dotani.gif (1653 bytes) A SPEAKER (audio1.gif (5676 bytes)) OR VIDEO CAMERA (camera_icon_ani.gif (4177 bytes)) ICON INDICATES A THAT A MULTIMEDIA SAMPLE OF THE VIDEO IS AVAILABLE.
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VYBZ KARTEL BIRTHDAY BASH 2004 camera.gif (1111 bytes) <Live: Vybz Kartel, Bounty Killer, Sizzla, Predator, General B, Bling Dawg, Danny English, Alley Kat, etc!> Spring 2004

REBEL SALUTE 2004 camera.gif (1111 bytes) <Sizzla, Capleton, Tony Rebel, Luciano, Half Pint, Natty King, Junior Kelly, Richie Spice, etc!> (Vol 1 & 2) 1-17-04

TRELAWNY FUN FEST 2004 camera.gif (1111 bytes) <Beres Hammond, Anthony B, Sizzla, Cocoa Tea, Barrington Levy, Everton Blender, Determine, Jigsy King, etc!!> 1-1-04

STING 2003 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <STING 2003 has always been the proving grounds for artists both young and old, and whether or not STING clashes are planned or spontaneous, they have been a strong and respected part of the stage show's tradition.  We have seen some great ones in the years past, and most of them have featured Ninja Man in one way or another: Ninja Man versus Flourgon and Crew (late 80s), Ninja Man vs Super Cat, Ninja Man versus Cobra, Ninja Man versus Bounty Killer, Ninja Man versus Beenie Man, Ninja Man versus Merciless.. and the list goes on.  But this year's Ninja's appearance took an unsuspected turn for the worst when an Vybez Kartel (mad that his performance had to follow the energy gad Elephant Man) decided to inject some war into is act by calling up the Gorgon on stage in an to attempt to take his stripe.   Ninja Man rose to the challenge in usual fashion, but mid-lyrics he was attacked by a frustrated Vybez Kartel with a microphone, and soon after a roaring gang of Vybez Kartel fans descended on the Gorgon with kicks and punches.  By the time security intervened Ninja Man had suffered bruises and was bleeding.  Also live on stage: Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Vybez Kartel, Ninja Man, Sanchez, Predator, Kiprich, Anthony B,  Anthony Cruz, Richie Spice, and more!  A Must Have!!!> (Also Available On CD) [The Video/DVD is an edited compilationof the said acts from STING 2003 from various camera sources of varying quality, and features exclusive backstage footage and interviews surrounding the antics that took place onstage between Ninja Man and Vybez Kartel] 12-26-03 [Released Spring 2004]

*BEENIE MAN B-DAY BASH 2003 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <A R.A.P. Family Promotiuons.  The Grammy Kid Beenie Man celebrates his birthday at a mega bash in the Elite Ark in Brooklyn and it's all about a bashment stage show.  Hosted by New York's premier Hip Hop-R&B-Reggae radio station Hot97's Mister Cee and dancehall oldies legend Glama Wayne, this was no doubt an event to remember!  Also live in the place celebrating their birthdays are Mark Davis (Beenie Man's "brother") and none other than Jamaica's #1 dance creator, Bogle!  Plucky Ranks (ace Brooklyn deejay) also makes an appearance.  Its all about the Doctor performing live, with Bogle doing the latest dances!!  9-7-03 [Released Spring 2004]

*TOWER HILL SPLASH camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Beenie Man Promotion takes the armshouse to Tower Hill as they put on a wicked stage show featuring the doctor himself Beenie Man performing hit after hit!!  Also in the mix is the girls them pet Baby Cham, year to year lyricist Spragga Benz, the amusing Kiprich, hardcore deejay Bling Dawg, and much more!> Fall 2003 [Released Spring 2004]

*BALLERS SPLASH camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <It's a mega bashment stage show featuring who's who in the deejay world as well as the top a top of the sound system fraternity.  Music is provided by the Immortal Stone Love alonside Mr. Hype himself Fire Links, Strike Force, and Killer 1.  Live on stage: Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, Baby Cham, Wayne Marshall, Assassin, Bling Dawg, Kiprich, Chico, Predator, Hornsman, and more> Summer 2003 [Released Spring 2004]

*ELEPHANT MAN HIGHER LEVEL TOUR camera.gif (1111 bytes) <Lets face it, from 2001 straight up to 2004 Elephant Man has ruled the reggae scene with an iron fist by bringing the "Dance" back in Dancehall (as Bounty Kilelr puts it).  From the "Higher Level" to "Signal the Plane" to a dozen more dances, the energy god has revitalized the dancehall scene, inspiring ace dancers such as Bogle, Ice, and John Hype to put back on their dancing shoes.  Now even the Hip Hop world has been bitten by the dance bug!   For the past two years Elephant Man has released back to back hits, and with almost every one he has invented a dance to match!! For all the dance fans out there this DVD/Video features dancehall's #1 mad man at his best during the Higher Level Tour, doing Hype Tunes & Wicked Dances!  The tour also features other guest artists!> Spring 2003 [Released Spring 2004]

REAL AUTHENTIC REGGAE BASH camera.gif (1111 bytes) (WORLDWIDE) <Ras Records Label, one of the premier dsitributers of cultural and positive reggae music worldwide presents a brilliant compilation of videos representing 18 highlights from their impressive catalogue.  So much talent gathered on one single DVD/Video accounts for a document unrivaled in many ways!  Tune in to memorable performances by Israel Vibration ("Rudebwoy Shufflin", "Feelin' Irie", "Hard Road", "Livety In The Hood"), Culture ("Riverside", "Addis Ababba"), Black Uhuru ("Fire City", "Great Train Robbery"), JC Lodge ("Loving You"), Roots Radics ("Radically Radics"), Gondwana ("Antonia", "Verde, Amarillo y Rojo"), Peter Broggs ("Cease The War"), Yellow Man ("Reggae On The Move", "Prayer", "Party"), Mystic Revealers ("Righteous"), Mighty Diamonds ("Gone Bad"), Eek A Mouse ("Safari"), Michigan & Smiley ("Sugar Daddy"), and Tony Rebel ("Si Jah Esta A Lado De Me")> (Also a Foundation DVD/Video) [Released Spring 2004]

CULTURE LIVE IN AFRICA camera.gif (1111 bytes) (AFRICA) <On December 14th, 2000 Culture arrived in South Africa to perform three historic shows organized by Justin Engels of label/distributor Revolver Records.  Although Culture had performed in many African countries before, this would be his first time in South Africa.  December 15th was the day that the schools all let out in Capetown and it was the night of the first show.  Culture has been the biggest selling group for Revolver for many years and the night was full of anticipation as he hit the stage.  The crowd of 10,000 was made up of whites, blacks, and many dreads from the Capetown area.  Once Culture was jamming, the corwd was united as one people.  There was no more thought of apartheid, only a united, free South Africa.  This is the true power of reggae, and of Culture - who has always loved Africans and been loved by Africans in return.  He performed over twenty hits, including: "Jah Jah See Them A Come", "Legalization", "Jah Rastafari", "Never Get Weary", "Two 7's Clash", and much more!   Historically documented on DVD/Video and audio, we present to you this classic night of Culture, Live In Africa!> (Also a Foundation DVD/Video) 12-15-00 [Released Spring 2004]

BUJU BANTON & FRIENDS LIVE 1993 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Fayors Entertainment in association with Dave Kelly and the Penthouse Crew presents a wicked stage show in Mandeville featuring none other than Jamaica's [then] best new deejay Buju Banton and a line of other brilliant acts.  It has only been a year since Buju Banton hit the dancehall reggae scene, and in that one year he had already made a name for himself as one of Jamaica's finest dancehall entertainers.  Not only did he demolish Sunsplash the year before, but he had also done well for himself abroad, including performing at New York's famed Biltmore Ballroom in Brooklyn (home of modern day sound clash).  With hits like "Bogle Dance", "Stamina Daddy", and "Browning", Buju Banton captured the hearts of dancehall fans young and old, and this DVD/Video displays just that.  With an energetoc performance and a penchant for making the girls scream, Buju can be seen here at the top of his game.  Hosted by Dancehall personality Richie B, the show also featured memorable performances by the Late Great Garnet Silk, The immortal Sanchez, and the always entertaining Wayne Wonder, as well as singer Jack Radics, ace culture deejay Tony Rebel, and General Trim!) 1993 [Released Spring 2004]

barradarani.gif (8656 bytes) 


FULLY LOADED 2003 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Well Matterhorn's beach has moved from Fort Clarence Beach to a new venue in Negril, but that didn't stop the mental from flattening the place at this annual juggling war and stage show affair.  In fact Matterhorn unleashed on just about everyone and every sound, including the police officer who escorted him off stage when he got hype and started to use profanity to get his point accross.  The result?  He returns to the stage with a vengence and flattens the beach as he took the crowd way back to Fully Loaded #1 and came straight up back, unleashing anthem after anthem along the way!!   Renaissance also performs and as usual buss the crowd with their Hip Hop-Reggae flava punctuated with a few exclusive remixes of course!  Then live on stage: Elephant Man, Bounty Killer, Vybez Cartel, Wayne Marshall, Predator, Kip Rich, Kid Kurrupt, Queen Paula and Pickney, and more!! Nuff Vibes, Nuff Music, and Nuff Drama!!!> (Also Available On CD) (Also A Sound System DVD/Video) 8-1-03

SUMFEST 2003 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA)  <This year's annual reggae festival features a plethora of national and international artists.  The DVD/Video set includes Dancehall Night and Singers Night.  Dancehall Night features the likes of Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, Beenie Man, Baby Cham, Vybez Cartel, Spragga Benz, Kiprich, Ninja Man, Cobra, Wayne Marshall, Predator, Bling Dawg, Lady Saw, Assassin, Sugar Slick, Anthony Cruz, Chuck Fender, Empress Ida, Miss Thing, Junko, Keeva, Sadiki, dance crews and more!   Singer's Night includes Buju Banton, Sizzla, Beres Hammond, Wayne Wonder, Warrior King, Marcia Griffiths, Bushman, Turbulance, and more!) (Vol 1-3) Summer 2003 MORE

IT'S THA PARTY camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Bounty Killer's Annual B-day Stageshow is as lively as ever as the deejay fraternity comes out to support it's warlord.  Live on stage is the Killer himself along with Elephant Man, Wayne Marshall, Vybez Cartel, Assassin, Lady Saw, Ward 21, Kiprich, General B, Angel Doolas, Lady Mackerel, Jamaica's 2002 Japanese Dancehall Queen Suckoo, Johnny Cat and Armanda Cat, and more!> Summer 2003

SPRING BREAK 2003 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <A wicked and hype bashment and stage show featuring Stone Love & Rebel T as the musical source!!  Live on stage: Capleton, Ninja Man, Vybez Cartel, Spice, Mega Banton, Delly Ranks, and more!> (Also Available On CD) 3-16-03

SKYJUICE B-DAY BASH 2003 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Annual Ting w/ Nuff Vibes & Nuff Sexy Gal & Rude Bwoys Doing The Latest Dances!   Plus live on stage are Anthony B, Junior Reid, Nitty Kutchie, and more to help Skyjuice celebrate!  Its all about dancing till a daylight as in the wee hours Skyjuice gets mad and starts bussing some dance styles with some of Jamaica's hottest dance crews!   Nuff Vibes!> (Also a Bashment Video) Spring 2003

*REBEL SALUTE 2003 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <The annual all culture stageshow features all the top cultural artists of 2002-2003 at the Port Kaiser Sports Club in St. Elizabeth!! Features Luciano, Sizzla, Buju Banton, etc!!> (Vol 1 & Vol 2) 1-18-03

VYBEZ CARTEL BASH 2003 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Vybez Cartel keeps his annual birthstrong celebration and its all about the sexy ladies and rude bwoys coming to represent!!  Live on stage: Bounty, Vybez Cartel, Elephant Man, Spragga, Sizzla, Determin, Bling Dawg, etc> (Vol 1 & Vol 2) (Also a Bashment Video) 1-11-03

CAPLETON - MORE FIRE camera.gif (1111 bytes) (QUEENS) <The Fireman mash up Amazura doing hits like!  Plus bonus double feature: Tiger Spectacular!> (Released 2003)

barradarani.gif (8656 bytes)


*EAST FEST II 2002 (JA) <Annual Cultural stageshow features the top acts of 2002 including Morgan Heritage, Buju Banton, Bushman, Norris Man, LMS, Chrisinti, Cocoa Tea, Mighty Diamonds, L.U.S.T., and more.  This year EAST FEST invites dancehall artists such as Bounty Killer, Wayne Marshall, and Richie Stevens!> (Vol 1 & 2) 12-28-02

STING 2002 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Greatest One Nite Stageshow on Earth!  Bounty, Ninja Man, Beenie, Buju, Capleton, etc!> (Also Available on CD & Tape) 12-26-02

BERES HAMMOND - MUSIC IS LIFE camera.gif (1111 bytes) (NYC) <Beres Live in Concert at Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC.   Plus Maxi Priest, Wlcelf jean, Redd Foxx, Ginja, etc> Released 2002

