not forget about the sexy body ladies and Girl Crews in the house wearing all sorts of revealing outfits revealing everything they have to offer!!  As if this wasnt enough excitement, after 9am in the morning the four sounds decide to go into a tune fi tune juggling clash that had the crews dancing and ringing out forwards under the morning sun!! Nuff Vibes!!  Nuff Girls!! Nuff Rude Bwoys!!!> (Vol 1 & 2) 4-14-01

*WEE POW B'DAY BASH 2001 (JA) <Its a birthstrong celebration for the big man in the business Mr. Wee Pow himself, and ofcouyrse Stone Love is called to provide the musical vibes.. Also making musical appearances are Metromedia, Fire Links, Tony Matterhorn, Renaissance, and Rebel T.   All the namebrand crews are in the house including the black Roses Crew with Bogle bussing the "Pop Collar" and "Zip It Up" dances!  Sexy body ladies are also in attendance in the latest and skimpiest danchhall outfits!  A bashment splashment!!!> (Vol 1 & 2) 3-01

*BUZZ 2001 (JA) <Its pure excitement in Asylum Nite Club in New Kingston as Asylum Promotions in association with True Blue Promotions presents a huge indoor bashment and stage show.  Music is provided by One Blood alongside Asylums's own spin masters.   Bogle and the Black Roses Crew are also present bussing the new dancing and flexing in a way only they can as they sexy girls and rude bwoys in Asylum shock out!!!!!   Plus live on stage are Bounty Killer, Spragga Benz, Risto Benji (Shabba's son), T.O.K., Assassin (Spragga's protege'), Enz Crew, and more..> (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) 3-01

*WILLIE HAGART & LITTLE MISS ANNIVERSARY 2001 (JA) <Dancehall Icon and Don of Arnette Gardens Willie Hagart and his lovely wife celebrate their wedding anniversary and the entire Black Roses Crew represent at this BaShMeNt, SpLaShMeNt!!! Of course ace dancer Bogle and the rest are there to buss the new dances as the sexy body ladies flaunt their stuff...  The musical vibes are provided by Stone Love alongside Rebel T.. To top it all off, Grammy Kid Doctor Beenie Man performs live!!!> (Also a Stageshow DVD/Video) (Vol 1 & 2) 2001

JIM BROWN MEMORIAL 2001 (JA) <Its the annual memorial celebration for fallen don Jim Brown and this year the likes of Stone Love, Matterhorn, and Fire Links provide the musical tribute.  As always the entertainers came out to show their respect, including live on stage Bounty Killa.. Then Beenie Man clashes Ninja Man in a rematch of STING 2000!!  Nuff Vibes!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) 2-23-01

*BLACK & WHITE AFFAIR 2001 (JA) <Its a bashment splashment affair with nuff sexy body ladies as Stone Love, Afrique outta New York, and Venus team up.. Strictly bashment and sexy gal/rude bwoy flava!!!> (Vol 1 & 2) 2001

*LINKS ON THE BEACH (JA) <The Big Man Fire Links dismantles the beach in this bashment stage show featuring the likes of Buju Banton, Merciless, and more...!!!!> (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) (Vol 1 & 2) 2001

*NO LIMIT (JA) <The likes of Stone Love, Metromedia, and One Blood team up at La Roose for a bashment splashment with nuff  sexy body ladies and rude bwoys inna bashy style!! Its all about the ladies as the 3 sounds throw down musical vibeswhile the ladies strut their stuff...> 2001

*YANKEE GOD BLESS BUSRIDE (JA) <When it comes to busrides, no one does it like the God Bless Crew - and this year is no exception!!  As usual their annual busride was the talk of the town, featuring sounds like Stone Love, Metromedia, Fire Links, Rebel T, Afrique, and Swatch.  When you talk about busride you talk about Girl, Girls, and more Girls, in sexy gear posing off for the camera man!!  Bogle and crew are also on hand to buss the latest dances for the massive.. Nuff Vibes!!> (Vol 1 & 2) 1-14-01

*JAGGA B BASHMENT (JA) <Its the big man outta Afrique's annual bash and as usual the best of the best in juggling are here to represent.  With a line up featuring Stone Love, Afrique, Matterhorn, Fire Links, Metromedia, its a guaranteed musical niceness!!  As always its all about the Girls, Girls, and more Girls, and they are all here it the skimpiest and sexiest outfits habving a ball.  Of course the rude bwoys and name brand crews are also in effect, including Bogle and the Black Roses as well as Cawka Lee and God Bless, bussing the latest fashions and dancesl  A bashy affair!!!>  (Vol 1 & 2) 1-7-01

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BUFFER ZONE 2000 (JA) <In the tradition of our best sellers "GAL FARM 1998 and SKIN OUT 1993 comes one of the best Skin Out DVDs/Videos for 2000!!! Fred Cash promotions books Rebel T to play at Paradise Cove in Bull Bay, St. Thomas in a "Gal Farm" type X-Plicit Bashment.. Sexy Girls EXPOSE ALL in and out of the pool as they compete for the camera's attention while the camera man is filming from ground zero (on the floor with camera pointing up) to get all X-plicit footage of the tightness they possess.. These sexy body girls BARE ALL for the camera!!!!  When the selectors throw down some wicked gal tunes and dare them to jump off into the pool, bras disappear and G-Strings drop! This is not your daddy's dancehall DVD/Video!!!!  One of the best Skin Out DVDs/Videos for 2000!!!!!!> 2000

*CACTUS BUFF BAY (JA) <Ever heard of our CACTUS IMPY SKIMPY or CACTUS WET T-SHIRT CONTEST DVDs/Videos??? Well this is the same vibes, but this time they target the buff of the sexy body ladies!!! X-plicit!!!!!!> 2000

UNLOADED 2000 (JA) <The final day of the year is red hot as Fire Links, Matterhorn, and Adonai meet up at the annual Unloaded Stageshow at pier One, Mobay!!  Nuff sexy gals are skinning out, especially when the camera man goes to ground zero (on the floor with camera pointing up) to reveal some sensual action!   X-Amount of rude bwoys in the place posing off!! Matterhorn dun the place and of course Links, not to be outdone, flattened the venue as well!  Plus Live: Beenie Man (addresses Merciless and the Sting 2000 rampage, does a new dance, and mash up the place wid lyrics, Elephant Man (brings a girl pon stage to mad the place), Gringo (from Beenie Man's stable), Kitty Paw (Beenie's new boy deejay), Al Capone, veteran Apache, and more!  The DVD/Video gets action both on stage and in the audience!> (Also Available on Audio Tape)  (Also a Stageshow DVD/Video) 12-31-00

