Bus Whey 2002

BUS WHEY 2002 (WASH DC) <While the rest of the world was contemplating WORLD CLASH 2002, the Washington DC area had their own little war in the DC Dragon Center to worry about!! As a matter of fact it was a BiG WaR!!!  Billed as "Welcome to Juggle Mania", BUS WHEY 2002 (DC's annual FULLY LOADED-like juggling war has become one of the most anticipated events in the region!!   Picture the likes of Mighty Crown outta Japan, Metromedia outta Jamaica, Libra Love outta Brooklyn, Half Krazy outta Baltimore, Baby Wayne Movements outta Brooklyn, King Sound outta Maryland, Emperor outta Jamaica/Wash DC, and Destiny Sound outta Jamaica - all under one roof with two trophies to fight for (last year's trophy was also up for grabs since it was a stalemate)!!  This year a winner a winner had to be determined no matter what, and thus the elimination process was even more grueling than before!!! In the end it didn't matter how big of a name your sound had, how long your pocket was, or which exclusive artist who you can play on dub!!! It all came down to vibes!!! With a free-for-all Dub Fi Dub where anything goes, this clash was anything but a stalemate!!!  The winner WILL surprise you!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Vol 1-3) 10-5-02