DIWALI FEST 2002: ELEPHANT MAN & FRIENDS DVD camera.gif (1111 bytes) (BKLYN) <A Exclusive!!  Super Claude from Afrique Sound Station outta Brooklyn is a veteran when it comes to keeping mega basments in New York City and Jamaica.  So when it was time for his Annual Labor Day B-Day Bash, it was no surprise that Club Warehouse in Brooklyn, NYC was off the hook!  This year was termed DIWALI FEST 2002, and the musical experience was provided by the biggest sounds in the business: Afrique, Steelie Bashment, Libra Love, and the Immortal Stone Love (w/ Rory and Geefus).  It's a holiday so of course the place was jam packed with sexy body ladies and rude bwoys doing their thang, but no one knew the place would turn upside down when the stage-show segment started (hosted by veteran Glama Wayne)!!  It was live Sumfest up in the dance with Live on stage: Elephant Man, Kiprich, Danny English and Egg Nog, Ghost, veteran deejay Major Mackerel, Brooklyn's own Plucky Ranks, Q45 label newcommer New Kid, and more!!  Of course these entertainers wasted no time to battery the "Diwali" Rhythm, performing their hits on the track!!  From start to end, this event was full of action and armshouse: from Elephant Man teaching the crowd how to do the Log On, Online, Drive By, and Higher Level Dances, to Elephant Man, Stereo Fish (Libra Love selector), and Major Mackerel going into a "fast Talking" deejay clash, to Elephant Man grabbing a girl on stage and ramming the "you know what" outta her!!!  Mi can't talk no more!!!   This is A Must Have with No Apology!!!> (Also a Bashment Video) 9-2-02

FULLY LOADED 2002 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Its the annual "juggling" version of WORLD CLASH at Fort Clarence Beach and and as always its surprises on top of surprises as the best of the best in the juggling arena square off in one venue for one day only!!!  Music was provided by Tony Matterhorn, Renaissance, One Love Hi Pawa outta Italy, Metromedia, Black Chiney, DJ Khalid, Left Side & Esco, Vendetta, and outta the US Ecstacy from New Jersey and Concord from the Bronx!   Hosted by ace deejay Spragga Benz and radio personalities Barry G and Nuffy, live entertainers that were there to represent included Hip Hop and R&B acts Jah Rule and Ashant outta Murder Inc, Bounty Killer, Wayne Marshall, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Bling Dawg, Roundhead, Lady Saw, Zumjay, Wickerman & Captain Barkey, Real Ediat, Bentley Kid & Essence, Mickey Pelpa, Serial Killer, and more!!  Fan violence erupted, preventing annual heavyweights Tony Matterhorn and Renaissance from flattening the beach as they usually would!!  But that was not a problem since Black Chiney and Skyjuice of Metromedia more than flatten their share oif the event, with Chiney playing dubplates calling Sharon Burke (the promoter of Fully Loaded ) name in it! Matterhorn may own the beach at Fully Loaded, but as Bobby Chin of Black Chiney aptly put it, they pay rent!!!!!! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Sound System Video) 7-28-02

*SUMFEST 2002  (JA) <Annual event featuring the top reggae acts in Jamaica and worldwide for 2002, including Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, Capleton, and Kiprich!!> 7-25-02

*ROCK AWAY (JA) <Bass Odyssey calls Jah Creation to juggle alongside them in their homtown of Alexandria, St. Ann.  The vibes is right as the one rack mash up the place wid some country juggling as only they can.  To add to the festivities Ninja Man appears and does what he does best, namely bringing the crowd to a frenzy with his off the wall original lyrics!  All who tink sey di Don Gordon dun, need fi listen this one!!!  Nuff Vibes!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Sound System Video) 7-6-02

CARIFEST 2002 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (NYC) <It was all about high anticipation at the Annual Guiness Reggae Carifest on Randalls Island on Sunday, June 30th.  After taking in the likes of Ghost, Elephant Man, Spice, Kiprich, Lexxus, Idiatt, and more, fans were hyped up by the time Beenie Man took center stage!! Although he neglected to directly diss the Warlord Bounty Killer and address the argument that took place at Follow Mi Arrow 2002, he did unleash a truck load of crowd favorites!! His lable-mates Tanto & Devonte also took stage and wrecked havoc on Sunken Meadows!!  If any performer stepped to the war in a significant way that day, it was the Warhead, Merciless - who came on stage decked out in red and immediately commenced to attack Bounty Killer wid lyrics (addressing arguments that brewed from their performances at STING 2001 and MIAMI STING 2002).  And wicked lyrics they were, especially a new 30 bar war tune that flattened Sunken Meadows Park repeatedly. Many say that Bounty never quite recovered from that blow!! Bounty Killer was the last act, and upon entering the stage began to unleash lyrics targeted at Merciless! His focus soon shifted to pleasing his thousands of fans, and when he called on artists such as Pinchers and Richie Stevens to do their collaborations respectively, the crowd went into a frenzy!1 From "Riding West" to Sufferer, Bounty took fans on a roller coaster of hits past and present!! Live on the Video: Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Merciless, Tanto & Devonte, Pinchers, & Richie Stevens!! A Must Have!!> 6-30-02

CAPLETON ALBUM RELEASE PARTY (L.I.) <Bash complete with live interviews, plus the Prophet performs old and new hits to flatten Club Jamroc!> Summer 2002

*SPECTRUM 2002 (JA) <Wicked stageshow returns this year with Elephant Man, Sizzla, Baby Cham, Assassin, Wayne Marshall, Frisco Kid, Foxy Brown, Singer J, Danny English, Spice, Vibez Cartel, Future Troubles, etc!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 1-26-02

*EAST FEST 2002 (JA) <Cultural stageshow featuring Luciano, Anthony B, Warrior King, Morgan Heritage, Marcia Griffiths, Lady G, Everton Blender, Barrington Levy, Sugar Minott, Coco Tea, Iley Dread, etc> (Vol 1 & 2) Spring 2002

*VIBEZ CARTEL BASH (JA) <Upcoming deejay Vibez Cartel keeps a bashment/stagehow at La Roose in Portmore featuring music by Stone Love, Renaissance, Cash Money, and Soundwave. Its all about the sexy body girls and rude bwoys as they pose poff in the latest dancehall gear and buss the "Log On" and other hot new dances!!  The video man gets wicked and while with nuff X-Plicit "Ground Zero" shots (from the floor with camera pointing up), revealing more than these hottie hottie gals care to show!!!  Of course some girls volunteer to show their buffness (both top and bottom), and its all good!!  To add to the vibes,  live on stage is Vibez Cartel himself, Bounty Killer, Assassin, Bling Dog, Wayne Wonder, Wayne Marshall, Lexxus, Frisco Kid, Monsta Shack (Ghost, RoundHead, General B), Baby Wayne, Rohan Rohan, Original EEdiat!  Bounty pleas wid the audience to fight against government censorship of dancehall!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Bashment Video) 1-19-02

*REBEL SALUTE 2002  (JA) <The annual stage show that sets the standard for cultural performances returns again.  Put on by veteran cultural icon Tony Rebel, this year was blessed with memorable performances by Capleton, Sizzla, Luciano, Tony Rebel himself, Ras Shiloh, Junior Gong, Barrington Levy, Admiral Tibet, Everton Blender, and much much more!  A Must Have!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Vol 1 & 2) 1-12-02

*MORE CULTURE 2002  (JA) <This year More Culture is hotter than ever with artists like Capleton, Morgan's Heritage, Sizzla, Military Man, Juinior Gong, Cocoa Tea, Natural Mystic, Black Lion, Mackie Consoius, and the list continues!!> 1-1-02

barradarani.gif (8656 bytes)


RELOADED 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <The annual stage show returns this year with a host of artists...  The lineup is so impressive that even STING 2001 couldn't have boasted a better agenda.. Live music was provided by a host of sounds including Tony Matterhorn, Renaissance, and Raz & Biggy.  Artists include Elephant Man, Buju Banton, Spragga Benz, Bling Dawg, Wayne Marshall, Kiprich, Hip Hop star Ludacris, Assassin, Sugar Slick, Frankie Sly, Johnny P, Galaxy P, Blacka Ranks, Danny English, Vibes Cartel, Reagan, Monsta Twins, Spice, etc!  Highlights include Elephant Man and Kiprich going tune for tune plus Elephant Man teaches Ludacris how to deejay Jamaican Style!! In the juggling Matterhorn gets the last lap and with Jazzy T (from Renaissance) help, demolishes the place!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Bashment Video) 12-30-01

STING 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Dubbed "The Greatest One Night Reggae Show on Earth" (and with good reason), STING returns to the Jamworld Entertainment Center in Portmore and its all about rivalry and revenge!! The talk of the show  was of course the return of Ninja Man and Bounty Killer (this time in collaboration) to avenge the attack of Merciless from last year's Sting!! Ninja single-handedly took on Merciless and almost wrote him off even before the Killer took stage!! Of course when the Warlord got a piece of Merciless it was all out war!!  The Killer also took time (and lyrics) to address his seemingly never-ending rivalry with arch nemesis Beenie Man with a plethora of lyrics dissing the deejay!!!! Also live on stage: Elephant Man, Morgan Heritage, Sizzla, Warrior King, George Nooks, Anthony B, Frisco Kid, Hawkeye, Wayne Marshall, Danny English, Spice, Wickerman & Captain Barkey, Egg Nog, veterans Trinity, Scorcher, & Dillinger, Paul Elliot, and more!!  A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on CD) (Also Available on Audio Tape) 12-26-01

DELANO'S REVENGE VII camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <It's Renaissance's big dawg Delano's annual event and as one would expect, it was a musical extravaganza!  Once again the venue was the Caymanas Polo Club, and the musical vibes were provided by Renaissance (of course), Tony Matterhorn (who flattens the place with his anthems as well as some new tunes!!), Metromedia (who bun a short but wicked fire when Skyjuice takes off his shirt and shows the crowd his version of the new dances), Kurt Riley, and the Asylum DJs.  Nuff sexy girls are in the place posing off in their outfits while showing off tatoos as the rude bwoys buss the latest dances including the LOY, Jerry Springer, and Log On!! Of course no Revenge would be complete without the live artists segment, and this year the stage was graced by the likes of Bounty Killer, Wayne Marshall, Bling Dawg, Spragga Benz, Richie Stevens, Tony Curtis, and Canadian Rapper Kardinal Offishal! Nuff Vibes!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape)(Also A Bashment Video) (Also A Sound System Video) 11-9-01

LABOR DAY PARADE Y2K1 (BKLYN) <A Exclusive by Prince TuFFiE - This video features all the sights and sounds of the Annual Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn, New York.  Live and direct from Eastern Parkway in the West Indian Capital of the USA - the video captures all the major trucks as well as the fanatical flag taunting participants in carnival costumes jumping and waving as the bystanders look on!!  Special highlights include some spectacular shots of the Massive B truck featuring artists Elephant Man, Redd Foxx, and more performing live, plus the energetic Irie Jam truck featuring none other than the Doctor himself Grammy Artist Beenie Man, alongside Ward 21 performing their Summer 2001 mega-hit "Chi Chi Man Car"!!  All this plus sexy body ladies and rude bwoys in !! We captured it all!> (Also a Bashment Video) 9-3-01

CHAMPIONS IN ACTION 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <The Presidential Clique in association with Guiness and Busta presents Champions In Action 2001!  The annual stage show returns bigger and badder than ever with all the top acts in the business live on stage at Fort Clarence Beach!! This year the vibes was hotter than ever, even though the entertainers were pressured by police to perform swiftly as the show came to a close! The line up this year included the likes of Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Bling Dawg, Sizzla Kolunji, Monsta Shack (Ghost, Roundhead, and General B), Anthony B, Lexxus, Frisco Kid, Tanto & Devonte, Alley Kat, Singer J, and the list continues!  Bounty Killer uses this opportunity once again to lash out against Beenie Man in the never-ending war between the two!!! A Must Have!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 8-19-01

*HEAVYWEIGHT COUNTDOWN (JA) <Its all about the sexy body ladies as Tony Mentally ILL Matterhorn teams up with the Uptown Remix Kings Renaissance, the Fireman Fire Links, remix turntablist DJ Khalid outta Miami, and In-X-S in Mobay at Sumfest!!!   Did we forget to mention the Gunz & Roses Crew who are in Explicit Mode, literally half-naked and skinning out - offering nuff eye candy for the massive with their sexy bodies and outrageous outfits!!!   The Sexy Girls SEX-PRESS themselves for the videoman filming from ground zero (on the floor with camera pointing up) to get all X-plicit footage up under these beauties!!! War erupts once again between Fire Links and Matterhorn, who decides to turn the event into another FULLY LOADED!! To top it off Ninja Man performs Live!!!> (Also a Bashment Video) (Also A Sound System Video) 7-31-01

*SUMFEST 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <*SUMFEST (JA) <Its not Sunsplash but it just may have well have been!!!!  The annual stage show returns with a wicked line up of artists, and this year it was loaded with controversy as the war within the deejay fraternity broke loose on stage!!! Live on Stage is Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Wayne Marshall, Sizzla, Warrior King, Merciless, Frisco Kid, Kitty Paw, Lexxus, Gringo, and more!!!  Beenie takes the stage demanding that the Warlord Bounty Killer join him to battle out their differences - of course dropping some hardcore clash lyrics directed towards the warlord!! Lexxus flies up on stage to defend his war with Bounty Killer as well!!  Even Kitty Paw tries to take a stripe off the Warlord!   However when Bounty Killer takes the stage he single-handedly takes on Beenie Man, Lexxus, Merciless, and all of their followers.  When Beenie - hyped up by Bounty's lyrics - decides to rush the stage, nuff armshouse takes place!!! A Must Have!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 7-31-01