WAR OF THE WARRIORS (JA) <Amplex and Katarac meet up at the Ewarton Community Centre in Portmore, St Catherine for a war dance with Jamroc doing the early out juggling, rincing all the latest tunes for the sexy body ladies representing in their thong underwear and see-through outfits.. However, when featured sounds Fire Links and Mentally ILL Tony Matterhorn were late to show up, Amplex with Lenny and Glamma G are called on to defend their hometown (St. Catherine) against a fully loaded Katarac with Tyrical, Jugsy Killa, and Quincy Jones!!   All out war as big tunes fly right and left of the stage!!!!!.> (Also a Sound System DVD/Video) 12-30-00

*VISIONS II 2000 (JA) <Its all about the gal dem when Auto Vision and Associates presents Visions II at 8 Hillview Road, Kingston 10 featuring the Mentally ILL himself Tony Matterhorn alongside the likes of Stone Love and Montego Bay's veteran sound - Kangol!!  Needless to say (but we'll say it) where ever Matterhorn goes, the sexy body bashment girls will follow, and this is just this case here!! To add to the excitement, live on stage are Bounty and Beenie - who both send threat to Merciless... Also live are Nitty Kutchie, Bling Dawg, and more...!!!>  (Also a Stage Show DVD/Video) 12-28-00

*REGGAE MUSIC VIDEOS GALORE VOL 1 (JA)  <Assorted Reggae music videos featuring your favorite artists including Beenie Man, Capleton, Baby Cham, Buju Banton, T.O.K., Mr. Vegas, Sean Paul, General Degree, Alozade, and more!!!!!!> (1 Hour) 12-00

*BRITISH AFFAIR (JA) <The year 2000 was the year of the British as Father Fowl and the British Crew represented big time throughout the year at all the major bashments.. Now its their time to strut their stuff British style and that they did at this mega bash filled with nuff sexy body ladies and rude bwoys!!!> 12-00

*GADAFFI'S B-DAY BASH (JA) <Stone Love, Metromedia, Synemax, and Little Rock (outta New Jersey) come out to celebrate the big man Gadaffi's birth strong! Nuff vibes inna di juggling and nuff sexy body ladies represent and strut their stuff as the rude bwoys look on... Plus Live on stage Ninja Man, Monster Shack (Ghost, Roundhead, and General B), Captain Barkey, and more!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Stage Show DVD/Video) (Vol 1 & 2) 11-11-00

DANCEHALL QUEEN 2000 EXTRAVAGANZA (JA) <Big Head in association with Guiness and Pure Playaz presents the Annual Dancehall Queen Contest: 2000! Hosted by Jerry D and more, this is the most x-plicit danchall contest since its inception!  These  sexy contestants will do anything to win, dancing on their headtops in some of the most outrageous x-plicit outfits ever made and some even exposing it all for the camera men at "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up).  The DVD/Video also features highlights of an Impy Skimpy Fashion Show by the Hard Copy Cover Girls, live entertainment by shejay Spice, and much much more! Music by Stone Love, Pure Playaz, and crew!!> 8-00

DELANO'S REVENGE VI (JA) <Delano's annual bashment and of course its wicked!  This year its all about Renaissance, Tony Matterhorn, and the Arabian Attack DJ Khalid!  History repeats itself as a flock of sexy body ladies infiltrate the bash and of course the videoman was right there, catching all the action from "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up).  Be warned, these girls exposed EVERYTHING!!!! Of course no Revenge is complete without the live entertainment, and live on stage this year were Elephant Man, Bounty Killer, Nitty Kutchie, Vibes Kartel, Delly Ranks, Spragga Benz, Goofy, Assassin, Danny English, Bling Dog, Frisco Kid, BlackRat, and more!> (Also a Stage Show DVD/Video) (Vol 1 & 2) 11-4-00

*Elephant Man B-Day (JA) <The mad man himself Elephant Man (and the Vietnam Niggers) celebrates his birthstrong in a dance called School Uniform in Seaview.  Stone Love and Rebel T are called in to provide the musical vibes.  Its all about pere sexy gal inna school uniforms, and the camera man is  at "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) - exposing so bare skin (warning: very explicit!!!!!) Live:  Beenie Man, Mr. Lex, Hawkeye, Bling Dog, Baby Wayne, Ward 21, Danny English, Kiprich, Singer J, Tony Curtis, Wicker Man, Captain Barkey, Vibes Cartel, T.O.K., Nitty Kutchie, Boom Dynamite, Innopcent Crew, and more!!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Stage Show DVD/Video) (Vol 1 & 2) 9-15-00

*WILLIE HAGART BUSRIDE (JA) <The Black Roses Crew led by Wille Hagart keeps their annual busride and once again, nuff girls, nuff rude bwoys, nuff dancing, nuff styles, and nuff posing!!  This year the music was provided by Stone Love, Metromedia, Rebel T, and Muzik Street!!  The girls stole the show as usual, but when Beenie Man goes up against the mighty Ninja Man (just released from prison), the place catch a fire!!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Stage Show DVD/Video) (Vol 1 & 2) 8-13-00

*EXHALE 2000 (JA) <The annual affair is back again with a mega-bash like no other when Renaissance, Tony Matterhorn, and Stone Love buck up under one roof wid gal left and right!!!  Nuff hardcore juggling and jump up tunes!!  Of course the sexy body ladies are representing in full effect with tantalizing outfits, girating their hips to the wicked gal tunes being played!! Nuff Vibes!!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Vol 1 & 2) 8-2-00

*GOD BLESS BUSRIDE (JA) <Cawka Lee, Yankee, and the entire entourage keep their annual outdoor bashment!  Nuff Style and Fashion!  Music was provided by Stone Love, Metromedia, and Rebel T!  Of course Bogle and Crew were also there to represent, as was the High Roolin' Crew!1 Nuff Sexy Gal!!> (Vol 1 & 2) 7-23-00

