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SUNSPLASH (II) 1979 (JA) <Our earliest video footage of what  has come to be one of the greatest reggae concert series of all time!  Dubbed "Reggae By Bus", this video is indeed a treasure!  Sunsplash 1979 in Montego Bay featured among others: Bob Marley & The Wailers, The Third World Band, Peter Tosh, and Burning Spear!  The video also includes a short documentary on the histroy of reggae music up to that point!  What more can be said.. one of our most prized possessions!> 7-7-79

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SUNSPLASH 1981 (JA) <Dubbed as a "Tribute To The Late Bob Marley" - this is one of the best Sunsplashes to ever grace the island!  Live on stage are Marcia Griffiths, Dennis Brown, Eek A Mouse, Third World, Louie Lepke, Black Uhuru, Carlene Davis, The I-Trees (Rita Marley, Marcia Griffiths, and Judy Mowatt), The Melody Makers (featuring young Ziggy Marley at 8 years old), and more! Clear!> 1981

KILLAMANJARO IN SKATELAND* (JA) <Skateland.  Featuring the original Killamanjaro crew, including Yami Bolo, Early B, Little Twitch, Dirty Harry, Joe Lickshot, and more!> (Quality Fair but A Must Have!) 1984

VOLCANO IN SKATELAND camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <The first time a Foundation Dance is available on DVD is of course right here at your One Stop Shop:!!!  The Volcano Posse nice up Skateland on this every rare video, featuring Papa Toyan, Josey Wales, Lee Van Cliff, Yellow Man, Peter Metro, Louie Lepke, and more.  Veteran selector Danny Dred throws down some wicked selection as legendary reggae promoter Jingles looks on! A must have for classic reggae enthusiasts!>  1984

INNERCITY DANCEHALL HIGHLIGHTS '85 camera.gif (1111 bytes) <Innercity's Saturday Night Live presents a dancehall stage show featuring the top acts of 1985.  Live on stage: Barrington Levy (for almost 1/2 hour), Tenor Saw, Early B, Echo Minott, U Roy, Leroy Smart, Michael Palmer, Delroy Wilson, and Charlie Chaplin.  Backed by the Saggittarus Band, these entertainers can be seen here performing at the height of their careers!> 1985

KING JAMMYS VS DOWNBEAT (NY) <This is the historical clash when Papa Jammys and King Jammys Sound meets Goldfinger Tony Screw and Downbeat for the first time in NYC.  The entire Jammys crew come dressed in Ninja Suits as if they were in a karate movie, ready to assassinate Downbeat's deejays!!  In King Jammys' Camp is Chaka Demus, Tonto Irie, John Wayne, Lone Ranger, and more.  Downbeat counter attacks w/ deejays like Santa Ranking, Danny Dread, Howie Banton, Papa San, Flatty Ranks, Horace Andy, Mikey Jarrett, etc..  A must have for serious collectors!> (Quality Fair But Must Have!) 1985

KILLAMANJARO IN HOUSE OF LEO camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Kingston, Jamaica.  Clive, Daddy Man, Tallman, Shine, and Atlas from Ska -Buc Gradens presents a dance called New Yorkers in Jamaica, featuring champion sound like Killamanjaro at the famous House of leo!  Live entertainers include Puddy Roots, Early B, Junior Cat, Dirty Harry, Iron Man, Michael Palmer, Josey Wales, Colour Man, Smiley, Barry Back, Macka P, Schreechie, Ruddy Irie, Squidly Ranking, Joe Lickshot, and more!!  A Walggio Promotions Event!! Clear!> 10-21-85

STEREO MARS IN SKATELAND 1985 camera.gif (1111 bytes) <Two big time promoters - Jingles and Skengman - team up to bring the heavyweight powerhouse Stereo Mars to Skateland for a wicked dance.   Among the many deejays to bless the mic: Tenor Saw, Super Cat, Nicodemus, Burro Banton, Cutty Ranks, Little John, Junior Cat, Ricky Tuffy, and Wayne Plamer.   Selector Danny Dread throws down some wicked selections as the deejays ride the rhythm to the crowd's approval.  Super Cat, Nicodemus, and Burro Banton are all shocking out in their criss white suits as lyircs fling down from left to right.   Dancehall vetreran Joe Lickshot can be seen in di place cooling out as the deejays bring the crowd to a climax!!  Crystal clear - this is a classic you can't miss!!!> 1985