*BLING DAWG SUMMER JAM (JA) <Rising star Bling Dawg keeps a wicked stage show and the Top-A-Top acts of 2001 come through to perform for the talented deejay!! Headliners include Beenie Man and Bounty Killa, who add yet another chapter to the never ending fued between then by exchanging lyrical war vibes on stage once again.. Also on the bill are Bling Dawg himself of course, as well as Elephant Man, Wayne Wonder, Wayne Marshall, Frisco Kid, and the list goes on!   Nuff vibes!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 7-14-01

*TANTO METRO B-DAY BASH (JA) <Shocking Vibes superstar Tanto Metro celebrates his birthstrong at Paradise Cove in Bull Bay, St. Thomas and its more like a stage show.. On hand to provide the musical entertainment are sounds like Stone Love, Metromedia, Renaissance, Fire Links, and Beenie Man's own sound system selected by the Doctor himself!! Then live on stage to help the star celebrate: Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Baby Cham, Bling Dawg, his partner Devonte, Nitty Kutchie, and more.  Beenie Man goes up against Frisco Kid!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 6-3-01

*FIRE 2001 camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Horseman Promotions once again presents their annual stage show featuring some of the hottest cultural artists in the business. The venue this year was Market Place Car Park, Red Hills Road, Kingston, and the This line up included Capleton, Sizzla, Louie Culture, Coco Tea, Everton Blender, Anthony B, Lady Saw, and Richie Spice.> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 5-23-01

*LADY SAW B-DAY BASH (JA) <The queen of dancehall slackness celebrates her birthstrong and this bash was more like a stage show as all the wickedest entertainers in the biz came out to help her celebrate!> (Vol 1 & 2) 4-21-01

*LOADED ON THE BEACH 2001 (JA) <Tony Matterhorn, Renaissance, and Jah Creation provide the musical vibes for this mega bash and stage show at the Caribbean Beach Park in Ironshore, Montego Bay.  .. Then live on stage are Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Tanto Metro & Devonte, Bling Dawg, and more!! Its an action packed event when the doctor (Beenie Man), the warlord (Bounty Killa), and the newbie (Bling Dawg) rush the stage one time and mash up the show in the daylight hours!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 4-14-01

*AQUA FEST 2001 (JA) <The annual Annual stage show returns to Mobay. This year the line up included Beenie Man, Babycham, Red Rat, Voice Mail!> 3-10-01

*BUZZ 2001 (JA) <Its pure excitement in Asylum Nite Club in New Kingston as as Asylum Promotions in association with True Blue Promotions presents a huge indoor bashment and stage show.  Music is provided by One Blood alongside Asylums's own spin masters.   Bogle and the Black Roses Crew are also present bussing the new dancing and flexing in a way only they can as they sexy girls and rude bwoys in Asylum shock out!!!!!   Plus live on stage are Bounty Killer, Spragga Benz, Risto Benji (Shabba's son), T.O.K., Assassin (Spragga's protege'), Enz Crew, and more..> (Also a Bashment Video) 3-01

*ITS ME AGAIN JAH (JA) <Its a cultural stage show featuring some veterans in the business including the likes of Luciano, George Nooks, Tony Rebel, Freddie Mc Greggor, Kulcha Knox, Angie Angle, and more!> 2-27-01

*WILLIE HAGART & LITTLE MISS ANNIVERSARY 2001 (JA) <Dancehall Icon and Don of Arnette Gardens Willie Hagart and his lovely wife celebrate their wedding anniversary and the entire Black Roses Crew represent at this BaShMeNt, SpLaShMeNt!!! Of course ace dancer Bogle and the rest are there to buss the new dances as the sexy body ladies flaunt their stuff...  The musical vibes are provided by Stone Love alongside Rebel T.. To top it all off, Grammy Kid Doctor Beenie Man performs live!!!> (Also a Bashment Video) (Vol 1 & 2) 2001

*LINKS ON THE BEACH (JA) <The Big Man Fire Links dismantles the beach in this bashment stage show featuring the likes of Buju Banton, Merciless, and more...!!!!> (Also a Bashment Video) (Vol 1 & 2) 2001

*JIM BROWN MEMORIAL 2001 (JA) <Its the annual memorial celebration for fallen don Jim Brown and this year the likes od Stone Love, Matterhorn, and Fire Links provide the musical tribute.  As always the entertainers came out to show their respect, including live on stage Bounty Killa.. Then Beenie Man clashes Ninja Man in a rematch of STING 2000!!  Nuff Vibes!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape)  (Also a Bashment Video) 2-23-01

*MORE CULTURE 2001 (JA) <A mega-stage show featuring all the top cultural acts of the da.  Features live on stage the Fireman Capleton, Mr. "Get To The Point" Sizzla Kolunji, Luciano, Moses I, Cocoa Tea, Jah Mason, Jahmali, Uplifter, Black Lion, Jah Malo, Jah Lando, and more! > (Vol 1 & 2) 2-3-01

*SHORTY MALCOLM MEMORIAL (JA) <Thousands of reggae fans worldwide joined Jamaica in mourning the news of Shorty Malcolm's (Reggae Boyz) untimely death in a motor vehicle accident earlier this year.   This touching tribute to the ace footballer and national hero featured live on stage the likes of Beenie Man, Baby Cham, Frisco Kid, Tanto & Devonte', Ninja Man, Wicker Man, Captain Barkey, Bling Dawg, Goofy, Ever Sparks, and more!> 2-1-01

*AMPLEX ANNIVERSARY (JA) <Lenny and Glamma G celebrate yet another anniversary for the Spanish Town heavyweight Amplex.  Invited guest sounds include Uptown Remix Masters Renaissance, Afrique outta New York City, and One Blood.  Plus live on stage: Sizzla Kolunji, Frisco Kid, Alozade, Chico, G-Money, Galaxy P, and more!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Sound System Video) 2-24-01

*REBEL SALUTE (JA) <The Annual Cultural Stageshow produced by Tony Rebel is back in action and as always it is a showcase of the best cultural entertainers in the reggae business.  This year the stage is graced by the likes of Fireman Capleton, the Messenger Luciano, veteran cultural icon Bunny Wailer, Ky-mani Marley, and more!> 1-13-01

barradarani.gif (8656 bytes)


UNLOADED 2000 (JA) <The final day of the year is red hot as Fire Links, Matterhorn, and Adonai meet up at the annual Unloaded Stageshow at pier One, Mobay!!  Nuff sexy gals are skinning out, especially when the camera man goes to ground zero (on the floor with camera pointing up) to reveal some sensual action!   X-Amount of rude bwoys in the place posing off!! Matterhorn dun the place and of course Links, not to be outdone, flattened te venue as well!  Plus Live: Beenie Man (addresses Merciless and the Sting 2000 rampage, does a new dance, and mash up the place wid lyrics, Elephant Man (brings a girl pon stage to mad the place), Gringo (from Beenie Man's stable), Kitty Paw (Beenie's new boy deejay), Al Capone, veteran Apache, and more!  The video gets action both on stage and in the audience!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Bashment Video)   12-31-00

*VISIONS II 2000 (JA) <Its all about the gal dem when Auto Vision and Associates presents Visions II at 8 Hillview Road, Kingston 10 featuring the Mentally ILL himself Tony Matterhorn alongside the likes of Stone Love and Montego Bay's veteran sound - Kangol!!  Needless to say (but we'll say it) where ever Matterhorn goes, the sexy body bashment girls will follow, and this is just this case here!! To add to the excitement, live on stage are Bounty and Beenie - who both send threat to Merciless... Also live are Nitty Kutchie, Bling Dawg, and more...!!!>  (Also a Bashment Video) 12-28-00

STING 2000 (JA) <As always, all of the top acts of 2000 were there to represent for their fans.  However if anyone knows the history of STING, they will know that the feature presentation each year is always a mega clash between 2 or more deejays!! This year was no exception, as Merciless goes mad and lyrically clashes the likes of Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, and Mr. Sting Himself, Ninja Man - all at once on the same stage!!!  Also performing are Elephant Man, Hawkeye, Mr. Vegas, Gringo, Kiprich, Singer J, Lexxus, Bling Dawg, Nitty Kutchie, Anthony B, Kitty Paw, and more!!!>(Also Available on Audio Tape) 12-26-00

*SADDLE TO THE EAST (JA) <Bounty Killa's annual poor people stage show reads more like Sunsplash this year as a host of artists - both veterans and newbies - come out to perform for the massive!!  This year features artists like Bounty Killa himself, Elephant Man, Scare Dem, Spragga Benz, Ghost and Monster Shack, Cobra, Ward 21, Kip Rich, Buccaneer, Delly Ranks, Wayne Marshall, Gabriel, Vibez Cartel, Singer J, and more.  Plus this year top cultural icons such as Morgan Heritage, Luciano, Anthony B, Determine, and Freddie McGreggor also grace the stage!!>  (Vol 1 & 2) 12-25-00

*REGGAE RAM JAM 2000 (JA) <A mega stage show featuring a combination of cultural artists and dancehall entertainers.   The line up includes the likes of Bounty Killa, Merciless, Elephant Man, Ninja Man, Spragga Benz, Lexxus, Kip Rich, Buccaneer, Gabriel, Wayne Marshall, and Chicken - as well as Luciano, Cocoa Tea, and more!>12-16-00

RAS BEER VIBES 2000 (JA) <This year to year bashment has become some what of a proving ground for juggling sound systems.  This year the jam was held at the Caymanas Polo Club in St. Catherine and the bill consisted of Renaissance, Killamanjaro, Fire Links, Matterhorn, Alaska, and Poison Dart's Black Chiney Crew (Bobby Chin & Supa Dups).   Preliminary reports say Renaissance mashed it up  as ususal with their different flava of Hip Hop juggling, Jaro added some sound clash style tunes, and Matterhorn started out hype!! But the talk of RAS this year was the Fireman Fire Links, who according to live accounts of the event, mash up the place so wicked (sepecially when he came back in after Matterhorn) gunshots were firing throughout his entire set, sending fans running for cover! Hosted by Jerry D!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Sound System Video) 12-15-00

*REGGAE MUSIC VIDEOS GALORE VOL 1 (JA)  <Assorted Reggae music videos featuring your favorite artists including Beenie Man, Capleton, Baby Cham, Buju Banton, T.O.K., Mr. Vegas, Sean Paul, General Degree, Alozade, and more!!!!!!> (1 Hour) 12-00

*GADAFFI'S B-DAY BASH (JA) <Stone Love, Metromedia, Synemax, and Little Rock (outta New Jersey) come out to celebrate the big man Gadaffi's birth strong! Nuff vibes inna di juggling and nuff sexy body ladies represent and strut their stuff as the rude bwoys look on... Plus Live on stage Ninja Man, Monster Shack (Ghost, Roundhead, and General B), Captain Barkey, and more!>(Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Bashment Video) (Vol 1 & 2) 11-11-00

DELANO'S REVENGE (JA) <Delano's annual bashment and of course its wicked!  This year its all about Renaissance, Tony Matterhorn, and the Arabian Attack DJ Khalid!  History repeats itself as a flock of sexy body ladies infiltrate the bash and of course the video man was right there, catching all the action from "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up).  Be warned, these girls exposed EVERYTHING!!!! Of course no Revenge is complete without the live entertainment, and live  on stage this year were Elephant Man, Bounty Killer, Nitty Kutchie, Vibes Kartel, Delly Ranks, Spragga Benz, Goofy, Assassin, Danny English, Bling Dog, Frisco Kid, Black Rat, and more!>  (Also a Bashment Video) (Vol 1 & 2) 11-4-00

*BEENIE AND BOUNTY ON THE ROOF (JA) <What happens when the Doctor and the Warlord buckup on the Roof Top?? Three guesses: Di places bash up, the place lash up, and di place mash up!! Well it happened at this stage show with Stone Love and Metromedia.  In addition to Bounty and Beenie were Danny English, Egg Nog, Bling Dog, and more!> Fall 2000

*TRIBUTE TO PETER TOSH <Its a touching Tribute to the Late Great Peter Tosh, featuring cultural greats of past and present.  Included in the very distinguished lineup of artists who came to pay respects were Edi Fitzroy, Junior Kelly, Everton Blender, Gregory Isaacs, Half Pint, Tony Rebel & Sugar Minott!(Vol 1 & 2) 10-21-00

CULTURE 2000 (JA) <Cultural stageshow at Skateland, Half Way Tree featuring Stone Love and Metromedia.  On stage are the likes of Sizzla, Ninja Man, Lady Spice, Harry Toddler, Save The World, Super Kong, Duckman, Serial Killer, Bobo Zorro, Fire Bobo, Mr. batchelous, and more!!  After introducng his beautiful wife, Ninja Man makes a call for war and duns the place.  Of course Sizzla bun a hot fire!! Hosted by Nuffie.> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 10-16-00

*NINJAMAN LECTURES AT UWI (JA) <This is one for the archives!! Ninja Man - fresh out of the penitentary - is invited to speak at the University of The West Indies.  Also featured is the Jamaican Forklore Queen, Louise Fraser-Bennett (Ms. Lou)!> 10-00