*MONTREAL CARNIVAL 2000 (CANADA) <Montreal's West Indian Carnival 2000 took place at the West Island Arena and featured the likes of Soca Superstar Machel Montano!  Plus nuff festivities and colorful costumes as the best in West Indian carnival culture comes live to Montrea!!> 7-8-00

*Stone Love l/s Judgment in Montreal (CANADA) <The Immortal Stone love outta Kingston Jamaica meets one of Japan's top sounds, Judgment, at the Rainbow Ites Concert Hall in Montreal!  Its a wicked juggling affair as the East meets The West up North!!!> (Also a Sound System DVD/Video) 7-2-00

ANOTHER LEVEL @ ROSETOWN (JA) <Its a wicked bashment and stage show in Rosetown, Kingston  3 (Downtown) as area don Ruxy celebrates his  birthday!!  The musical vibes is provided by Swatch alongside the mental himself, Tony Matterhorn!!  Nuff sexy gal a dance and carry on bad as the videoman captures footage from "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) - exposing all the girls dem have to offer!! As if that wasn't enough, when a free microwave is given away to the first girl to show her thong, the girls dem rush to show off their sexy underwear! Live on stage is Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Nitty Kutchie, Ghost, Tanto & Devonte, Alley Cat, and more!!  Nuff vibes as Beenie and Bounty hit the make-shift stage same time, causing the stage to break down, dropping the two of dem!! Nuff new lyrics!  Nuff Vibes!!!>  (Also a Stage Show DVD/Video) 6-6-00

GIRLS RUSH 2000 (JA) <Its a wicked bashment in La Roose open air nite club as juggling/clash sensation Tony Matterhorn is called alongside Swatch to mash up the place!! The name of the dance is Girls Rush and it undoubtedly lives up to its name as x-amount of sexy body girls in outrageous outfits - led by Matterhorn - go into a frenzi!! Again the videoman works extra hard from "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) getting some crystal clear X-plicit underneath shots of the sexy girls as they bounce to the wicked tunes. All the celebrities are there including the British Crew, Godbless with Cawka Lee and Yankie, Sandra Lee, Medusa,  and more, and Matterhorn has all of them doing the Angel Dance!!!  Nuff Girls, Nuff Vibes!!>  5-00

Skyjuice B-Day Bash (JA) <Its the Big Belly Man's birthstrong and everybody comes out to celebrate, including the Bogle and the Black Roses, Sandra Lee, Cawka Lee and the God Bless Crew, the Infamous British Crew, and more!! Its one big dancing exhibition as all three crews try to outdance each other, and the vibes heighten as Skyjuice himself comes in wid some new dance styles, madding the crowd!  Be prepared for some hardcore camera footage as the camera man hits "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) and gets nuff crystal clear X-plicit underneath shots of the sexy girls in the dance. Vibes were provided by Metromedia (of course), Afrique, Adonai, and Stone Love! The dance was video-ed from night until morning, and ends with patrons leaving in their cars in broad daylight!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 5-6-00

AQUA FEST (JA) <The beach bash is on in Montego Bay as Adonia, Stone Love, and Pure Playaz brings the vibes on the beach front!  The DVD/Video starts at daytime with some shots of some sexy body girls strutting their tightly clad swim suits in the parking lot!  It then cuts to the stage where a dancing exhibition is in the works as well as comedians cracking up the crowd.  Some sexy grils then rush the stage and start dancing, after which a wet t-shirt contest and more ensues!! Needless to say the wet t-shirt contest was a highlight, especially when the winner bares all for some X-plicit shots!  But the excitement continues as Bling Dog, Beenie Man, amd Harry Toddler, and Shadoo mash up the place! !!> 3-26-00

BRITISH MILLENIUM WORLD LINK (JA) <Its a big bash in La Roose as Father Fowl, P.J., Elder, and Life of the British Crew starts out the new year with a bang!!  Music is provided by Stone Love, Metromedia, Tony Matterhorn, and for the British flavor Lord Gellys.  Its a night of posing off and representing, and of course the camera man teases with some X-plicit underneath shots of the sexy girls in the dance.. Strictly bashment!!> Spring 2000

WILLIE HAGART ON THE ROOF 2000 (JA) <Is that time again and Willie Hagart and the Black Roses are in full gear with their annual bashment featuring Alaska!  All the hotties are representing at Riverton City as the name brand crews come out to pose off and mash up the venue with the new dances!  The videoman is lucky enough to get some X-plicit shots as some of the girls decide to show off  a little more than just their nice clothes.. Nuff sexy body ladies.. nuff fancy clothes, nuff niceness!> Spring 2000

JIM BROWN MEMORIAL (JA) <As always its a memorable celebration  in Tivoli Gardens for the fallen area don Jim Brown and this year's memorial is wicked as usual!! Stone Love, Matterhorn, Fire Links,  and Swatch provide the musical vibes! Even though Matterhorn swore not to play with Fire Links ever, differences had to be put aside out of respect - although they still went at it!! Live on stage this year are Bounty Killer, Baby Cham, Nitchie Kutchie, Roundhead, Harry Toddler, Alley Cat, Ronnie Thwaits, Vibes Cartel, Egg nog, and more!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Stage Show DVD/Video) 2-24-00

BLING BLING (JA) <Its a wicked juggling affair as Adonai, Exodus Nuclear , and Ricky Trooper of Killamanjaro meet up.  But everyone knows that Killamanjaro and especially Ricky Trooper is a warhead, and thats exactly what he tries to bring to the dance!!  Adonia and Exodus might not be any match for Trooper clashwise, but they did mash up the place the only way they know how: with wicked juggling!!!  MC Jerry D then starts the stage show as Baby Cham, Captain Barkey, Ward 21, Roundhead, Duckman, Alize', and some local talents mash it up for the sexy body ladies! Nuff xplicit shots of sexy body girls in the place!!> (Quality: Slighty "grainy" b/c its night time) (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Stage Show DVD/Video) (Also a Sound System DVD/Video) 2-19-00