WHA DAT* (JA)<Boogie Promotions presents What Dat Disco live at the Complex Entertainment Centre, 37 Waltham Park Road, Kingston.   Featuring selector Barry G alongside Danny Dread and live entertainers like Nicodemus, John Wayne,  Little John, Django, Yami Bolo, Pompidoo, Danny Culture, Tippa Lee, Rappa Robert, Little Kirky, Philip Fraser, Reagan, and more!! Clear!!!> (Approx 1 Hour) 10-11-85

CHAMPIONS IN ACTION camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Shabba Ranks, Dennis Brown, Pinchers, Richie Stephens, Ninja Man, Admiral Bailey, Saggittarus Band, etc!>  Mid 80's

AGONY: METROMEDIA, KILLAMANJARO, SUPER SAINT (JA) <Watch Beenie Man as a young teen rip up dance along with Papa San and General Trees. Also included is Junior Cat, Lady G, Peter Metro, Tonto Metro, DillInger, Joe Lickshot, selector Skyjuice, and more!> Mid 80's

BLACK STAR VS YOUTHMAN PROMOTION (JA) <Classic dance at Red Hills with the late Jim Brown, Daddy Freddy, Bruck Back, Tony Rebel (who even at this young age just starting to Ras showed great promise!), Color Man, Blacka T, Neville Valentine, Junior Briggie, Daddy Irie,  Daddy Ants, Ansill, singers Thriller, Earl Cunningham and Hopeton Lindo, and selectors Major Stitches, Chemist, & Tony Roots on Black Star and selector Bigga & Tullo on Youthman Promotion! The video cuts to scenes of Jamaican Life in that era! Clear!> (Approx 1 Hr.) (Also Available on Audio Tape - BST-010) 1-86

YOUTHMAN PROMOTION (JA) <Louise and Tony Owens are the promoters for this dance featuring the champion sound like Youthman Promotion!  The artists featured for the night are of course Sugar Minott and the crew, including Johnny Slaughter, Tippa Lee, Welton Irie, Squidly Ranking, Rapper Robert, Colorman, Patrick Irie, Budy Bye, and more!  Nuff vibes!!> (Approx 1 Hour) (Quality Fair but a Classic!!) 1986

JACK RUBY'S 28TH ANNIV (JA) <This historic dance was held at Jack Ruby's Lawn, 1 Music Avenue in Ocho Rios and featured the legendary Jack Ruby Hi Fi w/ selector Fat Jaw.  Among the many entertainers passing through to show their respect for this great pioneer of reggae music: Brigadier Jerry (tall, slender, and all smiles), Early B (1985 Deejay for the Year), General Trees, Jr. Demus, Tiger (mash up the place), Josey Wales (1984 Deejay for the Year - received 3 encores), Slim Brown, Foundation (Rastafarian vocalists), special guest MC Barry G, and much much more.> (Quality Fair - Slight Jittering - But still a Must Have!) (Volume 1 & 2) (Vol 2 contains some repeat performances) 1986

REGGAE CLASSIC 86 (FLA) <A wicked stageshow in Miami filled with a lot of our favorite entertainers that reigned in that era!  Performers include Beres Hammond, Delroy Wilson, Little John, Anthony Redrose, Robert FFrench, Echo Minott, Johnny Osbourne, Early B, Tonto Irie!!  They were backed by LLoyd Parks and The We The People Band!!> 1986

STEREO MARS PNP RALLY (JA) <A wicked PNP rally/dance in support of Michael Manley at Crossroads (or Skateland) featuring such entertainers as Buru Banton, Tenor Saw, Cutty Ranks, John Wayne, Peter Metro, Yami Bolo, U-Brown, Ricky Tuffie, Cowboy, Joe Lickshot. Selectors Ansill and Danny Dred are at the controls throwing some wicked Studio One rhythms as the deejays toast on the mic!  Its pure vibes as they go into some political tributes, and  the place comes down when they play the famed song "My Father Born Ya!!"  Witness history in the making!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape - STM-002) 1986

