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WORLD CLASH 2003 (QUEENS) <Well Fall is the season for WORLD CLASH treason and this year was no different!!!  With guest hosts Bounty Killer and Squeeze at the helm, WORLD CLASH 2003 (the 6th installment) lived up to it's promise of war, surprises, and controversy - all within the confines of its permanent home, Club Amazura in Queens, New York City!!  This year the line up included returning Champ Rebel Tone (here to disprove the theory that his win last year was a "lucky win"); Black Kat (who almost dun UK Cup Clash 2003 b/4 being disqualified for cursing); Mighty Crown (with Global Cup Clash 2002, Rumble In NY 45 Style 2003, and UK 45 Shootout 2003 titles under their belt); Poison Dart (outta Florida who earned a last minute entry into WORLD CLASH 2003 by winning the US Rumble - Road To World Clash 2003 the week before to be named the US Representative); One Blood Hi Pawa (a well known dancehall and warhead sound (from Italy who almost gave it to Pow Pow at EURO CLASH 2002; and Matsimela, (the Shepherd who led Trinidad to WORLD CLASH 2002 and gave a spectacular performance). 

As always this year's WORLD CLASH was filled with drama, and the deciding vote to crown the victor was again immersed in controversy!!  To get the full scoop one has to listen to the dance in it's entirety from start to end, but for those who want the early scoop here's a quick preview: The first round was introductory with no elimination - Mighty Crown won the round hands down by flattening the place in their usual fashion.   In the second round Panther came out swinging and wasted no time taking the rest of the sounds to school, except for Mighty Crown who arguably played the best round of the clash in this round.  Rebel Tone was the first to go as they drowned amidst a sea of technical difficulties punctuated by poor tune selection. Black Kat took the second round.  In round three all the sounds were forced to step up their game as two sounds would be eliminated after this round.   Black Kat and Mighty Crown again rose to the occassion, with Black Kat getting the edge over them to take another consecutive round!  Poison Dart scrambled to get a vibe going but poor MC'ing could not bring across the heavy tunes they were dropping, forcing them to exit.  Matsimela and One Love played almost equally, and the crowd was stuck between eliminating one of the two.  When the smoke cleared Matsimela was given their exiting papers.  The fourth round was a three-way 45 shoot out between the remainding sounds: Black Kat, Mighty Crown, and One Love.   Mighty Crown came in with some Bob Marley and other juggling favorites to get the crowd on their side.  One Love played a superior round in terms of their choice of 45s - very unique (you don't hear them everyday).  They were daring in their selections and the crowd tried to show their appreciation as best they could, albeit at times getting lost in the depth of One Love's tune.  Black Kat, like Mighty Crown, stuck to the old favorites that everyone knew, and basically cruised through the won round amidst some huge forwards, taking that round as well (according to the fans). 

At the end of the night some wicked dubs, interesting and hillarious speech, and a ton load of play over tunes sealed the fate of all involved, and the crowd was forced to choose their victor without the need for Dub Fi Dub!!  By far this is an over-simplified explanation of the biggest clash of the year!  Get your copy, cast your vote, and decide who you think is the correct winner!! A Must Have!!!!!!>  (Vol 1-4) 10-11-03