*Poison Dart in Montreal (CANADA) <Bad Bwoy Kirky C and the entourage from Florida's # 1 killing Machine, Poison Dart, is invited to Montreal for the first time to juggle!! Its total bashment in Tiffany Banque as the Poison Dart Crew display that they can juggle as well as clash!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 2-5-00

YANKEE GOD BLESS BUS RIDE PT 4 (JA) <It all about the sexy ladies and the rude bwoys as Yankie & the God Bless Crew presents their 4th annual busride!! The DVD/Video starts out with a football match between the crews earlier that day.  It then cuts to a ram jam session with Prince Sowah walking around with the video troubling everybody with argument, both the sexy body ladies  and the rude boys... Its all about "more prayer", flava, and the Presidential Clique as all the crews are chilling and posing off. The sexy body ladies are strutting their stuff and the rude bwoys are just holding it down!! Ouch, Easy Street, and God Bless (of course),  are just a few of the crews out to represent!! Music is provided by Metromedia and Jagga B, and even Ricky Trooper of Killamanjaro passes through to hold a vibes on the mic... !!!> 1-00

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ALASKA Feat. DANCEHALL QUEEN STACEY (JA) <Catch some rare footage of Dancehall Queen Stacey in Cockburn Pen as she goes all out inna country style for the massive!! X-plicit underneath shots are here as the beloved dancehall queen of Jamaica gets slack with a midget in the dance, among other things!! Its just fun fun fun as the girls get down and dirty in the dirt, barefoot and all!!!> (Quality Fair) 12-99

SHINING STAR BASHMENT (JA) <Its a Shining Star Bashment and they call Stone Love alongside Swatch to nice up the affair with a wocked variety of music from the latest hot tunes to some cool slow jams.... Its an outdoor bash so all the crews are out in full form to represent 1999 style!! The girls are going on bad and the rude bwoys are flexing in the latest gears and bussing the "Jerry Springer", "Loy", and other new dances!! The cameramen are wild with the camera at "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) getting some X-plicit shots as the hottie girls dem get loose in their skimpy outfits!! Its all about the Bashment!> (Fall 1999)

THANKSGIVING JUGGLING - Matterhorn l/s Mighty Crown l/s Rodigan (WASH DC) <Irish & Chin Promotions brings Tony Matterhorn, Mighty Crown, and David Rodigan to the Felicity Cultural Center in Washington DC for a juggling fest!  Mighty Crown almost stole the show, proving that they can juggle 45's as well as dubs.  Matterhorn provides the new flava and the girl tunz, commenting on World Clash and how Trooper "bad mind" because Crown won fair and square!   Rodigan congratulates Crown, but warns them that next year will be different! Then he delves into his foundation arsenal!!  The DVD/Video also includes a brief interview with Mighty Crown by Wash DC cassette freak Tarzan!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Sound System DVD/Video) 11-25-99

Matterhorn Overloaded in Montreal (CANADA) <The Mentally ILL visits Montreal and of course its a bashment and splashment affair as he duns the place FULLY LOADED Style!! Local star Black Temple with Parish, Mad Cliff, and Skyjuice represents their town, and Professor P controls the Calpyso, then the Mental comes in!!  After talking about WORLD CLASH 99, DELANO'S REVENGE V, and bunning a fire pon Trooper of Killamanjaro, Matterhorn unleashes his new remix Anthem and dun the place beyond repair!!  Sexy Body Canadian girls and rube bwoys are all in a frenzy as Matterhorn busses the Jerry Springer and plays everything from bashment, to culture, to the fire segment, to disco - in a way only Matterhorn can!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Sound System DVD/Video) 11-13-99

WILLIE HAGART BUS RIDE 99 (JA) <Its the Black Roses Rude Bwoy Willie Hagart's bus ride and all the crews are there!! Stone Love with Rory and crew alongside Metromedia and Travellers provide the vibes at this outdoor affair as the British Crew, Stay So Crew, Original Crew, Link Up Crew, Topless Crew, Nuffest Crew, Lexxus Crew, Hotti Hotti Cherry, Angela Striker (still madding dem with some sexy X-plicit big ups 44 years old), Mr. Easy, all pose off aand represent!! There are bathing suits everywhere as the sexy body ladies prance around and big up their crews, ocassionally giving the videoman some sexy X-plicit shots in some "see through" wear!  Of course Bogle and Crew buss the new dances, and even the kids show what they can do on the dancefloor!  A fun summer event captured on DVD/Video!> 8-99

FULLY LOADED 99 (JA) <Gringo kills Baby Cham and Bounty kills back Gringo!! Plus Burro Banton, T.O.K., Major Christie, Baby Wayne, Doug E. Fresh, Chicken, Saber Tooth, Egg Nog, & more!  But the show really begins when Tony Matterhorn - armed with Bounty Dubs and a cordless microphone - goes on stage and duns the place again!  Adonai, Renaissance, Massive B, and the rest are also featured!  Nuff sexy body girls and rude bwoys!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Stage-Show DVD/Video) 7-25-99

LABOR DAY PARADE 99 (BKLYN) <This DVD/Video features highlights of Labor Day Weekend in Bklyn.  It starts out with the annual all night block party Sunday night held with a car audio system hosted by JAMWORLD MOVEMENTS ENTERPRISES in conjunction w/ Corey Custom Car Systems & Tinting.  The DVD/Video then cuts to brief clips from the parade including a glimpse of Chico, Lexxus, Merciless, & Spragga Benz.  It ends with Lisa West's Reggaemania interviews w/ Junior Demus & Razah at Don One Studios!! 9-6-99

BEE KEE NEE FEST '99 (JA) <Fort Clarence Beach is alive with an array of skimpy cladded ladies as Bee Kee Nee Fest churns out a true bikini fest in deed.  The Hard Copy Cover Girls and all the crews are in the house, and with the camera at "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) its all about XXX-Rated shots as the ladies skin out in their bikinis. The rude bwoys are also in the house bussing some new dances that haven't reached the clubs yet!  To top it off there is a dance contest where different girls (both single and in groups) take stage to show off some sexy dancing moves... in bikinis of course!!> 4-18-99