TOKYO REGGAE FESTIVAL 86 (JAPAN SPLASH) (Tokyo) <Reggae music is international, even back then and this video proves it.  Live from Tokyo, this video features in concert the legendary (and late) Tenor Saw.  In addition, it showcases the talents of such greats as Frankie Paul, Sugar Minott, Pablo Augustus, and Sister Carol.> 1986

STARS IN CONCERT [NO LONGER AVAILABLE] (JA) <This is a stageshow featuring the Father of Rocksteady - Ken Booth, Beres Hammond with a classic performance, Papa San in his prime, famous dancehall duo tippa Lee & Rappa Robert, Bammy Man- the human amplifier that can change his voice to sound like any deejay, Cocoa Tea, King Savage, Ludwick Sith, and more.  Cocoa Tea and Bammy Man do a combination on stage that mash up the place!!!> [NO LONGER AVAILABLE] Mid 80's

KANGOL VS COSMIC FORCE (JA) <One of the wickedest early clashes/stage shows caught on video!!  Big Dance in Mobay as Selector Ninja and Prentice  (mixing with his teeth) throw down Pinchers and Conroy Smith selections.  Professor Nuts, Pinchers, Shabba Ranks, Lecturer, Major Mackerel, Bunny General, Hippy Ranks, Atomik, Apache, Duke, Indie, Black Mice, and more help selector Ninja to lock off Cosmic Force!  Lecturer mezmorizes the crowd with a segment of jokes and story-telling that have the place in stiches!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape - KGL-013) 1987

KING JAMMYS SUPER POWER (JA) <One of Jammys' wickedest dance ever as selecta Bobby Digital selects on King Jammys.  Entertainers include Admiral Bailey, the Late, Great Major Worries, Little Twitch, Frankie Paul, Tullo T, young Risto Benji, and the human amplifier Bammy Man shows the people the "body moves" by moving the muscles in his arms, chest, and belly!  He then mixes down the deejays using his mouth, bringing the dance to a climax!! > (Also Available on Audio Tape - KJM-013) 1987

METROMEDIA (JA) <Producer Derrick Harriot brings to youa wicked dance in Kingston, Jamaica wid nuff vibes as Skyjuice the selector throws down some hard core jugglin!! Features the deejay King, Yellow Man.. Plus Little John, Tanto Metro, Danny Dread, Squidly Ranks, Daddy Life, Mello Tuffy, Culture Martin, and Little Rohan!> 5-28-87

METROMEDIA ROUGH & RAW #2 (JA) <A wicked dance at Dollar's Lawn, Spanish Road in Kingston w/ Skyjuice (when his belly just started getting big) at the controls.  Deejays entertaining the massive include Pinchers (when he was hot), Papa San (deejaying some of his longest lyrics), Lecturer, Brigadier Jerry (with a top notch performance), Daddy Life, Danny Dread, Puddy Roots, Joe Lickshot, Bam Stepper, Culture Martin, Little Rohan, and more!!!> 1987

REGGAE SPLASH (JA) <Stage  wicked stage show w/ Lt. Stitchie at his very best, a very skinny Major Mackerel performing the hits that made him famous, Cocoa Tea, Gregory Isaacs, DJ Daddy the oldest deejay in the world, General Trees doing "Peanut Man" and "Minivan" as he thrills the crowd with his dancing, and more!!!  The show ends with a brawta featuring General Trees and Echo Minott going verse fi verse that mash up the place!!)> 1987

STONE LOVE L/S REDMAN L/S KLASSIQUE AT NATIONAL STADIUM (JA) <Delly Mac Syndicate and Prestige Promotions in Association with Interim Artistry and Redman, the Record Producer presents Stone Love, Redman Hi Power, and Klassique in National Stadium!  Live on Redman Hi Power is Admiral Bailey, Rappa Robert amd Tippa Lee, John Wayne, and Pompidoo.  Stone Love comes in with selector/owner Wee Pow, plus Rory and Disco Birch.  Squidly Ranking (Peter Metro''s brother) also deejays on Stone Love!  Nuff vibes!! Clear Clear Clear!!!> 1987

BURNING SPEAR IN CONCERT (JA) <Phenomenal footage of this legendary performer in concert live in Paris!> 1988

