Garnet Silk Meets Conquering Lion

GARNET SILK MEETS CONQUERING LION: When you talk about Conquering Lion Sound System, you talk about the Late Great Garnet Silk!!!  Conquering Lion is one of the sounds with the most Garnet Silk dubs and specials, and this CD is proof of that!  Hear Garnet Silk at his best as he performs his hottest hits inna dub style for Conquering Lion.  The CD also includes some great collaborations, including Garnet Silk and Tony Rebel, Yasus Tafari, Mickey Spice, and Kulcha Knox!  In addition, one track features a very young Garnet Silk (then going under the name "Little Bimbo".  A true Classic!


1. Behold (Psalm 23) - featuring Kulcha Knox
2. Bless Me - djing by Garnet Silk
3. Born Free/Splashing Dashing (The Lord's Prayer)
4. Its Roaring
5. Hard Nut To Crack - featuring Tony Rebel
6. Lion Rock Steady
7. A Lot More Coming
8. The Lion Heart - intro by Kulcha Knox; djing by Silk
9. A Place In Lion Heart - intro by Bionic Steve
10. Skylarking - featuring Yasus Tafari

11. Oh Me, Oh My - featuring Mikey Spice
12. I Can See Clearly Now - featuring Yasus Tafari
13. Rub A Dub Soldier - featuring Tony Rebel
14. Put On Di Pressure
15. Evacuate
16. Lion Rule The World - intro by Kulcha Knox
17. Conquering Lion
18. Serve Thee 'Til The End
19. Where Do Other Sounds Go? - Little Bimbo (young Garnet Silk)