STONE LOVE LIVE IN MONTREAL (CANADA) <Its a bashment affair as Stone Love sends Geefus to Montreal to mash up the place Stone Love style, and he does exactly that!!  The dance starts out mellow as Geefus does some early out dubs, but when hype up time comes and he starts to bus Street Sweeper, Mad Rock, and all the other popular rhythms out, the place goes into heat.  See  sexy body hotti hotti girls of all colors (black, white, chinese, and everything in between) skin out as the rude bwoys pounce to the hard hiting tunes of hard core Reggae, Hip Hop, and Oldies!> 4-5-99

BRITISH LINK UP 99 (JA) <Its the annual bashment in La Roose brought to you by Father Fowl and the Bristish Crew and its bigger than ever.  On hand to represent Jamaica are Stone Love and Metromedia!  UK is represented by the hot new sensation Music Street fresh from England.  Its also Mr. Easy's birthday suh a nuff vibes! The juggling is wicked, and when Mattterhorn passes through for a suprise guest appearance, the place turns upside down!!> (Vol 1 & 2) (Also available on DVD/Video!) 4-3-99

JIM BROWN MEMORIAL BASH (JA) <This dance in the streets of Tivoli Gardens, Kingston was held in memory of the late fallen area don Jim Brown.   Stone Love and Swatch provided the music but it was Skyjuice from Metromedia and Tony Matterhorn that dun the place when they came up on stage and together had the crowd in stitches!!  The sexy girls are out in full gear and so are the rude bwoys!!  Zebra makes a cameo and later on artists such as Shabba Ranks, Sizzler, Roundhead, Frisco Kid, Lexxus, Alley Kat, and Mr. Vegas pays tribute!> (Also a Stage-Show DVD/Video) 2-99

WILLIE HAGART BIRTHDAY BASH (JA) <Father Hagart of the Black Roses Crew celebrates his birth-strong at the Roof Top Club with Alaska and Super Flex.   Its a bashment affair as all the hotti hotti crews are out including Bogle & Co., Carlene the Dancehall Queen, and  more.   The climax comes when Beenie Man and Zebra takes stage in a musical madness of lyrics, dancing, and comedy!!!  Of course the sexy body girls are jamming as the camera man points his lens at "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) catching all the underneath action!> (Also a Stage-Show DVD/Video) 1-99

CACTUS WET T-SHIRT CONTEST (JA) <From the guys who brought you our best selling Cactus Impy Skimpy 3 comes a wet t-shirt contest inside the world famous Cactus  Nite Club in Jamaica.  Imagine 10 contestants with names such as Apple, Peach, and Tia!  Imagine each wearing revealing cut up t-shirts and bikinis.  Imagine them being sprayed with a water bottle for see through action as they trut their stuff! Imagine the camera at "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) catching all the action underneath!  Then to top it off there is a winning contest with couples from the audience competing for a  one year pass to Cactus or Asylum!!> 1999

CACTUS IMPY SKIMPY 3 (JA) <Its the hottest thing since Gal Farm 98!!  Imagic the world famous Cactus Nite Club in Jamaica! Imagine a dozen sexy body ladies in the skimpiest bathing suits and lingerie imaginable coming on stage one by one.  Imagine these ladies skinning out on the floor, wining their waist-line as they entice the audience.   Imagine some hardcore reggae coming through the speakers as each lady has two minutes to strut their stuff any which way they can.   Imagine the camera at "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) catching all the footage these ladiess have to offer!  Imagine that it boils down to seven ladies all on stage at the same time, doing the most X-RATED antics you can think of! Imagine only one lucky lady walking away with the $20,000 cash!> 1999

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Stone Love 26th Anniversary (JA) <Another milestone in sound system history is celebrated again as Stone Love reaches 26 years old.  Renaissance, Afrique, and Black Prince juggles and this year's celebration is filled with many good moments (Wee Pow and G.T. deejaying)! The lineup this year included ARP, Innocent Crew, George Nooks, Alley Kat, Chuck Fender, Baby Wayne, Zebra, Screechie Joe, Power Man, Deli Ranks, 14K, and politically charged Anthony B! Of course there's all the crews tooplus nuff sexy body ladies and rude bwoys!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) 12-5-98

Stone Love - Billy Slaughter B-Day Stage Show (JA) <Slaughter has come a long way since his alias "Lamp Oil" while on Exquisite Sound and his B-day Bash gets better and better.  This year Metromedia and Renaissance join in the fun as people tear down the fence to come in.  Of course they are sexy body ladies everywhere and the rude bwoys represent as well.  Live entertainers include Beenie Man (as Master  of Ceremonies dressed in bright orange), Scare Dem (Harry Toddler and Nitchie Kutchie), Alley Kat, Wicker Man, Hawkeye, Scare Dem 2, the Dum, and more.  Elephant Man bum rushes the stage, then creates a stage of his own, and turns the place upside down!  Beenie and Elephant man get into a fight over the mic (again) as Buccaneer and crew goes wild on stage! But the highlight is when Zebra takes stage and mashes it up for 3 encores, including one especially for Hotti Hotti Cherry!! A Must Have!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) 11-21-98

Bass Odyssey l/s Travellers (JA) <Its pere tings when country sound Bass Odyssey meets uptown sound Travellers in Franklin town for a juggling bashment! Watch as the skimpy clad girls dem skin out and bear all while the camera man positions at "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up), catching some sexy scenes from the XXX-Rated dancing!  The rude bwoys are also in effect with the latest dancing and fasions.  Malcolm X and Jugsy Killa mash up the place with Disco and hype up juggling for the girls while Skinny and DJ Mark buss the place with the latest hit tunes, hardcore dubs, and oldies.> (Also a Sound System DVD/Video) 9-8-98

GREEK FEST w/ BOUNTY KILLA LIVE (NYC) <If you weren't there then you must have heard what happened at the Annual Greek Fest Celebration at Jones Beach in Long Island, New York City.  Well as always, thousands of beautiful women descended upon the beach in everything from batty-riders and mini-skirts to bikinis and lingerie, yes lingerie!!!  The rude bwoys were out there too representing big time.  Of course w/ yours truly Prince Tuffie and his crew were out there with the videocam capturing the scene for the rest of you!!  And what a scene it was, with fancy cars and jeeps stacked with bikini clad women from all over the world strutting their stuff.  The DVD/Video features CLoSe-Ups of the hard bodies, some from "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up).  Then it cuts to the live concert with the rap group Cocoa Brovaz (formerly Smith N' Wesson).  But the true climax comes when special guest Bounty Killa graces the stage and brings the place down. This DVD/Video is a exclusive and  can only be found here!!!! (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) (Approx 45min-1hr)> 6-27-98