THE CROWNING OF DOWNBEAT (Bronx) <This dance make history in New York.  All the celebrities were there, including Professor Nuts, Colin Roach, Shabba Ranks, Anthony Malvo, Wolfman, and the list goes on.  Classic selector Tony Screw juggles, then the crew performs live!  This one bring back memories of how dance in NY use to be...> 1988

GIL BAILEY RADIO SHOW'S 19th ANNIV (NYC) <The Godfather of Reggae Radio in NYC, Gil Bailey, celebrates his 19th anniversary and Downbeat the Ruler w/ selector Tony Screw is on hand to help him celebrate.  Also in the house is Shabba Ranks (in the prime of his career), Little Twitch, Admiral Bailey, and Junie Ranks> (Quality Fair but a Must Have!) 1988

KILLAMANJARO VS ROMANTIC (JA) <A wicked dance/stage show Killamanjaro style, back in the days when live deejays, not dubplates, ran the mic.  Features selector Jeremy Lee  at the controls and Killamanjaro's top singers and deejays, as well as some from King Jammys and Romantic.  The roster included Ninja Man, Junior Cat, Hammermouth, Junior Demus, Major Mackerel, Lecturer, Little Twitch, Shadow Man, Hopeton James, Sanchez, Don Angelo, Little John, Conrad Crystal, caucasian deejay Dominique, and much more!!!>  (Quality Fair - Slight Jittering At Times - A Must Have!) 1988

CHICAGO SNOW SPLASH (ILLINOIS) <Watch Shabba  Ranks in his prime do all his hits, alongside DJ/comedian Lecturer and Little Twitch> Late 80's

FRESH 89 (JA) <Stage show containing the biggest artists of that year including Papa San , Admiral Bailey and more!!> 1989

INDEPENDENCE SPLASHDOWN (JA) <The Lissant Road Crew presents a 4 sound bashment featuring Stone Love, Metromedia, Classique, and Super Saint.  Live artists include Japanese, Junie Ranks, Tanto Metro, Danny Dread, etc.  It also features some X-plicit shots as the videoman hits "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) and gets some underneath footage of the sexy ladies in the dance!!> (Also a Bashment Video) 1989

STING 1989 (JA) <Watch veterans of yesteryear perform at this annual event, including Tiger, Johnny P, Cocoa Tea, Little Kirk, Sanchez, Admiral Bailey, Tuffist, and more all on stage at the same time!> (Quality Fair - Occassional lines but great video!) 1989

STONE LOVE AT BILTMORE (Bklyn) <One of the biggest stage shows in foreign! JQ Promotion brings the immortal Stone Love with veteran selector Rory to Biltmore!! Watch Shabba, Major Mackerel, Junior Demus, Little Twitch, and Ninja Man mash up di place> (Also a Bashment Video) 1989

STONE LOVE VS METROMEDIA (JA) <Its a pre-Sunsplash bashment as B & F Promotions brings Stone Love and Metromedia to Berger Place in Kitson Town.  The vibes is wicked as live artists rush the stage including Shabba Ranks and son Risto Benji, Papa San, Doctor C, Daddy Skull, Japanese, Bunny General, Captain Barkey, Little John, Danny Dread, Colin Roach,  Papa Toyan, and nuff others.  It also features some X-plicit shots as the videoman hits "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) and gets some underneath footage of the sexy ladies in the dance!!  A wicked dance fi real!!> 1989

CHAMPIONS IN ACTION (JA) <Wicked stage show featuring Shabba Ranks, Sanchez, Ninja Man, Josey Wales, General Trees, Johnny P, Clement Irie, Junie Ranks, and Nigger Mickey!> 1989

SUNSPLASH 89 (JA) <Jamaica's annual stage show again with the best artists performing at their max!  See some of your old favorites when they first came on the scene!> 1989

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1990s and Beyond

3 SOUND CLASH: METROMEDIA VS INNERCITY VS EXODUS NUCLEAR (JA) <One of the wickedest 3 sound events recorded in reggae history!!! Kept in Harborview, Kingston, live artists include Papa San, Tanto Metro, Cutty Ranks, Tiger, and more.  When Shabba Ranks touches the stage is murder!!! Other live artists include Little Twitch, Major Mackerel, Ruddy Irie, Sister Charmaine, Shelly Thunder, Angie Angel, Blacka Ranks, The Dum (mute DJ), and more!! Just about everybody you can think of performed at this dance!> (Quality Fair but a Classic!!) (Approx. 1 Hour) 2-24-90