*HOTTA FIRE 2000 (JA) <Sizzla celebrates his birthday bash in the form of a Cultural stage show featuring Sizzla Kolunji himself, Cocoa Tea, and more!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 9-23-00

*Elephant Man B-Day (JA) <The mad man himself Elephant Man (and the Vietnam Niggers) celebrates his birthstrong in a dance called School Uniform in Seaview.  Stone Love and Rebel T are called in to provide the musical vibes.  Its all about pere sexy gal inna school uniforms, and the camera man is  at "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) - exposing some bare skin (warning: very explicit!!!!!) Live:  Beenie Man, Mr. Lex, Hawkeye, Bling Dog, Baby Wayne, Ward 21, Danny English, Kiprich, Singer J, Tony Curtis, Wicker Man, Captain Barkey, Vibes Cartel, T.O.K., Nitty Kutchie, Boom Dynamite, Innopcent Crew, and more!!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Bashment Video) (Vol 1 & 2) 9-15-00

*DATELINE 2000 (JA) <One of the wickedest stageshows of Fall 2000 combines the best in new talent with the foundation artists of yesteryear!!! Live on stage the warlord Bounty Killa, the Prophet, Capleton, Mr. "Cook" himself Lexxus, veteran singers Singing Melody nd Tony Curtis, veteran deejays Cutty Ranks and Galaxy P, and much more!!> 9-9-00

*BEENIE MAN B-DAY BASH (JA) <The Doctor Beenie Man celebrates his Y2K birthday in style and the entire deejay fraternity passes through!!!  Its bashment and splashment with nuff vibes!! Special guests include Bounty Killa, Silver Cat, Elephant man, Lexxus, Lady Saw, Tanto & Devonte, and more!!!!!!> 8-22-00

CHAMPIONS IN ACTIONS (JA) <Part II. The Annual stage-show comes back in Fort Clarence with a vengence, featuring Bounty Killer, Nitty Kutchie, Beenie Man, Sizzla, Junior Reid, Monster Shock (Ghost, Roundhead, and General B), Elephant Man, Harry Toddler, plus more!  Bounty Killa brings on Beenie Man and stage and in the middle of their set Sizzla rushes the stage followed by Junior Reid!! After mashing up the crowd with his powerful lyrics Sizzla is interrupted by Bounty who rejoins them on stage and a clash ensues!! Action packed!!!> 8-20-00

*TEST MI IF YU CAN (JA)  <Sound Troopers and Travellers meet up for a wicked dance and stageshow featuring the likes of Bounty Killer, Baby Cham, Lexxus, Elephant Man, Sizzla, Nitchie Kutchie, Tony Curtis, Merciless, and more!!!  Nuff vibes as Bounty comes in with Tony Curtis to mash up the place with his new hit tune!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 8-18-00

*WILLIE HAGART BUSRIDE (JA) <The Black Roses Crew led by Wille   keeps their annual busride and once again, nuff girls, nuff rude bwoys, nuff dancing, nuff styles, and nuff posing!!  This year the music was provided by Stone Love, Metromedia, Rebel T, and Muzik Street!!  The girls stole the show as usual, but when Beenie Man goes up against the mighty Ninja Man (just released from prison), the place catch a fire!!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Bashment Video) (Vol 1 & 2) 8-13-00

*SAV-FEST 2000 (JA) <Its a bashment/stageshow affair with music by Stoone Love and Rebel T!! Live segment features Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Lexxus, Kiprich, Danny English, Egg Nog, Singer J & more!!  Excitement peaks when Beenie Man and Elephant Man clash on stage!!!> 8-3-00

*SUMFEST (JA) <Its not Sunsplash but it just may have well have been!!!!  The annual stage show returns with a wicked line up of artists including Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Sizzla Kolunji, Lexxus, Jr Reid, Nitchie Kutchie, and more!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 8-00

*CARIFEST 2000 (NYC) <Stageshow in NYC this past summer!!!!!!!!>

*PRINGLE MEMORIAL (JA) <The annual memorial celebration returns!!!!!!> ??

FULLY LOADED 2000 (JA) <With a line-up featuring the likes of Tony Matterhorn, Massive B, DJ Khalid, Alaska, Renaissance,  Refugee All Stars with Wyclef, and more - the biggest multi-sound bashment/stageshow on the beach gets bigger and better!  Hosted by Spragga Benz and at time flooded by rain, the excitement was still at its peak when Tony Matterhorn and Hip Hop producer/recording artist Wyclef Jean clashed sound system style with Wyclef brandishing the likes of Whitney Housten alongside Ghost on dub! Live on stage  are top reggae and Hip Hop artists including Spragga himself, Ward 21, Wayne Marshal, Sean Paul, Cobra, Mr. Vegas, Lexxus, Red Rat, Elephant Man, Kiprich, Nitty Kutchie, Baby Cham, Chicken, Hawkeye, Christopher, Danny English, Dragon (Ruff Ryders), Spinderella (Salt N' Pepa), Trench (Naughty By Nature), and more!!! (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Vol 1 & 2) 7-30-0

*FIRE 2000 (JA) <Wicked stage show at Skateland, Half Way Tree!!! Live on stage Capleton, Bounty Killa, Lady Saw, Roundhead, Madd Anju, Nittie Kutchie, Red Rat, Goofy, Baby Wayne, Determine, and more!!! Music by Metromedia and Fire Links!> (Also Available on Video) 3-5-00

*THE RETURN OF NINJA MAN (JA) <The Don Gorgon Ninja Man is released from Babylon's grips and of course this warrants an occassion of celebration!! At a stage show in his honor, special guests Sizzla, Squidly Ranks, Baby Wayne, Junior Reid, Determine, Tony Curtis and more pass through to perform!! If you're wondering whether prison has taught Ninja Man anything about leading the straight and narrow, just take a look at when Ninja Man chases Squidly Ranks with knife in hand!!> 7-00

IT'S A PARTY (JA) <It's Bounty Killa's Birthday Bash and Stageshow at Caymanas Polo Club in Spanish Town with Renaissance, Tony Matterhorn (the Master of Ceremonies - bussing the new Baby Cham tune while teaching people trhe Star Angel versus Mad Angel Dance!), and DJ Khalid (the DeeJay Sound Bwoy  outta Miami- bussing wicked Capleton/Bounty Killa Remixes and turntable mixing tricks live!)!! Hosted by Jerry D, live on stage is Bounty Killa and Beenie Man  (in combination), Baby Cham (with his new hit tune), Hip Hop recording artists J.T. Money and Pharoah Monch, Merciless, Junior Reid, Pinchers, Monsta Shack, Delly Ranks, Gabriel, Nitchie Kutchie, Boom Dynamite, Anthony B, Wickerman, Captain Barkey, Malibu (veteran singer), Lady Saw (who brings on a new shejay named Zena), Spice, Bling Dog, Dramatix (Jamaican rapper fron Rock Fort), Half Black, and more!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 6-10-00

ANOTHER LEVEL @ ROSETOWN (JA) <Its a wicked bashment and stage show in Rosetown, Kingston  3 (Downtown) as area don Ruxy celebrates his  birthday!!  The musical vibes is provided by Swatch alongside the mental himself, Tony Matterhorn!!  Nuff sexy gal a dance and carry on bad as the video man captures footage from "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) - exposing all the girls dem have to offer!! As if that wasn't enough, when a free microwave is given away to the first girl to show her thong, the girls dem rush to show off their sexy underwear! Live on stage is Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, Nitty Kutchie, Ghost, Tanto & Devonte, Alley Cat, and more!!  Nuff vibes as Beenie and Bounty hit the make-shift stage same time, causing the stage to break down, dropping the two of dem!! Nuff new lyrics!  Nuff Vibes!!!> (Also a Bashment Video) 6-6-00

*DANCEHALL KRAZE 2000 (JA) <In the tradition of the famous Beach Bash Reggae Stage Show series at Fort Clarence somes Dancehall Kraze 2000 with an array of both Cultural  and Hardcore artists.  The lineup includes: Beenie Man, Spragga Benz, Merciless, Luciano, Anthony B, Sizzla, Junior Reid, Louie Culture, Beres Hammond, Ronnie Thwaites, Thriller U, Lukie D, Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin, Lexxus, Kiprich, Wickerman, Captain Barkey, Danny English, Terror Fabulous, Hawkeye, Alozade,  Zumjay, Little Wicked, Terror Blacks, and more!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Vol 1 & 2) 6-4-00

*SQUARE ONE IN MONTREAL (CANADA) <Tiffany Hall comes alive when Soca group Square One makes an appearance in Montreal in front of hundreds of anxious fans!!  One can only imagine the energy as the soca megastars bring well needed taste of Soca to Canada!!> 5-14-00

*SANCHEZ IN MONTREAL (CANADA) <Once again Tiffany Hall is the venue for a mega concert as reggae superstar vocalist Sanchez is brought to Montreal! Needless to say it's a treat for all the lovers in the house as Sanchez performs his hit tunes, reaching for his old time favorites as well as recent hits!!> 5-6-00

MORE LIFE (JA) <Amplex, Adonai, Fire Links, and Terror Blacks meet up at Patsy's Bar and restaurant in Rae Town, Portmore and its an all out juggling affair!!! Nuff sexy body ladies are in the place and the rude bwoys are present as well!!  Live on stage is Bounty Killa, Baby Cham (doing tunes from the new album), Harry Toddler (aka Star Angel), Nitchie Kutchie, Alley Cat, Frisco Kid, Baby Wayne, Power Man, Captain Barkey, General B, Agony Polish, Queen Paula, Ghandi, Singer J, Danny English and the Q 45 Family, Lady Mackerel, Schreechie Joe, and more...  When Spice and Powerman get into a tune fi tune clash, the place gets hype!!  Plus remember the ruckus that went on between Boom Dynamite, Nitchie Kutchie, and Elephant Man?  Well the drama continues to unfold here again as  Boom Dynamite lick out against Elephant Man!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 4-2-00

BEENIE MAN IN AMAZURA (JA) <The Doctor is Live in Club Amazura in Queens, NYC for a sold out concert to promote his new album!  He is accompanied by the Shocking Vibes Crew featuring Silver Cat (who dazzles the crowd with his unique lyrics while dissing R. Kelly for disrespecting Beenie Man in Jamaica) and Tanto & Devonte (performing their hit single "Everyone Falls In Love Sometimes" as well as other hits.  Beenie Man takes the stage and dazzles the crowd with old favorites, brand new lyrics, and of course the new dances as only he can!  Mr. Easy then joins in for the hit tune and then its all about Beenie Man again!  Uncut with all the action from start to finish!!> 3-31-00

JIM BROWN MEMORIAL (JA) <As always its a memorable celebration  in Tivoli Gardens for the fallen area don Jim Brown and this year's memorial is wicked as usual!! Stone Love, Matterhorn, Fire Links,  and Swatch provide the musical vibes! Even though Matterhorn swore not to play with Fire Links ever, differences had to be put aside out of respect - although they still went at it!! Live on stage this year are Bounty Killer, Baby Cham, Nitchie Kutchie, Roundhead, Harry Toddler, Alley Cat, Ronnie Thwaits, Vibes Cartel, Egg nog, and more!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Bashment Video) 2-24-00

BLING BLING (JA) <Its a wicked juggling affair as Adonai, Exodus Nuclear, and Ricky Trooper of Killamanjaro meet up.  But everyone knows that Killamanjaro and especially Ricky Trooper is a warhead, and thats exactly what he tries to bring to the dance!!  Adonia and Exodus might not be any match for Trooper clashwise, but they did mash up the place the only way they know how: with wicked juggling!!!  MC Jerry D then starts the stage show as Baby Cham, Captain Barkey, Ward 21, Roundhead, Duckman, Alize', and some local talents mash it up for the sexy body ladies! Nuff xplicit shots of sexy body girls in the place!!> (Quality: Slighty "grainy" b/c its night time) (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Bashment Video) (Also a Sound System Video) 2-19-00

*AMPLEX ANNIVERSARY (JA) <Its Amplex's Anniversary at SDC behind Jago Mall in Spanish Town and Lenny & Glamma G call for two of the hottest juggling sounds in the business to help them celebrate: Renaissance the remix masters and Mr. Hype himself Fire Links!  Libve on Stage is Mr. Wow Baby Cham, Harry Toddler, and more!! Of course Renaissance mash up the Hip Hop as well as buss Jazzy T's new rhythm on the Gravity Label called "Jet Lag"!! Fire Links starts out with some oldies style but by the time you turn around its Capleton's "Hands Up" and other big tunes mashing up the place!!! !!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Sound System Video) 2-19-00

SPECTRUM 2000 (JA) <With the Ruff Kutt Band backing artists such as Baby Cham tears the place down with his new protege Shotta, also bringing up Franke Sly, Frisco Kid, and Wayne Wonder.  When Bounty Killa hit center stage the place was in a frenzy, especially when he brought on Brian & Tony Gold, Nitchie Kutchie, Elephant Man, and Gabriel.  Of course it was worries when The Doctor Beenie Man hit the stage and talked about getting rated No.7th in the top deejay list!  From there he exacted revenge and tore the place apart with lyrics!  He then brings on a little boy Beenie calls his dancer to mash up the place wid some new styles and some lyrics!! He also calls on Ward 21 and Harry Toddler (aka Star Angel) to do the "Angel Dance"!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 1-28-00