RENAISSANCE IN MONTREAL (CANADA) <The Remix Masters Delano and Pepsi goes to Montreal to mashup up north Renaissance style!! Delano promises that they will get everything under the sun and they did.  From the latest hardcore Ragga tunes, to Hip Hop and R&B, to hardcore remixes, straight back to the oldies, Pepsi and Delano bruck out inna di place!!!  Catch the sext Canadian girls and rude bwoys modeling> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 3-27-99

GAL FARM 98 (NYC) <<In the tradition of our best seller Skin Out 1993 DVD/Video comes Gal Farm 98!!  The Champaign Crew throws this wicked bashment in Club Liguanea, Queens, New York City.  Forget that Stone Love Movements and Afrique Soundstation was on board to provide all the music, dropping new tunes and old favorites in a way only they can do.  Forget that special guest Tony Matterhorn - the No.1 mic chatter in NYC - was there to provide all the vibes on the microphone NYC style.  Forget that Beenie Man and his crew was in the house getting down!   Forget all that!!  What makes this DVD/Video hot is the XXXtra-Rated antics of the videoman, who had his camera at "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) catching underneath just about every girl in the dance.  This dance was a Gal Farm, and the barely clothed girls were showing EVERYTHING XXX-Rated to the camera! EVERYTHING!> 3-9-98

GOD BLESS BUS RIDE  PT 2 (JA) <The God Bless Crew including Cawka Lee, Yankee, and the gang  keep a wicked Bus Ride at Priory Beach, St. Anns.  On hand to supply the vibes is Renaissance Disco,  Stone Love, and Chelsea, a wicked reggae sound system from Japan (the Japanese selectors dem juggle jus like a Jamaican sound).  All the crews including Cawka Lee/Yankee and the God Bless Crew, Father Fowl and the British Crew, Bogle (with the latest dances from Jamaica) and the Black Roses Crew, was there.  And as if that wasnt enough, Scare Dem (Nitchie Kutchie etc), Power Man, Delli Ranks,  Captain Barkey, Wicker Man, the Dum (a deejay with a weird disposition - he can't speak) and friends come in to top off the entertainment!  In addition to all the sounds and artists LIVE, the DVD/Video also has girls, gIrLs, Girls, and more GIRLS!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) 1-11-98

JAMAICA vs AMERICA 98 (JA) <The Jamaica leg of the Annual Unity Dance between NEW YORK and JAMAICAN Sounds sets stage in Jamaica.  Afrique, Stone Love, Swatch, Metromedia and King Addies juggle for the massive as the rude bwoys and sexy body girls flex out!  Watch the cute ladies and rude bwoys shock out as the juggling kings mash it up outdoors in Rockfort, Kingston!  But Beware, this DVD/Video doesn't focus on the dancers, it focuses on the XXX-Rated SeXy BoDy ladies and of course follows the tradition of our best sellers Gal Farm 98 and Skin Out 1993 with the videoman shooting from "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) and exposing some sexy body Jamaican ladies who are not afraid to skin out for the camera with their barely clad tight bodies!!! This is another XXXtra-Rated DVD/Video so mek sure you can handle the view before you preview!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 1-2-98

MADHOUSE IN ASYLUM w/ BOGLE (JA) <Its a bashment affair as Bogle, his wife, & the Crew mash up Asylum Niteclub with the latest dances!!  Music is provided by the juggling kings: Stone Love and Afrique w/ Jagga B and the Crew, who play the latest Reggae, Hip Hop, and R&B!  Shinehead makes a guest appearance and performs some tunes for the massive!  In the house are the Black Roses, Sandra Lee & the Lee Family, God Bless Crew, Betty Gooders, Nu Look Girls Crew, and more!  Everyone takes turn showing their version of the latest dances including the Prong!  As always Asylum is filled with sexy body girls in outrageous outfits posing for the camera man, who is filming from "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up)!!  Also unique is some footage outside the club after the dance as some girls catch-up in an argument on the streets!!!> 1-98 

JAGGA B BASHMENT 98 (JA) <Jagga B and the Afrique Crew links up with Stone Love, Tony Matterhorn, King Addies, and Metromedia for a wicked Bashment in Club LaRoose in Jamaica.  Its XXX-RATED girls everywhere and rude bwoys doing the latest dances!  Awards are given out for the Best Dancer, Best Bumper, Best Navel Ring, Best Buff, Best Breasts, Best Body, Best Dressed, etc, but the focus is on all the Crews are in the house, including Bogle & the Black Roses Crew, Madussa, Ouch Crew, Chubby Dread & the Pow Crew, Cawka Lee, Yankee & the Godbless Crew, Nuffest Crew, Champaign Crew, Topless Crew, Marcia & the California Crew, Sharon Rambo, and Joe Lickshot! 1-98

Poison Dart l/s Amplex (Fla) <Poison Dart w/ Kirky C, Florida's No. 1 sound killa, meets Glamma G and Lenny (both formerly from Bass Odyssey) from Amplex for a juggling affair of the latest hardcore reggae, hip-hop, R&B, and foundation tunes including some wicked Sizzler and Beenie Man tunes!  Its pure niceness in West Palm Beach as you would expect, and when the videoman gets freaky and starts filming from "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) it becomes an XXX-Rated Bashment as the girls compete for the spotlight.  But the dance comes to is true climax when two of Florida's top male dancers/body-contortionists compete live on stage with wicked dance moves that would give Bruck-Up a run for his money!  Wicked Bashment!!!> Early 1998

