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STRAIGHT WAR - LP INTL vs EARTHRULER (BROOKLYN) <For one night and one night only, Soca Arena on Empire Blvd in Brooklyn was called "Golden Pavilion" to set the stage for an all out war when two veteran sounds from the Biltmore Era re-enacted one of the most heated clashes of the time - LP Intl vs Earthruler!!!  Back then Brooklyn was split 50/50 between the two sounds, so the major question was: "Who is the ruling sound in New York... particularly Brooklyn? "  Roughly a decade later these two mega war sounds of the Biltmore League decided that the question needed to be revisited, and the answer should be judged in front of their Brooklyn peers! 

Earthruler has always been a top 5 Brooklyn sound, and after an hiatus that lasted most of the late 90s into the new millenium, they decided to return to the clash scene in 2002.  At BILTMORE CUP CLASH 2002 Scorpion flexed Earthruler's muscles against the likes of Bass Odyssey (and LP Intl) and took home the trophy hands down.  This created a new hype for the crew and Earthruler returned again to war with Mighty Crown and friends at the GLOBAL CUP CLASH 2002, where they almost write off Mighty Crown in the end (but didn't) after leading the entire clash.  The warheads having been anxiously awaiting a one on one rematch with LP Intl, who has remained much more active in Brooklyn sound politics.  A win for Earthruler here would let the world know that they (and not LP or King Addies) are Brooklyn's finest - then, and now!!!

After taking a loss to Earthruler in their last match up (BILTMORE CUP CLASH 2002), LP Intl was also anxious to jump into a one on one war to avenge their performance (or lack there of).  Although they have been getting regular dates, their loss at the BILTMORE CUP CLASH has been a thorn in their side, a thorn that no juggling dance can get rid of.  With Earthruler hovering over their shoulders, they knew they had to quiet this rising storm if they wanted to hold on to their title as the only legitimate Biltmore sound in New York still making waves in the new millenium.

As for this clash - LP Intl had a lot to lose when Puma decided to put new recruit Danger at the helm to fight their first major war of the year.  But it seems to have paid off as Danger (with help from Puma selecting and Supa Don mixing) worked the machine like a veteran war selector and gave Earthruler a run for their money in the final rounds of the clash!!  Earthruler took the early lead with Scorpion working the mic and Bertie Kill Quik spinning.  Biltmore tunes were the order of the day, and they filled that order with ease - running signature Earthruler tunes on the 90s' rhythms that made you think of yesteryear... However, after several rounds the crowd started getting restless, and Earthruler was unable to make the transition into new tunes.  That is when LP snuck up from behind and started giving it to them...  Obviously Puma has been spending some money on tunes, and it paid off because from that point LP put on the pressure on Earthruler.  When Dub Fi Dub time came, Earthruler's Lee Major (who is now back on the sound) finally decided to take the mic and try to work some magic (after being taunted all night by Danger and failing to defend himself).  Was the veteran Lee Major able to rally back against Danger, LP's new recruit and secret weapon?  Hear the answer for yourself, Biltmore Style!!> (Vol 1-3) 8-23-03