*FIRE PON THE BEACH (JA) <Its a wicked stageshow at Fort Clarence Beach with Bounty Killa and Capleton live on the same stage.   When Special Guest Baby Cham takes center stage with Bounty, the place mashup!!  The video also includes Silver Cat and Gringo!!  Add Tony Matterhorn (bussing a new style of dubs where he interviews the artists as the dub plays), Fire Links (unleashing brand new Capletons), Renaissance (wid the wicked hip Hop remixes), and Millenium from Wash DC and you get a wicked juggling bashment affair as well!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 1-16-00

RELOADED 2000 (JA) <Hosted by Rattie (of Dancehall Queen fame), the stage show at Fort Clarence Beach was wicked!! The video starts out with interviews of fans in attendance by Cable Trap Inc. outta Miami, Florida.  It then cuts to performances by Baby Cham and his child protege' Shotta.  Beenie Man (with dreads even longer than before) then brings on Eve  (dressed "homegirl style") and Swiss Beatz.  Lady Saw comes next in a revealing top and cowboy hat (X-Rated!)! Lady Saw then calls Eve for a tune fi tune bout, then Lexxus, Spragga, Beenie Man, Captain Barkey, Mad Anjuu, Scaare Dem, and the rest bum rushes the stage!! Also features amateur acts: Bruchi (a Rasta dancer from Portmore) Passion (Rasta shejay), Shawna (Hip hop recording artist) Cutti, Big Wicked, followed by Ward 21!!! (Also Available on CD) (Also Available on Audio Tape) 1-2-2000

barradarani.gif (8656 bytes)


*OVER LOADED 99 (JA) <Renaissance, King Addies, Adonai, Fire Links, Matterhorn, and Massive B team up for the Christmas version of FULLY LOADED!!  Add live on stage US Hip Hop recording artist Ja-Rule, Beenie Man, Spragga Benz, Lexxus, Ward 21, Scare Dem, Kip Rich, Mr. Vegas, Sean Paul, Innocent Crew, Chicken, and the rest and its pure niceness!!> (Quality Fair) (Also Available on Audio Tape) 12-27-99

STING 1999 (JA) <The last STING of the Millenium proves to be one of the best yet!  If anything it sets the record for the most artists performing at STING in one night!  Backed by the Ruff Kutt Band and highlighting newcomers as well as veterans, this year's STING included: Big Youth, George Nooks (Tribal War), Phillip Frazier, Josey Wales and Charlie Chaplin (lick out against Capleton), 4 Di Hard Way Veteran Deejays with Admiral Bailey, Professor Nuts, General Trees, and Peter Metro, Tanto & Devonte, Lexxus and Kiprich (complete with dancers), Elephant Man and Sizzla with Baby Wayne in combination, Beenie Man (all decked out in army gear with a fire extinguisher on hand saying Capleton is the "hottest" deejay but he is the "biggest!"), Harry Toddler, Weng Weng (midget deejay mashes up di place), Lady G, Squidly Ranks (good performance), 3 Di Hard Way with Red Dragon, Daddy Lizard, and Flourgon, 3 way singer's clash with Pinchers, Courtney Melody, and Little John, Triston Palmer, Mad Anjou, Mr. Vegas, Baby Cham and Bounty Killa in combination, Chuck Fender, Shadoo, Mad General, Princes P, Danny English, Worm Dem 2 (female crew), Wacky News (comedian), Halloway, Brother Desmond, and more!!!> (Volume 1 & 2) (Also Available on Audio Tape) 12-26-99

*SADDLE TO THE EAST 99 (JA) <Bounty's annual poor people Chirstmas stage show is bigger and better this year!!  Featuring [Richie Stephens, Worm Dem Crew, Tony Curtis, Capleton, Chico, Chicken, Gabrielle, Frankie Sly] [Monster Shack, Baby Wayne, Frisco Kid, Merciless, Terry Linen, Scare Dem , Crew, Lexxus, Kip Rich, Bounty Killer, Baby Cham, etc )> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Volume 1 & 2) 12-25-99

*CAPLETON MORE FIRE STAGE SHOW (NJ) <Its More & More Fire as the Prophet capleton brings down the house at pearl's Entertainment Center in New Jersey.  Massive B and Downbeat provide the flava as the Prophet takes stage and unleashes a magnitude of tunes, spanning his entire career!! Capleton is inna heat and this performance proves why he was one of the top grossing artists of 1999!!!> 12-18-99

*CHAMPIONS IN ACTION '99 (JA) <The yearly stage show features all the top names in the business including Buju Banton, Beenie Man,  Capleton, and Bounty Killa!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 8-22-99

SCARE DEM IN PORTAND 99 (JA) <Scare Dem returns to Buff Bay, Portland, with Stone Love and Exodus Nuclear and its madness!!! Bounty (sporting "chinny bumbs" hairstyle) and Merciless takes the stage  and go lyrics for lyrics!   Bounty them starts to preach reality, and performs his hit "Look Into My Eyes" to dun the crowd.  Veterans Quench Aid and Courtney Melody  (turn Rasta) also grace the stage!  Then with a bang Elephant man enters  and immediately reaches for the top of the speaker boxes, with  Boom Dynamite not far behind!  Harry Toddler (now turn Christian with the new name "Star Angel") also joins in as does Nitchie Kutchie  and Major Christie, thrilling the girls!! Scare Dem and Determine then bun fire in combnation literally until the sun rises!!> 8-99

*SUMFEST '99 (JA) <The second largest international reggae concert in the world (second only to Sunsplash) was bigger and better this year!!!  This year features two Dancehall Nights (one headed by Beenie Man, the other headed by Bounty Killa); Legends Night; and International Night!  Entertainers include Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Capleton, Spragga Benz, baby Cham, Mr. Vegas, Sean Paul, Zebra, Ward 21, Junior Demus, Hawk Eye, Serial Kid, Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin, Chaka Demus & Pliers, and much more! This is the uncut, unedited version!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Volume 1 & 2)  8-6-99 to 8-8-99

GODAFFI BASHMENT (JA) Big timer Godaffi keeps a wicked outdoor bash in St. Anns Bay and all thew massives are there to represent!  The Immortal Stone Love (Jey Lee, Swamp Thing and Crew) alongside Metromedia (with Skyjuice) and Adonia provide the musical vibes!! Of course entertainers are present as well..  Capleton comes out decked in red to bun an early fire, but not without explaining the meaning of the fire!  He then brings in three  young Rasta children (Jahmali, another, and the youngest Jah Lando) who mash up the place!  Jah Moses then comes in.  After a brief intermission, the second dose starts with  Lexxus, Elephant Man, Tony Curtis, Wayne Wonder, Wicker Man, and Captain Barkey togerther live on stage!  Its nuff vibes, and Elephant and Lexxus even compete to give the crowd the "new dance". Finally, Big Belly Skyjuice himself (fresh from the hospital) then comes in and hype up the place with a vibes only he can bring!!> Summer 1999

FULLY LOADED 99 (JA) <Gringo kills Baby Cham and Bounty kills back Gringo!! Plus Burro Banton, T.O.K., Major Christie, Baby Wayne, Doug E. Fresh, Chicken, Saber Tooth, Egg Nog, & more!  But the show really begins when Tony Matterhorn - armed with Bounty Dubs and a cordless microphone - goes on stage and duns the place again!  Adonai, Renaissance, Massive B, and the rest are also featured!  Nuff sexy body girls and rude bwoys!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Bashment Video) 7-25-99

Bounty Killa B-Day Bash (JA) <Bounty Killa at 27 years strong celebrates his birth strong in Caymanas Polo Club with Ms. Ivy (his mom) and crew! The whole crew comes out to celebrate including Burro Banton, TOK, John Wayne,  Mumma Liza, Pinchers, WARD 21, Richie Stevens, Jr. Reid, Frisco Kid, Lexxus & Kiprich, Alley Kat, Chuck Fender, Major Christie, Chuck Fender, rap group Cocoa Brovaz, Scare Dem 2 (introducing their new singer), Monsta Shack, Scare Dem, Senior Killer, Tuffie Cartel, Florida rapper Dramatics, and more!  Then Bounty and stage partner Merciless combine their talents to wreck the place!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 6-12-99

REDDA DAN RED STAGE-SHOW (JA) <Bulbie's dance in St. Ann Bay can be likened to Sunsplash!!  First off Zebra blesses the stage in an extended solo performance of his current hits, seasoned with humor.  Later on, after some amateur performances and an X-Rated outfit contest, Junior Demus, Natchilous Demus, Flourgon, and Daddy Lizard join in.  Beenie Man then takes center stage as MC and introduces Lukie D, Singing Melody (who sings his  mega-hit "Want You Back") and Sanchez.  Of course Beenie Man returns to buss  the place with new hits and old favorites!  From there its vibes galore as Wicker Man & Captain Barkey, Harry Toddler, General B, Lexxus, Future Troubles and more join in the fun!>  3-5-99

THE RETURN OF ZEBRA (JA) <A wicked stage show commemorating the return of Zebra to the dancehall scene.  Hosted by Jerry D along with Stone Love & Renaissance, this video features Zebra, Spragga Benz, Sanchez, Anthony B, Junior Reid, Lukie D, Thriller U, Frisco Kid, Alley Kat, Wicker Man, Captain Barkey, Chicken,  Delli Ranks, Squidly Ranks, Galaxy P, Natchilous Demus & Baby Demus, Cullo Cullo, Lasco man, Leopard, Million Teeth, Keroseen Oil, Foolish, and more.  The video ends with dancer/body contortionsit Bruck Out  & friends bussing some new dances, plus some explicit shots of Japanese Kiko Sowah!> 2-28-99

WE NEVA DEH A STING (JA) <"BUT DIS A DI BEST TING" in Portmore (or "Sportsmore") is alive as Horse Man Promotions brings you a line up of Bounty Killa (singing the Part 2 to his hit "Anytime"),  Baby Cham, Lady Saw (slack as ever), Scare Dem 2 (Daily Bread & Bromwell), Blacka Ranks, Galaxy P, Major Christie, Echo Minott, Squidly Ranks (nice performance, and Weng Weng.  New talents included Cullo Cullo, Egg Nog, Thriller C, Ice Da Cure, Cutlas, Batchelous, and Tuffie Melody!  They are all backed by a sound system, not a band for that "real bass" sound!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 2-13-99

JIM BROWN MEMORIAL BASH (JA) <This dance in the streets of Tivoli Gardens, Kingston was held in memory of the late fallen area don Jim Brown.   Stone Love and Swatch provided the music but it was Skyjuice from Metromedia and Tony Matterhorn that dun the place when they came up on stage and together had the crowd in stitches!!  The sexy girls are out in full gear and so are the rude bwoys!!  Zebra makes a cameo and later on artists such as Shabba Ranks, Sizzler, Roundhead, Frisco Kid, Lexxus, Alley Kat, and Mr. Vegas pays tribute!> (Also a Bashment Video) 2-99

LUCIANO IN MONTREAL (CANADA) <Its Black History Month and Kings of Kings Promotions brings Luciano to Montreal, Canada to perform in front of a capacity crowd!  The vibes is culture all night as the Messenger graces the stage with a presence befitting a king, and  showers the crowd with tune after tune, both old and new!!  As he dances and prances across the stage singing hit after hit, the crowd is mezmorized as if under a spell!!!  A superb performance from one of our modern day kings of culture!  A must have for all Luciano and Culture fans!!> 2-99

WILLIE HAGART BIRTHDAY BASH (JA) <Father Hagart of the Black Roses Crew celebrates his birth-strong at the Roof Top Club  with Alaska and Super Flex.   Its a bashment affair as all the hotti hotti crews are out including Bogle & Co., Carlene the Dancehall Queen, and  more.   The climax comes when Beenie Man and Zebra takes stage in a musical madness of lyrics, dancing, and comedy!!!  Of course the sexy body girls are jamming as the camera man points his lens at "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) catching all the underneath action! > (Also a Bashment Video) 1-99

MONSTA BASH 99 (JA) <A wicked stage-show in Mandeville featuring a mixture of old and new artists, including Charlie Chaplin, John Wayne, Future Troubles, Power Man, Junior Demus  & the Demus Brothers, T.O.K., Red Rat, Bucaneer, Worm Dem (Wicker Man, Captain Barkey, and Angel Dulas), Burro Banton, Frisco Kid, LUST, and Gringo.  It also features new talent such as Saber Tooth, Fashion, Orthodox, Frisco Banton (sounds just like Buju Banton),  the new group Hotta Flex (Thriller Blacks the singer, Revenge the rapper, Baby Chris, and Crack Skull), and Schreechie Joe!!> (Volume 1) 1999

*MORGAN HERITAGE @ SOB <Featuring Morgan Heritage and their father Denroy Morgan, as well as other siblings LMS.  Shabba Ranks also makes a performance.> 1999

ROLL CALL - DENNIS BROWN (JA) <The Late Great Crown Prince of Reggae - Dennis Emmanuel Brown - is celebrated in this rare video of a live concert he performed.  Its  strickly Dennis Brown throughout the entire video as he sings such hits as "No Man Is An Island", "Silhouette", "Money In My Pocket", "Sitting and Watching", and a host of other timeless treasures!!  A must have!>