STONE LOVE STAGE SHOW IN ASYLUM (NYC) <Its a bashment affair as Stone Love hosts the after party for a Charity Basketball Game at National Stadium earlier that day!  The DVD/Video starts out with live footage after the game as the entertainers rush a make-shift stage still decked out in jerseys and shorts!  Entertainers include Captain Barkey, Wickerman, Cobra, Blacka Ranks, Chuck Fender, LUST, Zebra, Mr. Vegas, Tony Curtis, Delly Ranks, Baby Wayne, Black Rat, of course the Doctore himself beenie Man.  Even Geefus of Stone Love touches a piece of the mic!  The DVD/Video then cuts to the dance in Asylum as the hotti hotti sexy body girls in XX-Rated outfits skinout with the rude bwoys!  The climax comes when Bounty Killa, Baby Cham, Beenie Man, Mr. Vegas, Captain Barkey, Blacka Ranks, Baby Wayne, Delly Ranks, and Chuck Fender bum rushes the DJ booth and mash up the place passing the mic hand to hand! A must have!!!> (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) 1998

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Prestige Sound w/ Capelton Live (Fla) <Its a Florida affair and all the ladies and rude bwoys are out in full gear.  The DVD/Video starts out with some shots on the dance floor as the crowd gets down to some pumping hip-hop and the latest reggae tunes.  The videoman is aiming from "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) suh di girls dem get excited and shows it all off..  In the middle of the Bashment, Rastafarian deejay from the House of David Crew, Capelton, takes stage and mash up di place for the Florida massive!!!  A must have for all Capelton fans!> (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) 1997

GET WET BASH 2 w/ BEENIE & BOUNTY (JA) <The Video 5 Girls are at it again with the 'Get Wet 2 Bash'.  The DVD/Video starts out with Beenie Man at center stage making the crowd with brand new 1998 lyrics.  Then history is once again made as the Warlord Bounty Killa joins Beenie Man on stage and mashes up the place with his 1998 lyrics. The two deejays then go lyrics for lyrics live on stage on the 'Showtime Rhythm'!!  After that the DVD/Video turns to the sexy body ladies skinning out in the audience while the rude bwoys pose off in the latest fashions!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) (Approx. 1 hour)> 1-4-98

Stone Love 25th Anniversary 97 (JA) <The celebration of Stone Love Movement's 25th Anniversary and the best yet (more artists than Sunsplash!!!).  Stone Love with the entire crew juggles alongside Renaissance and Gary G in La Rouse.  After George Nooks bess the dance, Dutty Cup Crew (wid Kid Korrupt, Sean Paul, Mr. Vegas) starts out di show and Junior Cat does a wicked combination wid Sean Paul!  Monsta Shack (wid Roundhead, Ghost, General B) then comes in and di place go wild!!  Chuck Fender, Wicker Man, Delli Ranks, Frisco Kid, Baby Sham, Black Rat, and Spragga Benz (now dreading) come in and turn di place upside down!! Then Determine and the whole David House come in and is Worries!!! But it nuh get wicked until Bounty Killa and Scare Dem (Nitchie Kutchie, Elephant Man, Harry Toddler) take Center Stage at the same time!!> (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) (Quality Fair) 12-6-97

RODIGAN'S POOL PARTY (Bklyn) <The biggest Pool Party in Brooklyn's history, put on by big timer Rodigan from Brooklyn.  Music provided by the Afrique Sound Station with guest selector Tony Matterhorn from King Addies.  You name it :- The latest clothes, latest dances, latest hairstyles, and nuff rude bwoys a pose off.  Of course it also features an abundance of camera shots from "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) of ladies inna XXX-Rated Bikinis.  Then to top it off, Junior Reid decides to pass through along with Shine Head.  But wait, guess who takes center stage and mashup di place... none other than the Doctor, BEENIE MAN!!!!  Oh did I mention Nuff Ladies inna Bikini...> (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) Labour Day 1997

BOGLE B-DAY BASH (JA) < One of the wickedest bashments of 1997, the renown dancer Bogle hosts his Annual Birthday Bash, featuring Stone Love  Movements & Peter Phillips Sound.  Live on stage is Warlord Bounty Killa and the Scare Dem Crew, including Harry Toddler, Elephant Man, and Nitchie Kutchie.  Baby Wayne and Penny Irie also join in the fun.  After that, Bogle then buss the new dance "Bogle Remix" and the whole Black Roses Crew come out to show their dancing skills!> (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) 10/97

AMERICA vs JAMAICA 97 (Bklyn) <Watch Jamaica's Stone Love and Metromedia compete against Bklyn's Afrique and King Addies to win the audience.  It is the bashment of bashments to start the year as each selector goes up on stage to win the audience: Billy Slaughter waving the Jamaican flag for Stone Love, and Skyjuice rubbing his big belly and bussing the dance for Metro Media.  Also featured is a "Fattest Pynanny" Contest hosted by none other than X-Rated "Mentally Aim to Kill" Tony Matterhorn from King Addies!> (Also a Sound System DVD/Video) 1-97

Stone Love Mid-Summer Bashment (JA) < Stone Love mashup the Kingston community at this bashment.  Features sexy body ladies and rude bwoys showing off di latest dances and wearing the latest fashions.  This DVD/Video captures the true meaning of 'Stone Love" juggling, wid 70's classics, 80's roots music, 90's dancehall & jump up music, and ending off wid some Studio One selection.> July 1997

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CULTURE CLUB BIKINI CONTEST (Bklyn) <In the tradition of Gal Farm 1998 and Skin Out 1993 comes this Bikini Contest live from the Culture Club in Brooklyn, NY!  Soul Supreme juggles for the massive in the early out, and the dance gets X-Rated from there as the camera man shoots some shots from "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) as the girls skin out!!!  But the fun really starts when the X-Rated Bikini Dancing Contest begins!!>  (Approx. 1 hr long) 1996

CALIFORNIA CALIFORNIA 96 (JA) <Its the annual Stone Love affair in the house of Leo so you know its nuff sexy body ladies in the most outrageous outfits, skinning out to the bashment tunes!!  Big Belly SkYjuice is also on hand with Metromedia, juggling the latest tunes and of course his stage antics!! New York's premier girls sound Afrique is also in the place! The Don Gorgon Ninja Man then passes through and mystifies the crowd with his dazzling hairstyle and ruff neck lyrics that had the place inna  heat.!!> (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) 1996

Bass Odyssey vs David Rodigan (Wash.) <Washington was Bass Odyssey's town, until they invited the veteran caucasian selector extraodinaire David Rodigan from England to a clash!  Local sound Emperor does the early juggling, then Rodigan gives Bass Odyssey with Lenny and Glamma G a run for their money!  But the bad bwoys from St. Anns naw tek it suh easy!!  The DVD/Video has nuff cool shots of sexy ladies and rude bwoys in the early out, but the fun really starts when Rodigan comes in and drops some wicked dub plates fi start the war, bussing the crowd over and over!!> (Also a Sound System DVD/Video) 11-29-96