3 THE ROUGH WAY IN BILTMORE (NYC) <This dance took place in the legendary Biltmore Ballroom and featured the Late Nicodemus in combination with Junior Demus and Super Cat doing their hit single "Cabin Stabbing" among other tunes.  Also present is Louie Ranking and Trevor Sparks who both gave the crowd a solid performance.  Music was provided by King Addies alongside the Immortal Stone Love.> 1990

BODYGUARD L/S INNER CITY L/S GEMEINI (JA) <Three of Jamaica's top notch sounds juggle some hard core tunes fi di massive> 12/5/90

DJ BIG LEAGUE SHOWDOWN (JA) <The biggest DJs in the business battle it out to please the crowd> 1990

SHOWDOWN 90 (JA)  <Its a Showdown in Portmore but it seems more like Sunsplash with entertainers such as Shabba Ranks & Krystal (performing the tune that went number one for 16 weeks straight; "Twice my Age"), Ninja Man (who had female fans literally rolling on the floor), Professor Nuts (had the place in stitches with his jokes), Papa San, Jr. Demus (the ruffneck chicken in his prime!), Admiral Tibet, Thriller U, Richie Stevens, Little Meeky & Daddy Meeky, Risto Benji, UU Madoo, Honorable Apache, and Mr. Pants, all backed by the Ridim Kings Band!> 1990

BEST OF THE UNDERGROUND (NYC) <A documentary/stageshow compilation of the greatest live reggae performances over the years at this legendary club in Manhattan, NYC.  The performances range from the late 1980's to the early 1990s.  Artists featured include Tiger, Shabba Ranks & Crystal, Lt. Stitchie, Johnny P, Foxy Brown, Redd Foxx & Naturally, Shelly Thunder, Major Mackerel, Dominique (the caucasian deejay), and much much more. (Volume 1 & 2) (Quality Fair - poor visibility but great video!) Early 90's

CHAMPIONS OF DANCEHALL (JA) <Featuring Stone Love, Metromedia, & Kenyatta.  Live performances by such artists as Cutty Ranks, Doctor C, Junior Cat, Yellow Man, Snagga Puss, Captain Barkey, and Blacka Ranks>  Early 90's

KING ADDIES & DOWNBEAT STAGESHOW (Bklyn) <Two foundation sounds juggle for the NYC massive (a little clash vibes was present too). Plus wicked performances by Half Pint, Major Mackerel, Captain Remo, Mikey Merrick, Ackee and Saltfish (Japanese DJ's), and much more!!  Nuff vibes!!!> Early 90's

DOUBLE BILL: 1. METROMEDIA  2. GEMINI & STONE LOVE (NYC & JA) <This video is also billed as the "Gone But Not Forgotten" because of the many entertainers on it that are no longer with us!  The first half features Metromedia and Gemini in the legendary Biltmore Ballroom in Brooklyn.  This dance features such greats as The Late Early B and the Late Nicodemus, two veterans of the dancehall.  It also features Trevor Sparks in his prime as well as a clash between Jamaica's number one female Dee Jay, Sister Charmaine, and England's top Sheejay, Lorna G.  The second half features Stone Love Movements at St. Anns Bay in Jamaica, with legendary selectors Wee Pow and Cancer.  This dance features such entertainers as The Late Great Garnet Silk, Toney Rebel, Half Pint, Yasus Tafari, Wicker Man & Captain Barkey, Apache Scratchie, and Super Morris.  Is pure vibes!!!!>  (60 min) 1991

AFRIQUE STAGE SHOW (Bklyn) <Afrique crew does some hard core juggling, with live artists such as Junior Demus, Nicodemus(the late), Peter Metro, Nardo Ranks, and more performing> (Also a Bashment Video) 1991

KILLAMANJARO IN TORONTO (CANADA) <Ricky Trooper and Killamanjaro mixes down Josey Wales, Brigadier Jerry, Sister Nancy in Toronto, Canada!> (Quality Fair) 1996