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SADDLE TO THE EAST 98 (JA) Dubbed "the poor people's stage show" and organized by the Warlord Bounty Killa for the ghetto people of Jamaica, this stage show was priced half the normal charge and packed with twice the entertainment!  Acts included Mr. Easy, Frankie Sly, Richie Stephens, Copper Cat, Dutty Cup, Lady Saw, T.O.K., Papa Biggy, Cobra, Wayne Wonder, Frisco Kid,  Mr. Vegas, Scare Dem, Baby Cham, and of course the Warlord Bounty himself who ended the show in a blast!!> (Volume 1 & 2) 12-98

MIAMI LINK UP 98 (FLA) <Its Old Harbour (in Miami) version of the STING 98 stageshow features an impressive line-up backed by the Blaze Band, including Zebra (who stole the show once again), Professor Nuts (watch him perform his highly acclaimed lyrics/comedy routine about a drunkard name "Jimmy"), Baby Wayne and Ninja Man (in the clash that was also missing at STING 98), Beenie Man, Monsta Shack, Scare Dem Crew, Worm Dem Crew (Wicker Man, Captain Barkey, & Angel Dulas), Alley Kat, Tonto Metro, Devonte, Little Kirk, Future Troubles, comedians African Prince, Baby Demus and Natchilus, and much more!!  A must have b/c it has some lyrics that were not performed at STING 98!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Volume 1 & 2) 11-29-98

Stur Gav's BEST OF THE WEST (JA) <In the far west seclude of LLandilo, Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland, the Messenger Luciano makes a rare guest appearance on Stur Gav.  Special Guest selector G.T. Taylor alongside veteran Inspector Willie throws down selection as the Messenger brings the dance to spiritual heights.  The Stur Gav crew is there also, including Brigadier Jerry, Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin, Little Twitch, Papa Biggie, and special guest Puddy Roots!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 10-10-98

SUPERSTARS IN ASYLUM (JA) <Its a bashment affair as Stone Love hosts the after party for a Charity Basketball Game at National Stadium earlier that day!  The video starts out with live footage after the game as the entertainers rush a make-shift stage still decked out in jerseys and shorts!  Entertainers include Captain Barkey, Wicker Man, Cobra, Blacka Ranks, Chuck Fender, LUST, Zebra, Mr. Vegas, Tony Curtis, Delli Ranks, Baby Wayne, Black Rat, of course the Doctor himself beenie Man.  Even Geefus of Stone Love touches a piece of the mic!  The video then cuts to the dance in Asylum as the hotti hotti sexy body girls in XX-Rated outfits skinout with the rude bwoys!  The climax comes when Bounty Killa, Baby Cham, Beenie Man, Mr. Vegas, Captain Barkey, Blacka Ranks, Baby Wayne, Delli Ranks, and Chuck Fender bum rushes the DJ booth and mash up the place passing the mic hand to hand! A must have!!!> (Also a Bashment Video) 1998

King Addies l/s Alaska w/ Bounty Killa Live (JA) <Newcomer Alaska lands a date with the war sound King Addies w/ Baby Face and Winter Fresh.   Its a big bashment at Three Mile as both sounds mash up the place in the juggling segment while the rude bwoys and girls dance and pose off.  But the heat starts when the Warlord Bounty Killa comes on stage and mashes up the place with tracks off his album "The Next Millennium." Then Tyical ("A me di dutty bwoy pon di stret whey a look food fi eat") comes on stage!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape)  8/98

Stone Love 26th Anniversary (JA) <Another milestone in sound system history is celebrated again as Stone Love reaches 26 years old.  Renaissance, Afrique, and Black Prince juggles and this year's celebration is filled with many good moments (Wee Pow and G.T. deejaying)! The lineup this year included ARP, Innocent Crew, George Nooks, Alley Kat, Chuck Fender, Baby Wayne, Zebra, Screechie Joe, Power Man, Deli Ranks, 14K, and politically charged Anthony B! Of course there's all the crews tooplus nuff sexy body ladies and rude bwoys!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Bashment Video) 12-5-98

Stone Love - Billy Slaughter B-Day Stage Show (JA) <Slaughter has come a long way since his alias "Lamp Oil" while on Exquisite Sound and his B-day Bash gets better and better.  This year Metromedia and Renaissance join in the fun as people tear down the fence to come in.  Of course they are sexy body ladies everywhere and the rude bwoys represent as well.  Live entertainers include Beenie Man (as Master  of Ceremonies dressed in bright orange), Scare Dem (Harry Toddler and Nitchie Kutchie), Alley Kat, Wicker Man, Hawkeye, Scare Dem 2, the Dum, and more.  Elephant Man bum rushes the stage, then creates a stage of his own, and turns the place upside down!  Beenie and Elephant man get into a fight over the mic (again) as Buccaneer and crew goes wild on stage! But the highlight is when Zebra takes stage and mashes it up for 3 encores, including one especially for Hotti Hotti Cherry!! A Must Have!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Bashment Video) 11-21-98

GREEK FEST w/ BOUNTY KILLA LIVE (NYC) <If you weren't there then you must have heard what happened at the Annual Greek Fest Celebration at Jones Beach in Long Island, New York City.  Well as always, thousands of beautiful women descended upon the beach in everything from batty-riders and mini-skirts to bikinis and lingerie, yes lingerie!!!  The rude bwoys were out there too representing big time.  Of course w/ yours truly Prince Tuffie and his crew were out there with the videocam capturing the scene for the rest of you!!  And what a scene it was, with fancy cars and jeeps stacked with bikini clad women from all over the world strutting their stuff.  The video features CLoSe-Ups of the hard bodies, some from "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up).  Then it cuts to the live concert with the rap group Cocoa Brovaz (formerly Smith N' Wesson).  But the true climax comes when special guest Bounty Killa graces the stage and brings the place down. This video is a exclusive and  can only be found here!!> (Also a Bashment Video) (Approx 45min-1hr) 6-27-98

JUMP OUT 98 w/ SIZZLA (JA) <Pepsi promotes a huge cultural dance at the famous Skateland at Half Way Tree and Stone Love alongside Metromedia juggles some wicked cultural vibes for the massive.  The red, green, and gold flags are waving everywhere, especially when the main attraction, Sizzla Kulunji takes stage.  Sizzla and the David House Crew (including Inchman, Johnny Baptiste, and more) go all out for an inspirational performance filled with nuff vibes!!! Jah Cure joins in with some of his hit tunes and Jr. Reid even passes through with some lyrics.  When Buju Banton takes the stage dressed in a simple T-shirt and jeans, the place goes wild!!! Sizzler then returns and goes into old favorites as well as new tunes!  Strictly cultural vibes!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 5-17-98

Merciless B-day Bash at Cactus (JA) <Cactus came alive when Merciless at 27 years old celebrated his earth day.  It was more like a STING 97 as special guests included Bounty Killa, Scare Dem, Monsta Shack, Future Troubles, Red Rat, Power Man, LUST, Delli Ranks, Little Hero, Action Fire, and mush more!  See the birthday bwoy go lyrics for lyrics with Bounty Killa, then get drowned with champaign!!  With music provided by Stone Love, Renaissance, & Adonai, its a bashment affair!> Spring 98

Stone Love - Roundhead B-Day Stage Show (JA) <If you missed Reggae Sunsplash 98, or couldnt make it to see Bounty Killa and Merciless clash at STING, then you gotta have this.  Roundhead's B-Day Stage Show at Fort Clarence Beach had everyone: Bounty Killa and Scare Dem (Nitchie Kutchie, Elephant Man, Harry Toddler etc), Monsta Shack (with Ghost etc), Dutty Cup (wid Baby Sham etc), Red Rat, Wicker Man, Baby Wayne, the Reggae Boyz (who also mad the crowd with some DJ lyrics), and the list goes on.  But the true climax happened when MERCILESS came on stage and went lyrics for lyrics wid Bounty Killa!  If you felt you were cheated by STING, then this friendly clash is the next best thing!!> (Quality Fair but still a must have!!) (Also Available on Audio Tape) 2-22-98

Prestige Sound w/ Capelton Live (Fla) <Its a Florida affair and all the ladies and rude bwoys are out in full gear.  The video starts out with some shots on the dance floor as the crowd gets down to some pumping hip-hop and the latest reggae tunes.  The video man is aiming from "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) suh di girls dem get excited and shows it all off..  In the middle of the Bashment, rastafarian deejay from the House of David Crew, Capelton, takes stage and mash up di place for the Florida massive!!!  A must have for all Capelton fans!> (Also a Bashment Video) 1997

GOD BLESS BUSS RIDE 98 (JA) <The God Bless Crew including Cawka Lee, Yankee, and the gang  keep a wicked Bus Ride at Priory Beach, St. Anns.  On hand to supply the vibes is Renaissance Disco,  Stone Love, and Chelsea, a wicked reggae sound system from Japan (the Japanese selectors dem juggle jus like a Jamaican sound).  All the crews including Cawka Lee/Yankee and the God Bless Crew, Father Fowl and the British Crew, Bogle (with the latest dances from Jamaica) and the Black Roses Crew, was there.  And as if that wasnt enough, Scare Dem (Nitchie Kutchie etc), Power Man, Delli Ranks,  Captain Barkey, Wicker Man, the Dum (a deejay with a weird disposition - he can't speak) and friends come in to top off the entertainment!  In addition to all the sounds and artists LIVE, the video also has girls, gIrLs, Girls, and more GIRLS!!>(Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Bashment Video) 1-11-98

STONE LOVE ARTIST REUNION (JA) <Wee Pow from Stone Love and Jimmy Metro from Metromedia hosts a reunion of your favorite artists as the first of the monthly Beachline Series.  The scene at Fort Clarence is like Sunsplash and present are all the major crews including Sandra Lee, Joe Lickshot, Father Fowl and the British Crew, God Bless w/ Yankee and Cawka Lee, Bogle and The Black Roses (again with the new dances).  Among the artists that grace the stage are Bounty Killa & the Scare Dem Crew (Nitchie Kutchie, Harry Toddler, Elephant Man, Boom Dynamite) , LUST (Lukie D, Thriller U, Singing Melody, & Tony Curtis), Power Man, Wicker Man and Captain Barkey, Mr. Vegas, Alley Cat, Likkle Wicked, rap star Dougie Fresh, Ghost, Baby Wayne (who the crowd don't stop cry for), Frisco Kid, Bobby Crystal, and Junior Reid.> 1-98

GET WET BASH 2 w/ BEENIE & BOUNTY (JA) <The Video 5 Girls are at it again with the 'Get Wet 2 Bash'.  The video starts out with Beenie Man at center stage making the crowd with brand new 1998 lyrics.  Then history is once again made as the Warlord Bounty Killa joins Beenie Man on stage and mashes up the place with his 1998 lyrics. The two deejays then go lyrics for lyrics live on stage on the 'Showtime Rhythm'!!  After that the video turns to the sexy body ladies skinning out in the audience while the rude bwoys pose off in the latest fashions.> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Bashment Video) (Approx. 1 hour) 1-4-98

King Addies  (w/ Winter Fresh) alongside Travellers (JA) <Well the big news in the sound business is that King Addies recruited Winter Fresh (The wicked selector that buss Turbo Phonic Sound last year and was killing sounds left and right).  This video has Winter Fresh MC'ing on King Addies while Baby Face mixes the tunes.. In addition to this non other than the Doctor, Beenie Man, comes in and mashes up the crowd with some new lyrics.  Then its back to the crowd where some ladies get x-rated on the dance floor!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Also a Bashment Video) 1-12-98

SATTAMASSAGANA (JA) <The biggest cultural stage show of 1998 brings live to the stage some of the biggest cultural acts in Jamaica .  Hosted by inspirational radio personality Ellese Kelly, top acts include The Messenger Luciano, Sizzla, Louie Culture, Determine, Mutabaruka, Pablo Augustus, Mickey General, saxophonist Dean Frazer, and much more.  Backed by the mighty Firehouse Crew, this is an all culture salute to positiveness and the upliftment of ghetto youths!> (Also Available on Audio Tape)  1-98

CULTURE FEST IN TRINIDAD 1998 (Trinidad) <Hailed as the best reggae concert ever held in Trinidad, this concert was just as much of a spiritual journey as it was the ultimate entertainment experience.  Watch as the Messenger Luciano, the Prophet Capelton, the blazing Sizzla Kolunji, the veteran Mickey General, the old favorite Cocoa Tea, and new sensation Jah Cure bring joy and consciousness to thirty thousand plus people at the capacity filled outdoor concert!  Backed by Dean Fazer and the fire House crew, plus the Daffodils on vocals, this concert made history in Trinidad.> (Quality fair but a must have!) 1998

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STING 1997 (JA) <You asked for it, I located it!!! Well everyone must know what went on at STING wid the big controversy between Warlord Bounty Killa and Merciless.  In addition to this confrontation, STING featured all the best Reggae Acts for 1997 (Scare Dem, Dutty Cup, Monsta Shack, 2000 Crew, LUST, Junior Reid, etc. plus Busta Rhymes and Foxy Brown from the NYC rap scene.  But the climax was Bounty Killa's confrontation w/ Merciless!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) (Volume 1 & 2) 12-26-97