STONE LOVE ON THE BEACH (JA) <One of our best selling DVDs/Videos features Stone Love alongside Renaissance, Metromedia, and Road Block in a huge beach bashment put on by the Topless Crew.  Following the tradition of Gal Farm 1998 and Skin Out 1993, this 2 hour plus DVD/Video has it all: - the latest dances, Best Butt Contest, Best Breast Contest, and a host of XXX-Rated shots from "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up).  The dance lasts from in the daytime as the crews hang out in front of their "low-riders", and goes deep into the nighttime when Skyjuice and Metromedia starts the fun!!! Then its off to the contest:  - XXX-Rated!!!  A must have!!!> (Quality Fair) Summer 1995

Stone Love & Jamrock at House of Leo (JA) <Spragga Benz's Birthday Jam and is pure vibes as all the sexy body ladies come out to help him celebrate with the Stone love Crew!!!  Spragga graces the stage on his birthday and gives the audience a sneak preview of some of his upcoming hits, then special invited guest Beenie Man (The Doctor) passes through and mashes up the dance with his hit tunes and some sneak previews as well!  Wicked bashment!!> (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) 1994

SKIN OUT 93 (USA, JA) <One of the greatest treasures (and most ordered DVDs/Videos) of our catalogue.  This is the DVD/Video that started it all!!!  It features a compilation of the sexiest and most X-Rated outfits, dance routines, and dirty acts ever caught on DVD/Video in Reggae Dancehall over the years, both in the USA and Jamaica.  This DVD/Video is XXXtra-Rated and features nuff  shots from "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up).  This DVD/Video is not for the light-hearted, as it also features highlights of a a reggae stripper show at the end.  Our other DVDs/Videos such as Gal Farm 1998 and Culture Club Bikini Dance Contest 1996 all follow in this DVD/Video's footsteps!!!!> 1993

WORLD'S BEST DANCER CONTEST (Bklyn) <Another Best-Seller, this DVD/Video is often used by University students for papers documenting dancehall style and culture!  The DVD/Video exemplifies the far reaching influences of dancehall reggae and sound systems, as well as the intense devotion of dancehall fans and sound followers.  All the major crews are present as Afrique Sound Station features its Annual Awards Dance, giving out trophies and awards for the Best Dancehall Girl Crew, Best Dancehall Hairdresser, Best Dancehall Tailor and Dressmaker, Best Bogle Dancer, Best Butterfly Dancer, and much more.  There are also live performances by Little Vicious and more, but the the grand finale arrives when three gorgeous females (including favorites Unique and Mad Dog) compete for the title of World's Best Dancehall Dancer!  The DVD/Video captures this contest from start to finish, and the camera man is busy all over the place, including "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) as the girls do splits, dance on their heads, and other contortionist dances that make famed dancers Bruck -Up and Bogle look like beginners!!!  This DVD/Video is a must have!!!!> (Quality Fair at times but a must have!!!!) 2-17-93

BUJU BANTON IN BILTMORE (Bklyn) <A must have!- the first time Buju ever performed in the U.S., the the capacity crowd would not let him leave the stage> (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) (Quality Fair - Poor visibility when Buju comes on but this is a must have - very rare DVD/Video) 1992

AFRIQUE L/S STONE LOVE L/S ATOMIC (Bklyn) <Afrique w/ Jagga B and Crazy Richie alongside the immortal Stone Love with ace selector Rory team up with Atomic Sound for a dance called Tri-Sound Spoectacular, and it is total niceness in the Jaquar Room!!  Rory, Jagga B, Crazy Richie throws down some hardcore juggling as the sexy body ladies and gents gather for an evening of nuff vibes and good tunes.  This DVD/Video is the epidemy of what early 90s dance use to be like with throbbing dancehall music, rude bwoys in linen suits shocking out, and the sexy ladies in their impy skimpy battyriders and cat suits - bubbling and skinning out on camera.  To add to the excitement, live on stage is Junior Demus, the late Nicodemus, Sleepy Wonder, Peter Metro, Nardo Ranks, and more performing.  The place gets inna heat when two sexy gal inadvertently gets into a skin out contest, dancing on their head tops and sliding down poles to win the audience's approval.> (Quality Fair - Slight Jittering, But A Must Have) (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) (Also a Skin Out DVD/Video) 2-24-91

Bodyguard - Inner City - Gemini (JA) <Three of Jamaica's top notch sounds juggle some hard core tunes fi di massive> 12/5/90

Stone Love l/s Afrique at Bayside Plaza (Bronx) <It's a Thanksgiving Extravaganza as Stone Love with Wee Pow and Rory juggles some wicked music (from hardcore Reggae to Disco) for the massive.  The ladies are out in their best dressed and the rude bwoys are all representing!!  Then Afrique comes in with their icon New York style of juggling.  Later on Blacka Ranks and Wayne Wonder performs for the first time ever in Bronx. Its nuff vibes as Wayne Wonder mesmerizes with girls with hit after hit.   Them the girls dem ambassador Blacka Ranks gets the girls dem fi jump up and gwarne bad with his matie lyrics, even having a champion bubbler come on stage and mash up the place wid a piece a wining skill!!  Wicked!!!> (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) 11-24-90

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Stone Love at Biltmore (Bklyn) <One of the biggest stage shows in foreign! JQ Promotion brings the immortal Stone Love with veteran selector Rory to Biltmore!! Watch Shabba, Major Mackerel, Junior Demus, Little Twitch, and Ninja Man mash up di place> (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) Summer 1989

INDEPENDENCE SPLASH DOWN (JA) <The Lissant Road Crew presents a 4 sound bashment featuring Stone Love, Metromedia, Classique, and Super Saint.  Live artists include Japanese, Junie Ranks, Tanto Metro, Danny Dread, etc.  It also features some X-plicit shots as the videoman hits "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) and gets some underneath footage of the sexy ladies in the dance!! > (Also a Stage-show DVD/Video) 1989

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