STUR GAV'S BEST OF THE WEST (JA) <In the far west seclude of LLandilo, Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland, the Messenger Luciano makes a rare guest appearance on Stur Gav.  Special Guest selector G.T. Taylor alongside veteran Inspector Willie throws down selection as the Messenger brings the dance to spiritual heights.  The Stur Gav crew is there also, including Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin, Little Twitch, Papa Biggie, and special guest Puddy Roots! >  (Also Available on Audio Tape) 10-10-98

CULTURE LIVE IN AFRICA camera.gif (1111 bytes) (AFRICA) <On December 14th, 2000 Culture arrived in South Africa to perform three historic shows organized by Justin Engels of label/distributor Revolver Records.  Although Culture had performed in many African countries before, this would be his first time in South Africa.  December 15th was the day that the schools all let out in Capetown and it was the night of the first show.  Culture has been the biggest selling group for Revolver for many years and the night was full of anticipation as he hit the stage.  The crowd of 10,000 was made up of whites, blacks, and many dreads from the Capetown area.  Once Culture was jamming, the corwd was united as one people.  There was no more thought of apartheid, only a united, free South Africa.  This is the true power of reggae, and of Culture - who has always loved Africans and been loved by Africans in return.  He performed over twenty hits, including: "Jah Jah See Them A Come", "Legalization", "Jah Rastafari", "Never Get Weary", "Two 7's Clash", and much more!   Historically documented on DVD/Video and audio, we present to you this classic night of Culture, Live In Africa!> 12-15-00 (Released Spring 2004)

*SHOWDOWN DOWNTOWN (BKLYN) camera.gif (1111 bytes) <The year's biggest foundation clash thus far takes place in Club Warehouse in Brooklyn, New York!!!!  Downbeat, Saxon, Killamanjaro, and Bodyguard meet up for a musical showcase of big tunes!! Each sound seems evenly matched.  Downbeat with Tony Screw at the control is New York City's ruling foundation sound, a title they have never given up.  Screw has one of the most exclusive dub box in the business - a combination of hardcore dubs as well as exclusive 45s you can't find anywhere - and always seems to keep up to date on the big tunes of the day (Beres, etc).  Saxon has long been England's forerunner when it comes to the line of foundation tunes.  Their box is easily one of the deepest in the business, and they are no stranger to Nitty Gritty or Tenor Saw, which they have a habit of unleashing when you least expect it!  Killamanjaro has been killing sounds for years with foundation dubs cut by Jeremy Lee, Mr. Harper, etc, and their Tenor Saws and Nitty Grittys world renown!  Bodyguard has long been a force to be reckoned with, and has boasted some of the biggest tunes in the business, including the Jimmy Cliff exclusive, "Many Rivers to Cross".  Imagine these four foundation power houses going at it in a gruelsome 3 hour clash that culminates in a 4-way Dub Fi Dub!!! Some sound bwoys get taken to shool inna dis one!! A History Dance and A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Also Available on Audio Tape) 4-19-02

REAL AUTHENTIC REGGAE BASH camera.gif (1111 bytes) (WORLDWIDE) <Ras Records Label, one of the premier dsitributers of cultural and positive reggae music worldwide presents a brilliant compilation of videos representing 18 highlights from their impressive catalogue.  So much talent gathered on one single DVD/Video accounts for a document unrivaled in many ways!  Tune in to memorable performances by Israel Vibration ("Rudebwoy Shufflin", "Feelin' Irie", "Hard Road", "Livety In The Hood"), Culture ("Riverside", "Addis Ababba"), Black Uhuru ("Fire City", "Great Train Robbery"), JC Lodge ("Loving You"), Roots Radics ("Radically Radics"), Gondwana ("Antonia", "Verde, Amarillo y Rojo"), Peter Broggs ("Cease The War"), Yellow Man ("Reggae On The Move", "Prayer", "Party"), Mystic Revealers ("Righteous"), Mighty Diamonds ("Gone Bad"), Eek A Mouse ("Safari"), Michigan & Smiley ("Sugar Daddy"), and Tony Rebel ("Si Jah Esta A Lado De Me")> (Released Spring 2004)

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