Stone Love 25th Anniversary (JA) <The celebration of Stone Love Movement's 25th Anniversary and the best yet (more artists than Sunsplash!!!).  Stone Love with the entire crew juggles alongside Renaissance and Gary G in La Rouse.  After George Nooks bess the dance, Dutty Cup Crew (wid Kid Korrupt, Sean Paul, Mr. Vegas) starts out di show and Junior Cat does a wicked combination wid Sean Paul!  Monsta Shack (wid Roundhead, Ghost, General B) then comes in and di place go wild!!  Chuck Fender, Wicker Man, Delli Ranks, Frisco Kid, Baby Sham, Black Rat, and Spragga Benz (now dreading) come in and turn di place upside down!! Then Determine and the whole David House come in and is Worries!!! But it nuh get wicked until Bounty Killa and Scare Dem (Nitchie Kutchie, Elephant Man, Harry Toddler) take Center Stage at the same time!!> (Also a Bashment Video) (Quality Fair) 12-6-97

LABOR DAY PARADE 97 - USA (NYC) <Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Sugar Minott, Jr. Reid, Mr. Easy, Tonto Metro, Silver Cat, and the whole Shocking Vibes go all out on the Big Truck for one large, live, moving stage show!!!  One of the largest Caribbean Carnivals in the world (rivaled only by the Caribanna in Toronto and Carnival in Trinidad), all the islands come out and represent on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, New York.  See the people, sights, colors, and flags while you jam to the hardcore Calypso and Reggae beats pounding from the floats!> (Volume 1 & 2) (Vol.1 - The Parade, Vol.2 - Beenie Man & other Artists) (Quality Fair on Vol.2) 9-1-97

RODIGAN'S POOL PARTY (Bklyn) <The biggest Pool Party in Brooklyn's history, put on by big timer Rodigan from Brooklyn.  Music provided by the Afrique Sound Station with guest selector Tony Matterhorn from King Addies.  You name it :- The latest clothes, latest dances, latest hairstyles, and nuff rude bwoys a pose off.  Of course it also features an abundance of camera shots from "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) of ladies inna explicit Bikinis.  Then to top it off, Junior Reid decides to pass through along with Shine Head.  But wait, guess who takes center stage and mashup di place... none other than the Doctor, BEENIE MAN!!!!  Oh did I mention Nuff Ladies inna Bikini...> (Also a Bashment Video) 9-1-97

BOGLE B-DAY BASH 97 (JA) < One of the wickedest bashments of 1997, the renown dancer Bogle hosts his Annual Birthday Bash, featuring Stone Love  Movements & Peter Phillips Sound.  Live on stage is Warlord Bounty Killa and the Scare Dem Crew, including Harry Toddler, Elephant Man, and Nitchie Kutchie.  Baby Wayne and Penny Irie also join in the fun.  After that, Bogle then buss the new dance "Bogle Remix" and the whole Black Roses Crew come out to show their dancing skills!> (Also a Bashment Video) 10-97

THE REGGAE MOVIE (Worldwide) <This video takes a look at some of the most memorable performances in reggae music over the years, drawing from such popular stage shows as Reggae Sunsplash, STING, Reggae Japan Splash, and more!  The video goes as far back as Dean Frazier and Burning Spear, while featuring such recent artists as the phenomenal Buju Banton and Wayne Wonder, and international recording stars Shaggy & Ravon.  It is organized much like a documentary and the acts are well chosen and very entertaining.  The video seems to chronicle the evolution of reggae music from the days of Rub a Dub to today's Dancehall Music.  Plus it also contains rare shots of many entertainers including Luciano, Freddy McGregor, Dennis Brown and the Late, Great Garnet Silk.>

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Stone Love 24th Anniversary (JA) <The celebration of Stone Love Movement's 24th Anniversary! A MUST HAVE.  Watch Beenie Man, Buju Banton, and Merciless on stage at one time mashing up the crowd.  Performances also by Tanya Stevens, Baby Sham, Captain Barkey, Harry Toddler, Snagga Puss, Lukie D, Singing Melody, Anthony Malvo, veteran Little Twitch, Leroy the Hornsman, and much more...  Plus Nuff Sexy Body Ladies...> 12-96

SUMMER SWING (JA) <A live stage show in Jamaica featuring the headline act: Beenie Man (before the dreadlocks).   Beenie Man puts on a wicked performance that had the fans crying for more. Also on stage is Scare Dem w/ Harry Toddler, Elephant Man, Nitchie Kutchie, and Boom Dandymite doing there off the wall routine of lyrics and entertainment mixed with shock appeal.  The show gets even nicer when the Monsta Shack Crew featuring General B, Ghost, and Roundhead joins Scare Dem on stage!  As if that wasn't enough, Merciless comes in and introduces the new dance which of course mashes up the place!> Summer 1996

FRISCO KID LIVE AT Q-CLUB (NYC) <Its the girls dem steamfish live in NYC as Frisco Kid takes the Q-Club in Queens New York by storm.  It starts out with some shots of the sexy ladies getting their groove on (with one or two x-rated peep shots).  Then first on stage is NYC local artist Lexxus, who gets the girls dem warm up.  Mikey Merican (the self proclaimed "grandson" from the Nicodemus and Jr Demus chain) follows and has the crowd in stitches with his stage antics.  Deejay/Comedian Lecturer makes a quick appearance, but when the headliner act, Frisco Kid, comes on stage is murder!!!  With such hits as "Nuh Ready fi Video light Yet" and "Eye a Bun Dem" he brings the girls dem to a total Frenzy.  As if this wasn't enough, he then calls on world famous dancer/body contortionist Bruck-Up on stage and the armshouse really begins!! A must have for all Frisco Kid fans!> (Approx 45min-1hr) Spring 1996

CALIFORNIA CALIFORNIA 96 (JA) <Its the annual Stone Love affair in the house of Leo so you know its nuff sexy body ladies in the most outrageous outfits, skinning out to the bashment tunes!!  Big Belly SkYjuice is also on hand with Metromedia, juggling the latest tunes and of course his stage antics!! New York's premier girls sound Afrique is also in the place! The Don Gorgon Ninja Man then passes through and mystifies the crowd with his dazzling hairstyle and ruff neck lyrics that had the place inna  heat.!!> (Also a Bashment Video) 1996

Killamanjaro in Toronto (CANADA) <Ricky Trooper and Killamanjaro mixes down Josey Wales, Brigadier Jerry, Sister Nancy in Toronto, Canada!> (Quality Fair) (Also a Sound System Video) 1996

ALL SCHOOL JAM (JA) <Annual concert in Montego Bay for school kids across Jamaica, with the likes of Sanchez, Spragga Benz, Professor Nuts, Papa San, Snagga Puss with the latest dances, Ghost, Little Kirk, and nuff others!  See Part 2 of this DVD/Video (HOW DI WEST WAS WON) below!> 1996

HOW DI WEST WAS WON (JA) <Part 2 of the ALL SCHOOL JAM DVD/Video (above) featuring Beenie Man and Bounty Killa dissing one another during their separate performances... also featuring Silver Cat and Tonto Metro> (Quality Fair) 1996

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STING 1995 (JA) <One of the best STINGs ever!! Watch Bounty Killa, Beenie Man, and the rest mash up di place!  Plus its war from all angles as Papa San and Lt. Stitchie battle lyrics for lyrics on stage (one ends up a sore loser!> 12-26-95

STING 1994 (JA) <The annual end of year stage show that attracts only the best artists of the year in a ragga style stage show.  This year's STING was a tribute to the Late Great Garnet Silk in the aftermath of his untimely death and features an array of tributes from almost all the artists, singers and deejays alike!  Plus it also features rare footage of Garnet Silk himself!  A Must Have!!> (Quality Fair But A Must Have) 12-26-94

STING 1993 (JA) <The annual end of year stage show that attracts only the best artists of the year in a ragga style stage show!!> 12-26-93

BINGHAMPTON REGGAE CARNIVAL 94 (Upstate NY) <SUNY Binghampton's annual reggae bash features Calypso King Iwer George, Sexy Female Deejay Lady Apache, and Worl-A-Girls live!  Then its Beenie, Beenie, and More Beenie Man (over an hour worth) as he mad the crowd with his dancing and his lyrics, including a pre-release version of his hit song "SLAM"This is a exclusive taped by yours truly Prince Tuffie and the crew!> 11-19-94

REGGAE BEACH PARTY (Bklyn) <Watch the best of the best perform at Coney Island. Stars include Beres Hammond, Sugar Minott, Terror Fabulous, Louie Culture, Daddy Screw and Donovan Steel, Sanchez, Blacka Ranks, Sleepy Wonder, Lloydie Stiff, and Ranking Don> 1994

Stone Love & Jamrock at House of Leo (JA) <Spragga Benz's Birthday Jam and is pure vibes as all the sexy body ladies come out to help him celebrate with the Stone love Crew!!!  Spragga graces the stage on his birthday and gives the audience a sneak preview of some of his upcoming hits, then special invited guest Beenie Man (The Doctor) passes through and mashes up the dance with his hit tunes and some sneak previews as well!  Wicked bashment!!> (Also a Bashment Video) 1994

*STING 1993 (JA) <Featuring the best Jamaica has to offer all on stage doing what they do best!!!!> (Also Available on Audio Tape) 12-26-93

Stone Love 21st Anniversary (JA) <Their annual dance with Beenie Man and Bounty Killa, Ghost, Jigsy King, Tony Curtis, Snagga Puss, Zebra, Risto Benji and more, plus casual and X-Rated fashion show featuring Jamaican designer Biggie's Models!> (Quality Fair) 12-93

SUNSPLASH 1993 (JA) <This year Sunsplash moved to its present venue at the Jamworld Entertainment Center in Portmore, St. Catherine. As always, Jamaica's best artists as well as reknown international reggee acts performed at their max!  This video features edited acts from feature performances during World Beat Night, Singers Night, Dancehall Night, and International Night.  Artists featured includes Shinehead, Barrington Levy, Dennis Brown, Buju Banton, Beres Hammond, Snagga Puss, Ninja Man, Los Perilous (Argentina), Daddy Harry and Don Miguel (Martinique), and more!>  (Approx 1 Hour) (Quality Fair) 1993

FIRST ANNUAL CARIFREAK  (Upstate NY) <The University of Rochester hosts its first annual Cari-Freak, a reggae celebration put on by the mostly caribbean fraternities and sororities (also referred to as "Greeks") at the University.  The video features live in concert: Trevor Sparks, Mr. Easy (Prince Tuffie's cousin), Screechie Don, Baja Jedd, Nike Fungus, and mega rap group Gangstar!!  This historic event in Rochester was hosted by yours truly Prince Tuffie alongside Accurate from the Black Majesty Crew.  The Extended Version of the video includes a step-show by both the male and female Greeks that is just too wicked to describe, as well as the concert's opening act: a live performance by 3-Di Hard Way (a reggae act consisting of Accu, Prince Tuffie, & Kitty:)!  But you wont see any of this in your video unless you ask for the Extended Version!!  This is a exclusive taped by yours truly Prince Tuffie and the crew!> 1993

BORDER CLASH VOL 2 (JA) <Portmore is alive and hot with performances by Ninja Kid, General B, Professor Nuts, Daddy Screw, The Paster Roundhead, Terry Ganzie, Wickerman and Captain Barkey, and The Heptones> 1993

BUJU BANTON IN BILTMORE (Bklyn) <A must have!- the first time Buju ever performed in the U.S., the the capacity crowd would not let him leave the stage> (Also a Bashment Video) (Quality Fair - Poor visibility when Buju comes on but this is a must have - very rare video) 1992

SUNSPLASH 1992 (JA) <Jamaica's annual stage show returns to Montego Bay for the last time before it geos to it's new venue in the Jamworld Entertainment Center in Portmore (1993).  Catch live in action Garnet Silk, Chaka Demus & Pliers (performing their hit "Murder She Wrote"), veteran Charlie Chaplin, year to year ace deejay Papa San, Capleton (before he grew locks!!), Tony Rebel, Buju Banton (when he first started out, with no dreads, performing the hits from his first album!!), the Don Gorgon Ninja Man, Cutty Ranks, Nardo Ranks, Little Lenny, Jack Radics, The Dreads, and much more!! Plus Buju Banton brings up Jamaican reknown dancer Bogle to do the dance named after him!!! One of the best Sunspashes ever!!!> (Approx 1 Hour) (Quality Fair - Slight Flickering; But a Great Video) Summer 1992

JAMAICA CARNIVAL 92 (JA) <Nice footage of carnival in Jamaica, ending with a live stage show at National Stadium with feature act Buju Banton (without locks), Lecturer, Quench Aid, and more!  Music is provided live by King Jammys Super Power who mixes the artists live on stage!!> 1992

BINGHAMPTON REGGAE CARNIVAL 92 (Upstate NY) <SUNY Binghampton's annual reggae bash includes live on stage Baja Jedd, Redd Foxx, Screechie Don, and more!  Pure vibes!!!This is a exclusive taped by yours truly Prince Tuffie and the crew!> 4-25-92

STING 1991 (JA) <Featuring the classic battle between Ninja Man and Super Cat. Also features Freddy McGregor, Beres Hammond, Junior Reid, Tiger, Papa San, Admiral Bailey, Pinchers, Shine Head, Charlie Chaplin, and more!> 12-26-91

AFRIQUE L/S STONE LOVE L/S ATOMIC (Bklyn) <Afrique w/ Jagga B and Crazy Richie alongside the immortal Stone Love with ace selector Rory team up with Atomic Sound for a dance called Tri-Sound Spoectacular, and it is total niceness in the Jaquar Room!!  Rory, Jagga B, Crazy Richie throws down some hardcore juggling as the sexy body ladies and gents gather for an evening of nuff vibes and good tunes.  This DVD/Video is the epidemy of what early 90s dance use to be like with throbbing dancehall music, rude bwoys in linen suits shocking out, and the sexy ladies in their impy skimpy battyriders and cat suits - bubbling and skinning out on camera.  To add to the excitement, live on stage is Junior Demus, the late Nicodemus, Sleepy Wonder, Peter Metro, Nardo Ranks, and more performing.  The place gets inna heat when two sexy gal inadvertently gets into a skin out contest, dancing on their head tops and sliding down poles to win the audience's approval.> (Quality Fair - Slight Jittering, But A must Have) (Also a Bashment DVD/Video) (Also a Skin Out DVD/Video) 2-24-91

JAMMIN' '91 (JA) <Stage show with all the top notch artists from that year!  Nuff Fun> 1991

Double Bill w/ Metromedia/Gemini & Stone Love (NYC & JA) <This video is also billed as the "Gone But Not Forgotten" because of the many entertainers on it that are no longer with us!  The first half features Metromedia and Gemini in the legendary Biltmore Ballroom in Brooklyn.  This dance features such greats as The Late Early B and the Late Nicodemus, two veterans of the dancehall.  It also features Trevor Sparks in his prime as well as a clash between Jamaica's number one female Dee Jay, Sister Charmaine, and England's top Sheejay, Lorna G.  The second half features Stone Love Movements at St. Anns Bay in Jamaica, with legendary selectors Wee Pow and Cancer.  This dance features such entertainers as The Late Great Garnet Silk, Toney Rebel, Half Pint, Yasus Tafari, Wicker Man & Captain Barkey, Apache Scratchie, and Super Morris.  Is pure vibes!!!!>  (60 min) 1991

ALBANY REGGAE FEST 91 (Upstate NY) <SUNY Albany's annual reggae bash featuring live on stage: Super Cat at his best!  The Cat goes into just about all his hit tunes.  Also live in action is Redd Foxx and Screechie Don, and a rare performance by Mr. Lover Lover Shaggy himself before he made it big (you will see how wild he use to be on stage, jumping in the audience etc.)!!!  The entertainers are backed by Sting Intl, who almost had to run for their live when Super Cat sent them threats for messing up his mixing.  This is a exclusive taped by yours truly Prince Tuffie and the crew!> 1991

3 THE ROUGH WAY IN BILTMORE (NYC) <This dance took place in the legendary Biltmore Ballroom and featured the Late Nicodemus in combination with Junior Demus and Super Cat doing their hit single "Cabin Stabbing" among other tunes.  Also present is Louie Ranking and Trevor Sparks who both gave the crowd a solid performance.  Music was provided by King Addies alongside the Immortal Stone Love.> 1990

3 Sound Clash w/ Metromedia, Inner City, Exodus Nuclear (JA) <One of the wickedest 3 sound events recorded in reggae history!!! Kept in Harborview, Kingston, live artists include Papa San, Tanto Metro, Cutty Ranks, Tiger, and more.  When Shabba Ranks touches the stage is murdea!!! Other live artists include Little Twitch, Major Mackerel, Ruddy Irie, Sister Charmaine, Shelly Thunder, Angie Angel, Blacka Ranks, The Dum (mute DJ), and more!! Just about everybody you can think of performed at this dance!> (Approx 1hr) 2-24-90

SHOWDOWN 90 (JA)  <Its a Showdown in Portmore but it seems more like Sunsplash with entertainers such as Shabba Ranks & Krystal (performing the tune that went number one for 16 weeks straight; "Twice my Age"), Ninja Man (who had female fans literally rolling on the floor), Professor Nuts (had the place in stitches with his jokes), Papa San, Jr. Demus (the ruffneck chicken in his prime!), Admiral Tibet, Thriller U, Richie Stevens, Little Meeky & Daddy Meeky, Risto Benji, UU Madoo, Honorable Apache, and Mr. Pants, all backed by the Ridim Kings Band!> 1990

DJ BIG LEAGUE SHOWDOWN (JA) <The biggest DJs in the business battle it out to please the crowd> 1990

Stone Love l/s Afrique at Bayside Plaza (Bronx) <It's a Thanksgiving Extravaganza as Stone Love with Wee Pow and Rory juggles some wicked music (from hardcore Reggae to Disco) for the massive.  The ladies are out in their best dressed and the rude bwoys are all representing!!  Then Afrique comes in with their icon New York style of juggling.  Later on Blacka Ranks and Wayne Wonder performs for the first time ever in Bronx. Its nuff vibes as Wayne Wonder mesmerizes with girls with hit after hit.   Them the girls dem ambassador Blacka Ranks gets the girls dem fi jump up and gwarne bad with his matie lyrics, even having a champion bubbler come on stage and mash up the place wid a piece a wining skill!!  Wicked!!!>  (Also a Bashment Video) 11-24-90

INSEPARABLE - DENNIS BROWN & FRIENDS (USA) <Trends may turn, fashions fade, and the next big thing becomes yesterday's news.  But one fact remains true today and has been for more than three decades: there is and will always be only one Dennis Brown.  Worldwide audiences have listened and responded as if for each song and every person, the magic is special.  That's star quality.  Thats Dennis Brown.  This video transcends this very message with the late great Crowned Prince of Reggae live on stage alongside with such greats as Gregory Isaacs, Freddy McGregor, and Brian & Tony Gold.   Backed by Lloyd Parks and We the People Band, this crystal clear video will take you back to some fond Rock Steady memories as the Prince performs some of the most riveting songs in his catalogue, hit after hit! (Volume 4) Early 90's

BEST OF THE UNDERGROUND (NYC) <A documentary/stageshow compilation of the greatest live reggae performances over the years at this legendary club in Manhattan, NYC.  The performances range from the late 1980's to the early 1990s.  Artists featured include Tiger, Shabba Ranks & Crystal, Lt. Stitchie, Johnny P, Foxy Brown, Redd Foxx & Naturally, Shelly Thunder, Major Mackerel, Dominique (the caucasian deejay), and much much more. (Volume 1 & 2) (Quality Fair - Poor visibility but great video!) Early 90's

CHAMPIONS OF DANCEHALL (JA) <Featuring Stone Love, Metromedia, & Kenyatta.  Live performances by such artists as Cutty Ranks, Doctor C, Junior Cat, Yellow Man, Snagga Puss, Captain Barkey, and Blacka Ranks>  Early 90's

King Addies & Downbeat Stage Show (Bklyn) <Two foundation sounds juggle for the NYC massive (a little clash vibes was present too). Plus wicked performances by Half Pint, Major Mackerel, Captain Remo, Mikey Merrick, Ackee and Saltfish (Japanese DJ's), and much more!!  Nuff vibes!!!> Early 90's

SEVEN THE HARD WAY (JA) <Seven of Jamaica's wickedest DJs live on stage!> Early 90's

CHAMPIONS IN ACTION camera.gif (1111 bytes) (JA) <Shabba Ranks, Dennis Brown, Pinchers, Richie Stephens, Ninja Man, Admiral Bailey, Saggittarus Band, etc!>

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Stone Love at Biltmore (Bklyn) <One of the biggest stage shows in foreign! JQ Pormotion brings the immortal Stone Love with veteran selector Rory to Biltmore!! Watch Shabba, Major Mackerel, Junior Demus, Little Twitch, and Ninja Man mash up di place> (Also a Bashment Video) Summer 1989

CHAMPIONS IN ACTION (JA) <Wicked stage show featuring Shabba Ranks, Sanchez, Ninja Man, Josey Wales, General Trees, Johnny P, Clement Irie, Junie Ranks, and Nigger Mickey!> 1989

STING 1989 (JA) <Watch veterans of yesteryear perform at this annual event, including Tiger, Johnny P, Cocoa Tea, Little Kirk, Sanchez, Admiral Bailey, Tuffist, and more all on stage at the same time!> (Quality Fair - Occassional lines but great video!) Early 90's12-26-89

SUNSPLASH 89 (JA) <Jamaica's annual stage show again with the best artists performing at their max!  See some of your old favorites when they first came on the scene!> Summer 1989

INDEPENDENCE SPLASH DOWN (JA) <The Lissant Road Crew presents a 4 sound bashment featuring Stone Love, Metromedia, Classique, and Super Saint.  Live artists include Japanese, Junie Ranks, Tanto Metro, Danny Dread, etc.  It also features some X-plicit shots as the videoman hits "ground zero" (on the floor with camera pointing up) and gets some underneath footage of the sexy ladies in the dance!! > (Also a Bashment Video) 1989

CHICAGO SNOW SPLASH (ILLINOIS) <Watch Shabba  Ranks in his prime do all his hits, alongside DJ/comedian Lecturer and Little Twitch> Late 80's

THE CROWNING OF DOWNBEAT (Bronx) <This dance make history in New York.  All the celebrities were there, including Professor Nuts, Colin Roach, Shabba Ranks, Anthony Malvo, Wolfman, and the list goes on.  Classic selector Tony Screw juggles, then the crew performs live!  This one bring back memories of how dance in NY use to be...> 1988

FRESH 89 (JA) <Stage show containing the biggest artists of that year including Papa San , Admiral Bailey and more!!> 1988

GIL BAILEY RADIO SHOW'S 19th ANNIV (NYC) <The Godfather of Reggae Radio in NYC, Gil Bailey, celebrates his 19th Anniversary and Downbeat the Ruler w/ selector Tony Screw is on hand to help him celebrate.  Also in the house is Shabba Ranks (in the prime of his career), Little Twitch, Admiral Bailey, and Junie Ranks> 1988

BURNING SPEAR IN CONCERT (JA) <Phenomenal footage of this legendary performer in concert live in Paris!> 1988

REGGAE SPLASH (JA) <Stage  wicked stage show w/ Lt. Stitchie at his very best, a very skinny Major Mackerel performing the hits that made him famous, Cocoa Tea, Gregory Isaacs, DJ Daddy the oldest deejay in the world, General Trees doing "Peanut Man" and "Minivan" as he thrills the crowd with his dancing, and more!!!  The show ends with a brawta featuring General Trees and Echo Minott going verse fi verse that mash up the place!!)> 1987

JACK RUBY'S 28TH ANNIV (JA) <This historic dance was held at Jack Ruby's Lawn, 1 Music Avenue in Ocho Rios and featured the legendary Jack Ruby Hi Fi w/ selector Fat Jaw.  Among the many entertainers passing through to show their respect for this great pioneer of reggae music: Brigadier Jerry (tall, slender, and all smiles), Early B (1985 Deejay for the Year), General Trees, Jr. Demus, Tiger (mash up the place), Josey Wales (1984 Deejay for the Year - received 3 encores), Slim Brown, Foundation (Rastafarian vocalists), special guest MC Barry G, and much much more.> (Quality Fair - slight flickering - But still a Must Have!) (Also a Foundation and Sound System Video) (Volume 1 & 2) (Vol 2 contains some repeat performances) 1986

TOKYO REGGAE FESTIVAL 86 (JAPAN SPLASH) (Tokyo) <Reggae music is international, even back then and this video proves it.  Live from Tokyo, this video features in concert the legendary (and late) Tenor Saw.  In addition, it showcases the talents of such greats as Frankie Paul, Sugar Minott, Pablo Augustus, and Sister Carol.> 1986

REGGAE CLASSIC 86 (FLA) <A wicked stageshow in Miami filled with a lot of our favorite entertainers that reigned in that era!  Performers include Beres Hammond, Delroy Wilson, Little John, Anthony Redrose, Robert FFrench, Echo Minott, Johnny Osbourne, Early B, Tonto Irie!!  They were backed by LLoyd Parks and The We the people band!!> 1986

NNERCITY DANCEHALL HIGHLIGHTS '85 camera.gif (1111 bytes) <Innercity's Saturday Night Live presents a dancehall stage show featuring the top acts of 1985.  Live on stage: Barrington Levy (for almost 1/2 hour), Tenor Saw, Early B, Echo Minott, U Roy, Leroy Smart, Michael Palmer, Delroy Wilson, and Charlie Chaplin.  Backed by the Saggittarus Band, these entertainers can be seen here performing at the height of their careers!> (Also a Foundation and Sound System Video) 1985

STARS IN CONCERT (JA) <This is a stageshow featuring the Father of Rocksteady - Ken Booth, Beres Hammond with a classic performance, Papa San in his prime, famous dancehall duo tippa Lee & Rappa Robert, Bammy Man- the human amplifier that can change his voice to sound like any deejay, Cocoa Tea, King Savage, Ludwick Sith, and more.  Cocoa Tea and Bammy Man do a combination on stage that mash up the place!!!> Mid 80's

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SUNSPLASH (II) 1979 (JA) <Our earliest video footage of what  has come to be one of the greatest reggae concert series of all time!  Dubbed "Reggae By Bus", this video is indeed a treasure!  Sunsplash 1979 in Montego Bay featured among others: Bob Marley & The Wailers, The Third World Band, Peter Tosh, and Burning Spear!  The video also includes a short documentary on the histroy of reggae music up to that point!  What more can be said.. one of our most prized possessions!> July 7th, 1979

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